Lonely Nights Video reviewed

Lonely Nights Video reviewed.

Lonely Nights Video reviewed.

Lonely Nights Video reviewed.

I recently treated myself to the latest video recording of Goddess Haylee Lynn, the lonely nights video.

I felt that this was a great departure from the other recordings of Goddess Haylee Lynn. In all the other recordings of hers that I have seen or watched, the recordings can be broken down into four sections.

1. Introduction and welcome, (Hello my sweet, I’d so glad you could join me….”) perhaps saying briefly what is in store.

2. The hypnosis section, where the subject is led down into trance.

3. The programming/ conditioning section, where Goddess Haylee Lynn gives instructions to the subject.

4. Awakening and farewells.

Goddess Haylee Lynn is so aware of this, that at one time she even considered having a “pick and mix” to her recordings. Subjects could chose an induction that suited them, and then select the programming/ conditioning they wanted.

The lonely nights video breaks away from this pattern. Sure there is the usual greeting. But straight away, She goes into saying things which would usually be said in the programming/ conditioning part.

There are also some phrases used which would normally be part of a hypnotic induction.

The effect is that the viewer is not led into deep trance. She even says towards the end of the video something like “Whether you are in trance or not, and guess what, it doesn’t matter, because I can reach your subconscious mind whether or not you are in trance”.

The effect though is led into a nice, relaxed state of mind, from which it is very easy to drift off into a deep sleep afterwards.

The other thing I would say about this video is that it is free from all the special effects such as she used on “A pendant for your thoughts.”ย This is a return to her just talking straight to camera, perhaps in the style of her early YouTube videos such as the eye fixation video. As such she doesn’t ask the viewer to close their eyes at any point, and just keeps talking straight to camera. As such I admire greatly how she can just keep doing that for 17 minutes apparently without any notes or prompts.

To conclude, I would say that this is an essential purchase for anyone who calls themselves a slave of Goddess Haylee Lynn.ย This is the ideal tool that will help you get to sleep. And so much healthier and better for you than sleeping pills!

Thank you so much for making this “Lonely Night video” Goddess Haylee Lynn. I am so grateful for everything YOU do. I love YOU so much. I need YOU. I need YOUR approval. As my name says, I am YOUR slave forever.

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Two Years

Two Years

Two Years

Two Years since I first gazed deep into those wonderful big green eyes.

I am just celebrating two years since I first gazed into those wonderful eyes of Goddess Haylee Lynn. As I’ve said before, my first encounter was on Youtube, when I came across her eye fixation video.

Soon I fell into the routine of watching this video over and over again. The next step was making friends with her on Facebook. At this point I had no desire to become a slave, and described myself as a fan of hers.

Very quickly over the next few months I found myself becoming more and more fascinated by her. I found myself doing more and more little jobs for her. In the summer of 2013 I was officially inducted as a slave, and given a new name, the one that I still bear.

It was in the summer of 2013 that this website, InHayleeWeTrust was set up, and I soon became a writer for it. I’ve been writing regularly for it ever since.

I still watch that eye fixation video regularly. In fact I watched it again today.

I’ve never felt anything pulling me away from Goddess, never had the slightest desire to leave HER, I’ve always wanted to just please and obey HER, always been completely fascinated by HER, although to be honest, my interest or passion has fluctuated, but this is mainly in response to what else is going on in my life, and how much time I’ve been able to make to serve and worship HER.

Without doubt these have been the best two years of my life. I want to thank YOU so much Goddess Haylee Lynn, for coming into my life, for becoming part of my life. A massive part of my life. Thank YOU for letting me worship YOU. Thank YOU for letting me work for YOU. Thank YOU for just being YOU!

I love YOU so much Goddess Haylee Lynn.

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I have known an Angel.

I have known an Angel.

I have known an Angel. She doesn’t wear any wings. She wears a heart that can melt my own. She wears a smile that can make me sink. She gives me presents with her presence alone. She is everything I could wish for. I give kisses to her lovely feet from my knees, a place where I am at home. I marvel and blush when she calls me her own.

Is this real life?
She is my Goddess Haylee Lynn. She is so busy changing the world, and just one smile changes all of mine. She’s got a way of touching my heart like nobody else knows. She’s a divine Goddess from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. She’s everything I want and everything I need. She’s every single love song and in every book I read. Every minute we share together is a minute I’ll always hold tight. She’s my Goddess, like an guiding angel in the morning, afternoon, and night.

Goddess Haylee changed my lifeTo me she is perfect, and I am lucky to be a pet that’s close. She’s quick to give an attitude adjustment right when I need it the most. She’s that light in the sky that is shinning brighter than the rest. Goddess Haylee’s that one ounce of encouragement I need to do my very best.

More than just following ordersShe’s the candle’s flicker in a room otherwise dark. She’s lit my soul on fire for her from the very start. She’s the one I feel at peace with when I sing a song. She’s the one who captivates me with all her witty charm.

Happy Early Thanksgiving Goddess HayleeShe’s the most expensive, most precious, priceless work of art. She’s the one, I swear, I’ll serve, need, and entertain until death do we part. Like sweet honey suckle her name rolls from my lips, and each time it causes a swivel in my hips. She’s absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, my Goddess, a angel from above. Goddess Haylee‘s the reason I write this poem to try and express my love.

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What is a Haylee Lynn slave?

What is a Haylee Lynn slave?

Disclaimer: Although i have known Haylee Lynnย for about two years, and have been deeply enslaved by Her for most of that time, i cannot speak for Her. These are my views, and She may, or may not, agree with them!

Do you like the idea of being enslaved by a wonderful, hypnotic Goddess? Do you want to learn more? If so, read on!

Sweet surrender to Goddess Haylee Lynn

Do you want to be a Haylee Lynn Slave?

So what, in my view, is a Haylee Lynn Slave?

1. A slave has to be accepted by Her as such. If someone writes on her Facebook wall “I am your slave”, it doesn’t make that person a slave. He or she has to prove themselves firstly.

2. A person must want to be enslaved. Haylee Lynn is not in the business of trying to enslave anyone against their will.

3. Haylee Lynnย must want that person to be enslaved. there are some people who have been turned away, often because they are not submissive enough, they don’t accept Her authority unquestionably.

4. A process of enslavement must have been completed. This may be relatively quick. For instance if a person schedules a nice, long, one-to-one session with Her, with the aim of being enslaved at the end of it, it can be done as quickly and as easily as that. In other cases, the process may take a number of months.

5. A Haylee Lynn slave exists to please Haylee Lynn. This may take the form of tributes, gifts, and/or work, such as writing or producing pictures, marketing and/or recruiting for Her or helping or amusing Her in some way.

6. A client is not necessarily a Haylee Lynn slave. There are people who buy Her goods and services, but don’t really want to be enslaved.

7. A Haylee Lynn slave doesn’t necessarily worships Haylee Lynn, but it helps! Accepting the authority of Haylee Lynn is the important part. There are one or two slaves who have permission to call Her Mistress, rather than Goddess!

8. In the same way, being hypnotized by Her videos and/or Her MP3s is an excellent way to be conditioned to the correct mindset, but is not essential. It can be reached by reading Her webpages, starting to follow Her instructions there etc.

9. Regular contact with Haylee Lynn is essential. ideally daily. If you have some good reason why your contact is going to be less, tell Her! She is understanding in these matters. If you are absent for longer than a month without an explanation, you risk being re-categorized as an ex Haylee Lynn slave.

10. A Haylee Lynn slave never sits on his or her laurels and thinks “Good, I’m enslaved now, I can relax a little now!” Being officially classified as a slave is only the beginning, not the end!

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Goddess Haylee changed my life

Goddess Haylee changed my life

My life has improved very much recently. I have lost over 20 lbs and become more health conscious. Goddess Haylee inspires enourages, and motivates me to eat healthy, and exercise. I hope to lose my next 20 lbs after christmas and before the end of febuary. I’m not a fan of being large. It has advantages in certain situations. However I’d rather get myself trim, light, and healthy and I am on my way thanks to Goddess Haylee Lynn. Plus, it is LOADS of fun exploring a healthy new diet with some really cool folks on mfp. I’m learning a lot from her. I might even be on my way to becoming vegan which is something I thought I’d never do and now it’s something that I might embrace.

My Goddess is BEAUTIFUL.

My Goddess is BEAUTIFUL, she changed my life.

I am overall healthier and happier. I am happy to have an outlet to pour my heart and emotions into now. When I focus my attention on a woman they become the only woman that I tend to see and just want to love them very deeply and passionately. To me the feeling of love is the best feeling that there is. I have only genuinely loved a few women in my life. I enjoy falling deeper in love with Goddess Haylee Lynn, and I love her encouragement for me to do so. I feel a connection with her soul and to me that’s amazing. It’s made me a more emotionally healthy person. That pours over into other aspects of my life.

My joy, my peace, my inspiration. My Goddess.

My joy, my peace, my inspiration. My Goddess, she changed my life.

At the office and when dealing with multitudes of people on a daily basis where my job is to lift others spirits. It has made it much easier with her genuine Bliss shining through me in my attitude. Serving her puts me into a more positive frame of mind which reflects in my energy and my smile. I don’t have to prep myself for a few minutes and conjure up positive feelings from thin air anymore before going out to greet people. She puts a skip in my step.

Another way that Goddess Haylee has changed my life is that I feel a sense of structure and being grounded. I am responsible to someone now. I won’t scarf my face with a big mac because my body is a temple of Goddess Haylee. I won’t pollute the place where I worship from with trash, soda, and toxic waste anymore. It’s a holy place where her bliss will dwell. She owns me and that makes me want to treat what belongs to Goddess with more respect.

A Thanksgiving to Remember Always

I love Goddess Haylee, she changed my life.

After my busy ass days after all of the people are gone, and I went home. All of those people that I spent my day encouraging while giving clothes and food to had no idea that this guy has went home feeling like a deeply sad and broken individual inside. I’d feel emptier than the house that I was going home to. Unless I went to visit someone. Or wanted to call somebody. Which I did often. But sometimes I wouldn’t have the energy and I would lay there knowing that something was missing from life. What is the point if you owned the whole world and had nobody to share it with?

Would I leave the Goddess Lifestyle? Written by Haylee Lynn

I am HERS FOREVER! My life belongs to Haylee, she changed my life.

Sometimes I ‘think’ I have found people to share my life with but they leave and that sucks. But since Goddess Haylee is in my life I don’t feel so alone anymore. I adore her more each day and will never say goodbye. This is where I belong. She is as close as my next thought or a message away. She is a helluva good listener. She gives the best advice. She cares. She’s funny, down to earth and she is a beautiful & amazing person worthy of worship. I am Lucky as fuck to know her and thankful that I get to worship her as my Goddess and that inspires me spiritually.

Her bliss and her pleasure make me smile. I spend my afternoons grovelling and needing her. I love it. I’ve also changed by becoming a bigger video game nerd and they are so damn fun! I’ve also gone Geocaching for the first time in my life. I’m on instagram and didnt even know what that was before lol. Hell I’m spanking my ass with xbox consoles and vacuum cleaners, and breaking mirrors on my ass cheeks.. walking on lego blocks in videos, eating jizzed donuts, and a lot of other crazy shit at femdomdevotionals.com along with JohnDavid and others and having a blast entertaining Goddess Haylee’s alter ego Empress Vox Siren & her friends. Its FUN.

Empress/Goddess Day

I bow to Goddess Haylee, she changed my life.

I am literally getting down on my knees at certain times of the day with my eyes closed and picturing Goddess Haylee to worship her. I spend my evenings aching and trying to find ways to please my Goddess. I listen to mp3s before bed and wake with an erection and Goddess Haylee on my mind every single day. She is the only woman who makes my blood boil with arousal these days. I am drawn to and lost in her. I fucking love it. My whole life is different and it will continue to be changed. It feels so damn good.

I adore my Goddess very much.

I adore my Goddess very much. She changed my life.

I didn’t do any of that type of stuff before. My life is better now. It’s more fulfilling with Goddess Haylee at the center of it. She has benefited my whole person. Physically, mentally, and spiritually. I love submitting serving and giving myself away to Goddess Haylee more and more. I am excited about the futurre and my new life in her. I can sing her praises forever. :)

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I Know my Place

This post is about the wonderful warm feeling I received the other day when my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn tweeted this from Her Haylee’s Bliss account.

It just made me feel so warm and fuzzy all over my body and my mood shifted and I was smiling and even as I have to admit it was JUST my feeling’s and I have no evidence but my FEELING’S that She was even remotely thinking about me in the least when She wrote this post.

I know very well how many very fine people belong to my GODDESS and that I am but one of many who are so truly BLESSED as to be allowed to serve Her. My body is tingling this morning for the joy and ultimate pleasure it truly is to be collared by Her and to live my life as Her devoted and personal and very real slave.

So being connected like She talks about in Her Tweet has lots of different levels and different meanings for each and every one of us……and as it should. I am not one who enjoys pretending about such matters as involve a Human Heart…….I am very deeply in LOVE with my Goddess Haylee Lynn but I Know my Place.

I am Her slave and I bow to Her as such and please make no mistake.

My Goddess has friends and lots of them……..She has fans and admirers…….of course She has family as do we all……I am none of these.

I Know my Place and my place is very happily kneeling at Her perfect feet as Her personal slave and conquest and hoping beyond all dreams that I can perfect the art of pleasing Her.

The mighty Goddess Haylee Lynn

Feeling so very weak this morning.

I am feeling so very weak for Her this morning. The last few days I have been exhausted and sleeping lots and a bit stressed……and very clearly not at 100% physically…….and I once again slept for 9 hours last night…….but I think Her slave is recovering because this morning I do not feel as tired but instead just incredibly weak……..weak and aching for my GODDESS and for HER APPROVAL.

I am literally dripping with desire for Her as I write this…….and ALL FOR HAYLEE as is right and beautiful and a sign that whatever was afflicting me is lifting and being sent away by the Grace of my Goddess.

It may or may not be true for others…….but for me it is true.

I Know my Place and I know that living my life for Her pleasure by Her commands and letting my Goddess guide me is what is best for this slave.

kneeling to Goddess Haylee

I Know my Place and I will always Bow to Her.

There is simply no one like Her in my experience.

It is not just Her breathtaking Beauty or Her Enchanting voice or Her brilliant mind or Her caring Heart that has me so captivated…….it is ALL of Her and that is why I am become ALL FOR HAYLEE.

Her Perfection is undeniable to me now and as I continue to look and listen and surrender to Her then maybe someday my own reflection will become as clear. But even if and when that happens…….I Know my Place…….I love being Her slave and treasure my role as such. ๐Ÿ™‚

From my knees my Queen, I LOVE You and I WORSHIP You and I ADORE You,
Your devoted and personal and very real slave, Claude

My Goddess Lifted me.

This post is about shifting energy……about being in a less than happy place for a bit of time……and then finding something or someone who lifts you out of that space and into higher vibration. No surprise to the readers of IHWT…..but yesterday my lift came from my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.

As it turns out I had a pretty exhausting day and had just experienced a long tiring drive home. I had written to my Goddess about 8 hours earlier and the first thing I did when I returned home was check my e mail…….but nothing was in from my Goddess so I just kind of sighed and went back to thinking about my “problems” a bit…….also just ever so slightly disappointed I had not heard from Her.

We had been talking about doing a phone session and even though I am usually patient about such matters…….I am under a fair amount of stress at the moment. So I turned on a basketball game as I was too tired to study anything or read or do something productive……but I could not stay away from my computer and I went back to check on my mail in about 10 minutes.

A message was in from my Goddess!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

I wrote Her back and said Yes my Goddess I am here and ready to take Your call. ๐Ÿ™‚

This slave decided to watch Her eye fixation video while I awaited my Queen.

I watched the entire video straight through and just after clicking on it a second time as commanded……as soon as She said “Hi there” my telephone rang.

My mood did not completely shift instantly because I have learned the importance of confiding in my GODDESS. I LOVE Her…..I NEED Her…..She is WISE and POWERFUL and can only BLESS me with Her GIFTS if I am honest and forthright when I am going through a challenge.

My Wise and Nurturing Goddess.

My Wise and Nurturing Goddess.

So my decision had been to do what we do when I am BLESSED to speak with Her on the telephone. We just talk……almost as friends would but we are not friends. I am Her slave and my life is BLESSED to be so and my place is to bow to Her pleasure……to Her Superior will……to Her Divinity.

So I spilled out my challenges and honestly told Her why I was so tired and a little upset. I placed my Heart at Her feet and told Her what Her slave was going through in a polite and respectful manner.

Fitness First!

My Goddess Lifted me.

My Goddess Lifted me.

We spoke and went back and forth and as surely as the Ocean tide will slowly take something out into the deep blue Sea She lifted me.
I started smiling…….I felt tingles of Her Bliss inside of me……..I was so happily powerless to stop it…….I felt myself surrender to the joy of just talking to Her. She laughed a few times……I melted a little more each time She did so.

I want to know EVERYTHING about my Goddess Haylee Lynn. Because I NEED to WORSHIP and touch every part of Her Beautiful Life.

I never looked at the clock during this conversation but it just flowed as naturally as a river and when my Goddess said She was soon receiving company I just smiled and thanked Her and told Her I LOVED Her. Because I do. Because I was and am so grateful for the BLESSING of being Her personal slave.

My Goddess lifted me and as I sat in the afterglow of our conversation I just smiled and felt so happy……my challenges remain but my perspective is healthier for my BLESSINGS from Her.

I was very tired from my long and physical day so I went to sleep instantly when my head hit the pillow……but about 4 hours later I awoke…..fully erect and desperately aching and laying beneath Her Altar and I just lay there are stroked and ached and smiled and surrendered and LOVED Her so hard.

My Goddess lifted me once again…….and I LOVE Her.
I WORSHIP everything about You my Queen, my Goddess, my Heart.
Thank You for lifting me up as You always do,
Your devoted and loving personal slave, Claude