An experience i had with Goddess Haylee

An experience i had with Goddess Haylee I wrote this blog to share an experience i had recently with Goddess. As many of you know i have strange submissive desires. A recent experience that i had with Goddess sent me into bliss paradise. I love being loyal to Goddess Haylee. She has been so accepting of me. As all of us do i truly love her, and i crave her … Continue reading



Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis by Maddox Cruise. “Help me, I’m bound” I cry aloud, but my fainting pleas for help fall onto deaf ears. I fret, and i struggle to break free. For my current state is tight, and it is hard to breathe. As if I’m finding myself bound inside a cocoon. A state of metamorphosis to say the least. A state of going from one form, to another form. In … Continue reading



Expressions Expressions – A word is a thought communicated. Words are the way that we express our thoughts to others. Day in and day out we express our feelings, and inmost deep thoughts and dreams with our words. Sometimes if you are like me, you feel that you are becoming an old vinyl record on repetition when you try to express your emotions to the highly valued Queen of our … Continue reading

Confidence Progress blog for Goddess Haylee..

Confidence Progress blog for Goddess Haylee

Confidence Progress blog for Goddess Haylee Before i get started with the Confidence Progress blog i would just like to add a few words.. Where did it all go? Goddess accepted me into IHWT on April 29, 2014. Here it is 1/8/16. In a little over 3 months i will have been serving Goddess Haylee for 2 years! It seems like just yesterday i was accepted here. Damn where does … Continue reading

Haylee Is Always Right

Haylee is always right

Haylee is always right Of course Haylee is always right, she’s a Goddess. How can a Goddess be wrong? I would never question that. I accept it as I accept her. I recite it every day as one of the phrases of my mantra, “…I am Haylee’s property. Haylee is always right. What Haylee wants, Haylee gets…” Although I never would question it in concept or thought, I catch myself sometimes question Haylee … Continue reading

The only Goddess i will ever NEED

The only Goddess i will ever NEED

The only Goddess i will ever NEED Before i get started i want to be honest and admit that I disobeyed Goddess. Not intentionally but because of a health related issue. I was supposed to have a blog wrote for her yesterday – Friday. It was a direct order from her. I explained to her the reason it wasn’t done on time! Goddess if you are displeased with me i … Continue reading

Monthly tribute plan for Goddess Haylee

Monthly tribute plan for Goddess Haylee This blog is not very long. I wrote it off the cuff just now for my Sweet Goddess Haylee. She gave me a deadline of this Friday to have a blog published. Friday is here, and i don’t want too disappoint her. I love to obey my Goddess! This blog is written based on my own views, and experiences with my beloved Goddess Haylee. I … Continue reading



Sacrificing. As with most all of us who serve our immensely beautiful and perfect Goddess Haylee Lynn, we have lives, hobbies, and things in which we enjoy doing outside of our service to the most superior woman on the planet. Sometimes we have all of the time in the world to meditate, pray and listen to the soothing sounds of Hypnotic Haylee’s voice through her mp3’s and videos. At other … Continue reading

The ONE Truth

The ONE Truth Yes! I know. There’s a great big internet out there crawling with women claiming to be ‘mistresses’ and ‘goddesses’. So many that they are packed into the web like sardines in a can! It’s unbelievable how many women are out there trying to pass themselves off as a TRUE dominant alpha female! I may be a little biased in saying so, but I am absolutely convinced. There … Continue reading

Knots around my heart: Horror story

Knots around my heart: Horror story. “Please take the rope Goddess Haylee! Use it to tie knots around my heart.” I say in a pitiful pathetic tone. The immaculate perfect Goddess Haylee Lynn looks down at my submissive needing frame while I’m on my knees. She smirks, she smiles and she snatches the rope from my hands. How lucky I am to feel her long gloved hand pull me up by … Continue reading