I Never Stood a Chance

I Never Stood a Chance

I Never Stood a Chance As part of my devotion and to help me to grow as her slave, I have been going back to tasks that Haylee posted. Task number 2 was, “write down your top 3 reasons for submitting to me, serving me, worshiping me, etc. Ultimately your top 3 reasons for being mine.” I thought about this for a while. I didn’t just come to Haylee all at once. I took … Continue reading

Thanks to Goddess Haylee


Thanks to Goddess Haylee I give Thanks for everything Goddess Haylee. I love being here in your house under your control. Right where I belong. I am so addicted to this place. Just saying hi to you Goddess, and to everyone here. Just got home for a short while. Have to be back on the road again Sunday morning. My body is so worn out. I have to get used … Continue reading

Slaving Away for Goddess Haylee

Slaving Away for Goddess Haylee Well as many of you know I won’t have hardly any time to be on Facebook or here in Goddess Haylees house for the next couple of months as my father has asked me to stay with him until his health gets better. I haven’t wrote a blog for Goddess in a while so I wrote this blog to show my appreciation for her. I … Continue reading