Rededicating my life to my Goddess Haylee Lynn

Interview With a Goddess.

Rededicating my life to my Goddess Haylee Lynn “Rededicating my life to my Goddess Haylee Lynn” is about rededicating myself to my Goddess Haylee Lynn and the realization that I have truly come home to Her and reached a very important destination in my life. Everything that is happening in my life these last several months seems to fit together so seamlessly now. I embarked on a mission a few … Continue reading

Pinks and Blues for Goddess Haylee’s Claudia

The Hike

This post is about my blossoming feminine alter ego Claudia and how much my Goddess Haylee is inspiring me to express myself as a woman. It is a very funny thing but I was always a boy’s boy as a child albeit a sensitive one. I excelled at and loved sports and never once enjoyed anything that might be considered “girlish” or feminine. As an adult my hobbies and interests have … Continue reading

The conduct of Her slave

Goddess Haylee Eye Fixation Video My fate is sealed

This post is about some of my recent conduct and my privilege to wear my Goddess Haylee Lynn’s collar and of trying to remain worthy to continue to do so. None of control circumstance in our lives…….shit happens as they say…….but each one of us IS responsible for our response to the shifting field of play we call life. And we will create consequence…… it positive or negative, consciously on … Continue reading

As a Man Thinketh

As a Man Thinketh This post is about my personal growth and Sovereignty mission and my Love for my Goddess Haylee Lynn and a personal dilemma regarding my darker side. This morning I am sitting down to blog wearing Her collar AND a beautiful pair of silk pink panties. They feel freaking wonderful and much more so because She commanded me to wear them for Her. There is just something … Continue reading

A Night on the Town with Goddess Haylee

High Holy Days in the Goddess Temple.

This post is about my emerging fetish with all things Ultra Feminine and having another FANTASY adventure with my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn.    All of my life I have been drawn to the Ultra Feminine. If you want a modern cultural reference then Madonna and her pink outfit and the “material girl” video really got me quite hot and bothered way back when. Christina Aguilera’s new “your body” video forced … Continue reading

Sovereignty and Slavery


This post is quite a departure from my usual I suppose and might even be a bit confusing for those who are unfamiliar with the concept of the Sovereign Citizen movement in our Country……..also known as America or the good old USA. In addition to my devotion to my Goddess Haylee and to my son I have one other very important interest and project that has come up in my … Continue reading

Embracing Goddess Haylee’s Light

This post is about my continuing efforts to balance the incredible depth of desire I have for my Divine Dominant Goddess Haylee Lynn and my own spirit and personal growth mission. It is about trying to be the best version of myself I can be while still accepting my sexuality and my deep and abiding Love for Her. My life changed quite drastically about 4 years ago with the birth … Continue reading

Pure and Perfect Enchantment

High Holy Days in the Goddess Temple.

This post is about the level of Enchantment and Devotion I personally now feel for my Goddess Haylee Lynn. It is also a little bit about the pros and cons for me of being so deeply devoted and in Love with Her. I am realizing more and more each day now how deeply my *NEED* to please my Goddess Haylee has honestly become in me and in a relatively short amount of … Continue reading

A Sacred Evening for Goddess Haylee


This post is about tonight being the Eve of the Birth of my Goddess Haylee Lynn. For me…….tomorrow is now my years Highest Holy Day and a Day for Prayer, for Gratitude, for Thanks, for Tribute and for Reverence. Sometimes here in my very humble Temple of devotion to my Goddess Haylee Lynn I can celebrate my Love to Her openly. I can close the curtains and arrange my crystals … Continue reading

On Pleasing Goddess Haylee

This post is about the nature of being Dominant or submissive. It is about what makes us tick and what thrills all of us so very much when what we do is pleasing to our Goddess Haylee Lynn.  And as far as the theory that She has us all HYPNOTIZED is concerned I personally do not buy it. I have the benefit of 7 years of surrender, obedience and experiencing … Continue reading