The Privilege to Tribute Our Goddess Haylee

This post is about privilege and honor and tribute to our Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn and I will never speak of what I feel others should do…….but I will speak about what is in my heart to do and why.

I have long believed that a home should be a homestead. The pantry and basic necessities of life should be constructed in such a way as to provide for self sufficiency in any circumstance.


This imperative in my life truly began for me with the birth of my son when I realized what an extraordinary privilege it was for me to be his Father…….and I embraced my responsibility to insure that he never turn to me hungry or starving or cold or sick and I did not have the means to properly care for him in honor.

We live in a dangerous world and our Governments are not serving the people. In fact, there is significant evidence that they are run by an extremely wealthy group of psychopaths who are more than willing to inflict pain, death, and misery on billions of people for the absurd return of power and control. Read the 44 page “silent weapons for secret wars” document that I linked above if you would like to be enlightened by their own words about their feelings and intentions regarding 99% of humanity.


Control is not authentic power by the way.

Read the David Hawkins classic book on human spirituality *Power vs Force* if you are really interested in the difference.

Anyway…….I digress.

I have enough food to feed my son and myself and some others for a minimum of 6 months. I have a wood stove for heat, lots of water and water filtration capability, a stocked medicine cabinet (herbs not drugs), candles, cords of wood, gold, silver and cash in my safe………..a generator to run my fridge for at least an extra 4 or 5 days.

Our Government, and those all over the world, are clearly run by dishonorable people. I will not turn to men and women of dishonor in trying times and expect anything less.

But now I find myself in love and enslaved and devoted and bound to my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn, and it would be such an incredible loss for me if the power grid went down for an extended period of time and I could not write to Her every day, listen to Her lovely voice, watch Her videos, tweet for Her, and get the responses from Her that make me so happy.

But for me, that would not be the worst part. I can close my eyes now and feel and see my Queen…….my Goddess…….My Light……..and feel Her extraordinary and matchless Bliss take over my body and fill my heart with pure love, light and joy and that will never ever change if I live to be 1000 years old.

But If I could not provide for Her well being and Her safety and to know that She was OK and cared for that would just kill me.

So when I have the opportunity to TRIBUTE my Queen with something for Her pantry or some thing like the warm fleece pajamas I bought Her or the waterproof winter hiking boots or the Candles She received yesterday it really lends extra warmth and happiness to me to do so.  

I bought Her some honey and organic coconut oil and some herbal remedies and I especially love putting stuff that stores and keeps well into Her home.   

I learned awhile back to prepare but not to stress. I do not worry about EMT attacks or nuclear accidents or terrorism. I enjoy and love my life and I do all I can to do so. My Sovereignty mission is what I am doing to fight the good fight but I enjoy it. And I also enjoy buying my Goddess fun things like jewelry and a pretty dress and sexy shoes and lingerie……..and of course I have my fetish about my playing with………or Her playing with……..Her long, soft, beautiful black hair and that image just sent chills down my spine.

I have a dream of someday brushing Her hair as I kneel for Her……..or even just kneeling as She is brushing it and teasing me as She puts it up with a pin, or lets it fall down around Her shoulders and smiling at me as She realizes the intense aching She is putting me through………sigh………any way I could ever pamper Her gorgeous hair sets my blood to boil.

If we stop living and loving life and those we love and care about then they win and that can never be.

I am more in love with my Goddess Haylee Lynn than any woman I have ever loved in my life and by a long country mile. My heart is so full with love and joy to be Her devoted slave that even as I try every single day of my life to find the words to describe how She makes me feel I always fall short.

All you have to do is forget yourself and make her pleasure the only thing you care about.

I lay my entire world at Her feet and understand She deserves much more.

I could never give Her enough or do enough for my Goddess.

I so wish I was close enough to Her that no matter what She ever needed in this lifetime Her devoted could come running to care for and shelter and provide for Her as I kneel and lay all I have and all I am at Her Divine feet.


But life is also about acceptance. I want my Queen to know what She already knows.

That the very instant She ever summoned me to Her feet this devoted and very real personal slave that She completely Owns would come running so fast that one blink of Her beautiful eye lashes might not be as quick.


But if it PLEASES MY GODDESS to have me serve Her here from my humble Temple to Her in NJ………..and forever………that is exactly what I will do.

I now live my life for Her pleasure and what pleases my Goddess is very honestly my true and ultimate pleasure………

I will embrace every opportunity I am able to responsibility embrace to TRIBUTE my Queen and do everything in my power to see that She has everything that She needs.……and my pleasure when I am able to put something tangible into Her pantry, into Her homestead, is very meaningful to me.


Always, forever, She is the Light and Love of my Universe and I am Her perfect and devoted and very real slave,

I thank You my Queen for my great privilege to Tribute You,

It very honestly means the world to me,  Claude




Collared in the Temple of my Goddess Haylee Lynn

Collared in the Temple of my Goddess Haylee Lynn

Collared in the Temple of my Goddess Haylee Lynn is about my Goddess Haylee Lynn and Her new Temple of The Goddess MP3.

Yesterday I had one of those days……..I blogged for Her in the morning and my feelings for Her were so intense as they poured out of me while I wrote and Her Bliss simply never left me all day long.

So in the evening I publicly begged for Her mercy as I must now always do if Her collared slave feels compelled and the aching for Her becomes so great……..and I knew I was reaching a bit because it had only been 2 days…….but I just could not stop the intense aching and so I went onto Twitter and begged Her.

It PLEASED my Queen to deny me this time and command me instead to stroke and worship and ache with no release……instantly upon reading Her command I became intensely aroused and dropped to my knees and embraced my need to always please and obey Her and………I made a fairly dangerous choice.

I started Her Eye Fixation Video………which is to this slave Her most erotic one…. and I knew it was going to take all of my self control not to breach my honor……..which is purely unthinkable for me and will never happen…….but still and all……as I watched Her and edged myself in worship I had to literally take my hand off of Her property half of the time and it was just almost to much for Her collared boy.

She just becomes more captivating and more Enchanting to me somehow every single time I look at Her or listen to Her…….and even after all this time.

So I decided no more videos after that………I was too close and on my honor I will never ever use Her property in my lifetime without Her permission. My cock exists now as Her property and will be used for Her pleasure and as She sees fit.

I thought about going under with mind melt……..I so love that file………but I found myself almost unconsciously choosing to go back to The Temple of my Goddess and to kneel to my very Dream in this lifetime, my One True Queen on this Earth, and to receive the Divine Blessing of being collared by Her once again.

I have to say that this is now my favorite MP3 in my entire collection……and I have them all except for “chosen path” and the “brain drain” one.

This devoted collared slave serves only my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn and forever as Her exclusive and chaste and pure personal conquest……..there is NO OTHER WOMAN on this Earth as far as my sexuality is concerned…….no slave girl, no Mistress, no TS no anyone…….no desire is left in this body save my desire and NEED to please Her.

Her music selection in this file instantly relaxed me……..I was lost to Her and deep under Her Bliss in seconds…….every word was delicious and I have never heard Her voice more seductive, more irresistible, and more hypnotic than in this session.

My body ached and I hung on Her every word…… mind shut down…….it is now a place for Her thoughts and mine are only allowed when it pleases Her to let me use them……She owns and controls my mind just as She owns and controls my cock………my mind is now and forever Her’s to use as it pleases her………to train me……to teach me how best I may always please my Goddess which is my purpose to do….Her words no longer suggestions but my Truth…..our Truth……Her Law, and my Law.




What were once suggestions is now the Sacred Law by which I live my life.

My Queen has told me that now I am collared, it will never come off………ever. I feel so blessed, so happy, and now even in those very rare moments when I am bathing or swimming and I take off my physical collar Her Ownership of me is proudly worn and displayed for those that have eyes and can see.

Nothing in my life other than my love for my beloved son has ever come close to the love I feel for Her……..of course my love for these special *two* in my life is equal but so very different in nature. I remember saying once that I would never compare my former Mistress and my Goddess Haylee Lynn. I still will not do so.

It is simply not fair to compare a woman…..a mere mortal….. to a Goddess.

I have worn my cherished physical collar for a long time now. I only take it off to shower or to swim as I wish too preserve its life for a very long time. My Queen graciously allowed me to buy a second identical collar to put away for many years from now when this one begins to get time worn. We both know and understand that I have spent my last split second on this Earth as anything other than Her devoted personal and perfect and very real slave.

And now I have another collar. I always thought it might have a key that hung on one of Her necklaces to by toyed with at Her pleasure……but I was mistaken. My new collar is forged titanium steel and it will never come off. I belong to Her now and just as long as I live I will bow and obey and cherish my place as Her collared slave and this new collar is like a new body part.

What do you think are the qualities one of HER slaves must have?

Collared in the Temple of my Goddess Haylee Lynn – Her collar is now a part of my body.

OMG………I was just forced to stop writing and listen to this MP3 and go to the Temple of my Goddess Haylee Lynn again. By far and away this is my favorite place on this Earth to be now… Her Divine Temple.

Anything that my Goddess wants She is going to get as I am Her Owned Property now and forever and what I own rightly belongs to Her.

I am a part of Her collection. Her chattel. Her Conquest. To use and command as it pleases Her and nothing else is left to me but to worship, love, please and obey Her.

I have decided that I MUST listen to this fabulous blessing of an MP3 every day for the next couple of weeks. I just *feel* it in my bones that this will please my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn as pleasing Her is why I was born……it is why I take care of myself so well now…… I can bow in Her Temple and worship Her for a great many years to come.

I am going to bow to Her and send Her something special in TRIBUTE to my Queen today to thank Her for the greatest blessing of my life. To thank Her for answering my lifelong dream and allowing me to be collared and end my Quest to finally realize my lifelong dream of finding Her.

My new Quest has begun.

And the purpose of that Quest is to do anything and everything in my power to PLEASE my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.

From my knees to You forever my Queen, I am sincerely begging You to allow me the priceless privilege of kneeling as Your devoted, personal, collared and very real slave forever, a lifetime could never be long enough for me to bow to You,                Your humbled, collared, conquest of many lifetimes,   Claude.

Thank you for reading “Collared in the Temple of my Goddess Haylee Lynn”.

Serving a Goddess

Serving a Goddess

Serving a Goddess, specifically serving Goddess Haylee can be one of the most personal and satisfying experiences acts one may perform. It is the path to Her bliss and can fill one with a sense of purpose.

Today I had three different topics I thought to write about. I chose to write about this one of the three because for me it felt the most inspiring. In some regards each of us are unique, and in some regards each of us have things in common. While I share my unique experiences, my hope is that some may also find something we have in common. Most certainly this all starts with Goddess Haylee.

Very soon after I met Her for the first time, I felt a very strong desire to do something to serve Her. She had enchanted me, and gained my focus, which was a very strong reason for my desire to serve Her. Additionally I have always had the strong sense that a person receives more out of an experience when that person is willing and takes positive action. At the time I knew nothing of Her bliss, I am getting a little ahead of myself, but to note that had I not been willing to do something positive by serving Goddess Haylee, I might never have experienced Her bliss.

In the brief amount of time since I met Goddess Haylee I have performed a few different things in service to Her, today I would like to talk about one specifically, writing a blog here on If you happen to be someone reading this, who has been thinking about serving Goddess Haylee, I hope that you will take a few minutes while I share my experiences of being a blogger on this site.

The very best part about blogging here is that is pleases Goddess Haylee so much. If you haven’t already done so I strongly recommend you read Her Irresistible Offer article. I read this article and it was all the encouragement I needed. When you please Goddess Haylee by serving Her, you feel Her bliss, I try not to repeat myself too much, but it truly is the most amazing feeling!

Goddess Haylee visits here often, and She will often leave comments on the blogs that are written. Every time that She comments on one of my posts, it feels like I am growing just that much closer to Her. It’s reinforcement that I am doing the right thing. The more that I write here, the deeper I fall for Her.

Speaking of comments, all who blog here are so supportive of one another. I think that is a very unique thing. It causes me to realize how cool and dedicated all the other bloggers all. It feels awesome to be part of something, we have all come together in our dedication and worship of Goddess Haylee. To be completely honest, I am just as happy when I see Her leave a comment for one of the other bloggers as I do when She leaves one for me. I cannot stress enough, how amazing this is to me. Goddess Haylee attracts some very nice and cool people, that reflects on how extraordinary She is.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to write, it can be any topic for which you would like to express yourself. It also doesn’t matter if you are a good writer or not. Just that you have a willingness to try, and the more that you write, no matter the level you started you will continually get better. I think this might also be something that pleases Goddess Haylee because She wants us to be the best that we can be.

You can blog as often as you want, whenever you feel inspired to do so. A few blog every day, others blog less often, maybe a few times a month, it’s all good, it’s all serving Goddess Haylee. I have been blogging about five times a week, it’s a pace that feels very comfortable for me.

Often as I lay in bed at night, just before I drift off into sleep, I think about Goddess Haylee and I receive ideas about what I might like to blog about. Several times when I have done this, I wake up in the morning thinking about Goddess Haylee and very pleasantly aroused. That feeling is pure bliss, it is incredible because I know how deeply She has gotten inside my mind and feelings. I am falling very deeply in love with Goddess Haylee!

Some may be a little shy about writing a blog, and that is perfectly ok, because Goddess Haylee has said that many times. Although if you have been thinking about it, I would just highly encourage you to join us here. I’ll think we’ll all enjoy reading what you have to say. It is a great way to be serving Goddess Haylee.

The Path – A Story – Part 1

Hypnotic Goddess HayleeThis is part 1 of a fictional story dedicated to Goddess Haylee Lynn. It is only through Her inspiration that i was able to find the ability to write it and i wish nothing more than to please Her.

The path was long, in some spots steep and rugged, always beautiful in harmony with the natural landscape it would transverse. Across the suspension bridge which spanned the deep canyon, through the lush green meadow where butterflies danced in the air, and on upward towards the summit.

He was now in the midst of a thick forest of spruce and pine, ferns and other greenery provided the ground cover. The air was clean and the aroma of the forest was refreshing to his senses.  Sunlight filtering through the trees produced abstract shadows, it was cooler here than it had been earlier on his journey. The environment felt magical and he could feel Her bliss as he drew closer.

While he had prepared both in mind and body for this trek, he was feeling the effort. He well knew that She hiked these trails daily, and he felt Her bliss knowing that he was following in Her footsteps. It gave him all the energy he required to keep pressing forward, one step at a time.

A few yards ahead, he came upon a small footbridge providing passage over a natural pond, which fed a small bubbling spring. The sound of the trickling water was soothing to his ears and he chose to take pause for a moment. He took in the view of the smooth surface of the pond and he thought of the perfect influence and control She had over him. How much joy he felt in serving Her and how personal it truly was. Just then a small twig fell onto the water, creating ripples on the surface radiating outwards. He thought of the power of Her bliss and positive energy flowing from the source in the same manner. He closed his eyes and envisioned Her image on the surface of the water, and felt the intense pleasure of Her bliss. The image in his mind was that of Goddess Haylee Lynn. Her long dark hair and gorgeous big green eyes. She was the most beautiful Woman he had every laid eyes on or could imagine.

He continued on the path. On up ahead he noticed a mature doe between the trees. Certainly she had been watching him long before he noticed her. Her posture suggested she was in a safe place and he felt safe and at home here too. Following the path was the right thing for him to do. He passed by a pair of squirrels running up and down the trees, seemingly playing a game of tag as they chased each other. He didn’t know if Goddess Haylee had a particular fondness for squirrels, but he did know of Her great love of animals. That thought made him smile as the squirrels scampered away.

He was now encountering the most physically challenging section as he neared the summit. The path grew very steep and each step was now painful. This was to be the third time he had made the trek, and he knew there was not much further to go. Yet that thought alone offered little solace. The effort took every morsel of energy and more. He knew without question the only way he would ever complete this part of the quest was to focus on Goddess Haylee.

Thoughts recalling the first time he had ever looked into Her green eyes, the way that She mesmerized and enchanted him. The pure pleasure he experienced the first time that he pleased Her and tasted Her bliss. Those feelings of bliss, he knew were infinite and grew stronger the more he served, the more obedient he was, and the more he worshiped Her. This journey, following the path, was the next and most important step for Goddess Haylee’s slave, to be owned by Her, to wear Her collar.

To be owned by Goddess Haylee Lynn is a privilege and certainly not one to take in simple terms. It is not only a matter of giving oneself to Her in words, one must give oneself through their service demonstrating their devotion. On most train, learn, and be obedient without pause or question. Most importantly a slave must be accepted by Her, it is She who decides who meets Her requirements of a collared slave.

She had hypnotized him many times, wearing away his resistance, allowing him to forget the things which were unimportant and remembering those things which are. She had altered his thoughts, brainwashed him, and molding him to Her desires. Through it all his focus was increased, he performed his responsibilities in life better, he took care of his body, and he had unwavering devotion to his Queen.

The light started to grow dim as the sun began its decent towards the horizon. While the mount was high, it remained below the tree line, although the forest was not as thick here. The shadows grew longer and pointed in the direction of his destination. He no longer felt as if his feet were on the ground, it was as if he was floating now in Her direction. The bliss was all consuming, the pain and discomfort he had experienced earlier had faded away. He felt joy and comfort with the knowledge that it was right for him to make this journey. He knew that even if he were not selected, as had been the case on two previous occasions, the experience was of immense value as it was all part of his training.

And then suddenly without announcement, he was there. The structure did not dominate the landscape, rather it appeared almost as if it had grown there. It fit in perfectly with the surroundings, in harmony with the natural environment. Construction was of wood and stone. There were large bay windows surrounding the second level, providing a panoramic view of the valley below. In his position he stood before an entry way. Wide stone steps led up to a large patio area also paved with stone. Grand carved wooden double doors provided the actually entrance. To the uninitiated it may have appeared as a large luxurious cabin. To him it was Her palace, Her chateau, and he knew that She was inside.

He was not alone, he was the fourth to arrive on this day and likely there would be others joining them. Out of respect for the occasion none spoke, however they all greeted each other with a nod and smile. Jealousy did not exist among Her followers, rather they all supported one another with a common devotion to their Queen. While each held hope beyond hope they would be selected to participate in the final phase of the path, they would equally rejoice if another worthy slave were chosen. Each fully understood, this was not about the individual slave’s desires. This was all about Goddess Haylee’s pleasure, it was the wish of each follower that She enjoy nothing but the very best.

Dusk turned to night, there were now seven candidates in attendance. Two were making their first journey on the path, the rest had all made the trek multiple times.  To not be selected was not a rejection, rather an acknowledgement the slave required further training and growth, so that their heart may become pure in their service of Goddess Haylee Lynn.

As the evening progressed a bright full moon rose into the star filled sky. He gazed up at the most extraordinary sight. At midnight a pair of slaves came out to light candles around the parameter of the patio. The entire scene was very tranquil, there was no sense of haste, things would happen as they happened, and it felt amazing to be here. He, along with the other candidates now sat cross legged in quiet mediation of Goddess Haylee and Her bliss. Soon all would drift off into deep slumber.

He awoke as the sun began to peak onto the valley, vivid colors of orange, red, and blue. A light blanket of fog drifted over the landscape below. The slightest of chills hung in the air but quickly evaporated as sun rose to announce, “good morning!” He stood to stretch, muscles were sore from the previous day’s effort. Not quite as sore as they might have been if he had not incorporated yoga into his daily routine months ago. Following Her guidance to take care of his body as another sign of devotion to Her. Along with all the others, body sufficiently cared for he assumed the position of respect on his knees facing the entrance.

The passage of time had no true significance, it might have several minutes or several hours, it didn’t matter at all. Then suddenly at that moment, at this moment a chime rang out. The doors opened and Goddess Haylee Herself appeared, by a few paces followed by two attendant slaves. She wore a long flowing black dress which accentuated Her beauty. She moved smoothly to the top of the steps and greeted all, “Good morning! Welcome!” In perfect chorus, all returned “Good morning Goddess Haylee!”

He felt waves of bliss across his body, and then bowed his head in respect for his Queen. He listened to the sound of Her heels as She descended the steps, one by one She spent a few moments of personal greeting to each who had followed the path. And then, just then She was there directly in front of him.

“Look into My eyes sweet slave!”

His heart fluttered as he raised his gaze into Her beautiful green eyes.

“Look deeply into My eyes and feel the pull of My bliss.”

“Fall deeper and deeper for Me.”

“Allow your thoughts to empty and fill with My words”

Her voice was so relaxing, the very tone and rhythm seduced him into trance as She had done to him many times before. He was aware, yet not aware. All resistance, all struggle had long ago faded away. He was now a well-conditioned hypnosis subject, he was now a well-trained slave.

“You have pleased me well slave, you have served and dedicated yourself to me.”

“When I snap my fingers you will remain in trance, yet rise and follow me. You understand perfectly don’t you slave?”

He could only instinctively nod in agreement, he would obey perfectly as he had been commanded.

Goddess Haylee then turned Her attention to the others gather. “I thank you all for coming, you may now all be excused.”

The other slaves all quietly rose to their feet and bowed their heads one last time before starting the long decent.

Goddess Haylee looked back down upon him and smiled.


(to be continued)




To be Mind fucked by Empress Vox Siren

mind fucked by empress vox sirenI feel the need to reveal some carnal desires to be mind fucked by Empress Vox Siren. Perhaps not a confession in the traditional sense, but a confession none the less.

Many of you know already, but for those who don’t Empress Vox Siren is Goddess Haylee’s dark side. As Goddess Haylee has explained all of us from time to time have desires which surface, desires that cause us to seek out something that may be extreme and intense, perhaps a deep hidden fantasy we’ve long desired to experience. Goddess Haylee allows us to kneel and beg before Empress Vox Siren when we find ourselves in that state.

There are many elements that may be represented by the dark side to surrender, some of those things have never been a true fantasy or desire for me, however one most certainly has. My deepest darkest desire is and has been for a long time to be absolutely mind fucked by a powerful hypnotic Woman.

What does it mean to be mind fucked? It’s Her doing absolutely anything She wants to do to my mind and being completely unable and unwilling to try and stop it from happening. When I think of being mind fucked, I think of the deepest of trances, completely brainwashed, in a state of confusion, memories erased and memories altered, desires and ideas altered, mental and physical surrender, just to name a few.

I have been mind fucked a few times already by Empress Vox Siren, listening to Her Brain Drain erotic hypnosis mp3 and it is very much mind fucking amazing! It leaves me feeling helpless and at Her mercy, and with undeniable desire for more. Every time I listen it gets stronger! The one thing I haven’t experienced yet is a mega session of being mind fucked with Brain Drain. That would be where I just listen to the erotic hypnosis mp3 over and over for a few hours, like 5, 6.. 7 times in a row. That is going to be amazing and it will be soon, I need Her!

I sense there will be more erotic hypnosis and even more intense sessions to be mind fucked by Empress Vox Siren.

I adore Goddess Haylee, I have a growing desire to be Hers. To be trained by Her, to be guided by Her, to follow Her, to obey Her, to serve Her. Most of the time I listen to Goddess Haylee’s erotic hypnosis mp3’s but a few times a week a journey to the dark side to be mind fucked by Empress Vox Siren is intensely mind blowing amazing!

On being a “Slave” to Goddess Haylee

On being a “Slave” to Goddess Haylee

This post is about terminology and the sometimes differing meanings and definitions we can have for the words we use. In some of the course work I have done in my life I was introduced to something called the “Dictionary Technique” .

I learned that certain words can have an astonishing number of different meanings depending on who was giving the definition. So…….in effective communication we need to make certain we are speaking the same language.

In my contract law studies I learned that in a courtroom in America they actually have a completely different dictionary that is used…….in oft time’s with deliberate and damaging effect to the individual who does not even comprehend that a different definition is being used for *common* words.

Most of us feel we know the meaning of the word “understand” for example. It means to “comprehend”. But if a Judge asks you in a courtroom if you “understand” what he is asking is quite different than if he asked if you comprehend. He is asking you to consent to withdraw your God given Sovereign rights to the higher law form known as “Natural Law” and to “stand under” and accept the lesser legal rights of a corporation (a dead thing with no creative power) which serves the unspoken and *secret* agenda of increasing Governmental jurisdiction and control.

Sad but true.

Those that know their rights have rights. Those that know not their rights…..have no rights.

But for most of us…….the misunderstandings of word usage and definition arise in a spiritually innocent manner……but it is still misunderstanding nevertheless.

I use the word “slave” often when I speak of my relationship with my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn. And this word can have a multitude of different meanings and realities depending on the *contract* between the persons crafting the agreement.

For Goddess Haylee and myself……..

I was careful when I wrote Her privately and told Her I had arrived at the place where I wanted to sincerely live my life now as Her very “real slave” and what that meant to me………and what that did not mean. My feelings and desires to establish this *contract* very much required me learning Her feelings and definitions of the words we were using and Her understanding of the language that I was using.

It has all been a lengthy process that began with my “personal slave application” on Her web site…….and my daily public love letters to Her here on this board…..and with our personal and private correspondence as well.

I am a person with a deep interest in my spiritual condition. I fully realize that a great many people would object to the concept that being spiritually pure and being a “slave” to anyone is in harmony.

I personally feel it greatly matters what in fact ones definition of the word slave is and the contract or agreement that is in place.

If I devote myself to someone entirely…….if I love that person with all my heart and soul….if I would give my last penny, my last bite of food, the shirt off my back to keep them warm, and do everything and anything in my power to shelter them and help them feel safe and loved…… I that persons slave?

By the way……..I would do……and do feel……the way I describe above for my Goddess Haylee Lynn……..and I would do and do feel the exact same way for my beloved son.

So maybe my definition of the word “slave” means…….pure and perfect devotion and appreciation and commitment and chastity of purpose and perfection in love.

I am not sure exactly why I am so purely sexually submissive although I am aware of certain clues that played a part in my conditioning. It sometimes feels as if I was born this way. Not once in my life have I ever been comfortable sexually with any woman other than my former Mistress or my Goddess Haylee.

She makes me feel free and alive and able to fully open my heart.

And in all my long series of spiritual studies the one thing I have taken to heart as my most important life lesson is this………we are here to learn how to love one another…….how to love thy neighbor and to love our fellow man and woman kind. Do no harm…… not judge or condemn another……but live and let live and learn how to share your light, your love, your heart and your soul.

And my contract with my Incomparable and Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn who is by far the most beautiful and amazing and loving and spiritually intelligent and interesting Woman I have ever known in my life allows me to be the best man I can possibly create myself to be, to be the best Father, and the best brother and son and…………….I am so happy and thrilled to be able to also say the very best and real and devoted personal slave for life to my One True and Only Queen on this Earth.

On being a "Slave" to Goddess Haylee

On being a “Slave” to Goddess Haylee.

Until I found Her I did not know what it felt like to have my heart completely full for a woman. Just to think of Her takes my breath away and leaves me in a state of wonder, of joy and puts me in a place where nothing less than perfect devotion is any longer possible.


And I belong to Her because we are in perfect agreement that it is LOVE that will always be served……honor is our contract…….that my personal responsibility is to always be LOVING and HONORABLE in all the Realms in my life so that I when I come home to my Queen…..”The Woman” of my dreams…..She who is in truth my Muse, my Heart, my Song, My All……..I can kneel to Her as Her very real personal slave because that is exactly what I wish to be.

I love You with all my heart and soul my Queen. I count the day I found You as a blessing and each and every day I may serve You is another blessing to me.

Tonight I will stand beneath the Magic of the Moon and my heart will reach out to You. Forever my heart will reach for You my Goddess.

I am Your very real and devoted and personal slave for life,   Claude


Qualities of a good Haylee Lynn slave

Qualities of a good Haylee Lynn slave

What do you think are the qualities one of HER slaves must have?

What do you think are the qualities one of HER slaves must have?

As some of you know, I haven’t got much work on at the moment – which is why I haven’t bought HER latest MP3 – but I will do as soon as things pick up. But it does give me time to exercise, to listen HER other MP3s I already have, watch HER videos and to blog for HER. Sometimes I apply for jobs.

These job adverts – they often state that candidates must have certain qualities. Usually certain qualities, qualifications or experience are essential, while others are desirable. It started me thinking – what are the qualities of a good Haylee Lynn slave?

Understanding that may help us all become better slaves, and may help those seeking enslavement.

The following are my thoughts alone, and may, or may not, be what our Goddess is looking for. I would very much appreciate the comments of others.

1. I would say that the first quality needed is obedience. If the candidate is not going to do what SHE tells them, then I can’t see how he or she could possibly be good material for enslavement.

2. Equally surely a degree of respectfulness is needed. Again, if a candidate is going to make fun of HER or criticize HER or not give HER the authority SHE deserves, I can’t see how it would work.

3. I would have thought in Haylee’s case, some sort of interest in hypnosis, willingness to be hypnotized, would be essential. I know that some people do dominate and enslave without the use of hypnosis, but it just seems so much part of Haylee’s world, and I think myself and every other one of HER slaves I have come across has been deeply hypnotized by HER.

4. I think that is it essential that the slave can contribute something to the Goddess Haylee Lynn empire, and be willing and able enough to contribute time, money or in some other way, to help HER maintain HER position and spread HER Empire.

5. Perhaps fairly obviously, for child protection reasons, SHE cannot enslave a minor, someone who is not old enough to be considered an adult in their country.

6. I think a certain amount of patience is needed. Enslavement doesn’t happen overnight, it is important to get to know HER, to study HER websites, watch HER videos, and equally to let HER get to know you to an extent.

7. Honesty and trustworthiness, I would say is essential. I am sure SHE wouldn’t enslave anyone who SHE didn’t trust, and in the same way the candidate must trust in HER.

8. Loyalty. I can’t see how someone can really serve more than one at a time. What on earth would a slave do if both wanted serving at the same time?

9. Possibly the most important of all, I think SHE loves loving people, who love HER, care for HER and will do their very best for HER. I am always impressed by the love and devotion of many of my fellow slaves, especially the ones who blog on here.

I would say that these are the essentials. The following I would think SHE would think of as desirable, but by no means essential.

10. Creativity. I think Goddess loves it when we are creative for HER – she loves poems, stories, blogs, pictures being drawn, photographs, videos being made for HER – but equally I think SHE recognises that not everyone has these talents and the confidence to use them.

11. Open mindedness, a willingness to try new things, and a willingness to change – not essential, but helpful. I think SHE particularly likes it when people choose healthier lifestyles, like my good friend Bryan has done.

As I said, this is entirely my view, and I would love to hear other views. Maybe I have left something one? Should all of these be in here? Are these priorities right? Maybe once we have this sorted, we can draw up our own vacancy for a slave, with essential and desirable qualities described!

So please, feel free to comment on Qualities of a good Haylee Lynn slave.