Surrendered to Goddess Haylee

Surrendered to Goddess Haylee

I love being surrendered to Goddess Haylee. She could snap her fingers, and tell me to jump, and i would ask how high.

I know everyone has their own unique journey with Goddess. For me i love how much control she has over me as a devoted slave to her.

I know this will probably sound strange to most but i love how Goddess controls my social media profiles.

I love how she controls most of my facebook page, including friends.

I know that goes against some of her beliefs. Goddess wants us to be productive, and outgoing in life, and i am pretty much in real life. But when it comes to her locked forum here, and social media i like to give as much of myself to her as i possibly can.

I am a very loyal type of person. I have always been like that. I have had many people in life take my kindness for a sign of weakness. Some people tend to see how far they can push me. I can take a lot but once i’m pissed i’m pissed.

I love people, and when i come across people that love me back not in a sexual way but a friendship way i will remain their friends forever whether it’s on-line friendships or offline friendships.

Anyway Goddess is just that my Goddess. I love being loyal to her. She has always been accepting of me.

I love giving my all to her on social media, and here in her locked forum.

I can remember being submissive as far back as age 10. I always viewed woman as the higher power. But i was never able to find someone i could connect with on a D/s level.

As i have said before i have no desire for a physical relationship with Goddess. It’s a meeting of the minds type of thing for me. I love being surrendered to her, and knowing that she controls me so easily without ever having to lift a finger.

I have even fantasized about goddess controlling what i say on my Facebook timeline posts. For instance i would only post topics on my timeline that are pleasing to her, and that speak only to her. I would only interact with my Haylian family on there, and no one else hoping this would please her. Not only is this a fantasy i have had many times but i have been putting this into practice. I just love how it makes me feel giving in to her in such a way.

When i slave for her whether it be writing blogs, gathering followers for her on twitter or anything. It brings me so much joy, and happiness. It has gotten to the point that slaving for her brings me the most happiness out of anything else i do when at home. In a healthy way of course.

And get this. Slaving for her is so good for me. I don’t eat while indulging in her pleasure which has caused me to keep a healthy weight level. I still eat plenty but i am able to keep my eating habits under control. Not only am i eating healthier for her now but i don’t go on eating binges like i used to. When i indulge in her pleasure i go into a whole different world. Damn i love it.

Anyway just wanted to share how much i love being surrendered to Goddess Haylee. This is just the way i am. Everyone has a unique journey with her.


Bound and Sired..

Surrendered to Goddess Haylee

Surrendered to Goddess Haylee

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Bound and Sired to Her now

Bound and Sired to Her now

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Bound and Sired to Her now

Bound and Sired to Her now, by Her Slave Now

So yesterday I fell quite a bit past the point of no return. I am Her slave now and I implore all hopeful submissives to go here and learn all there is to know about my incomparable Goddess Haylee so they can feel the extraordinary bliss of becoming Her devoted slave.

After writing to Her this morning I begged for Her permission to write to Her daily devotionals…………….as to serve such a Divine Goddess should include daily acts in honor of Her to my way of thinking. Goddess Haylee blessed me with Her permission and commanded me to post my daily devotions here instead of Her e mail address and so I will do so beginning tomorrow.

And now I can think of nothing other than how I can serve Her, how I can please Her. So I went to Her store and purchased the MP3 Bound and Sired here as I knew in my heart it would please Her………I listened and now I can only obey Her.

I am Goddess Haylee’s property now. I work for Her and I dream of Her constantly. All of my life I have dreamt of Her but that story is for another blog. Each day I will put something I have aside for Her………….be it time, or money, or just even my thoughts……….which She seems to entirely own already. It feels as if I was simply born to find and then to serve Goddess Haylee…………

Bound and Sired to Her now

By Your Claude

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