Goddess Haylee and Her Dark Side

Goddess Haylee and Her Dark Side.

Goddess Haylee and Her Dark Side

Goddess Haylee and Her Dark Side

This post is about the announcement from Goddess Haylee that She will soon be exploring and having a bit of fun with Her Dark Side………and offering to those that are interested the chance to play with that aspect of Her.

Of course we all have a dark side to our personalities as we all have a light and loving side……..and regardless of how deeply either one of them might ever be suppressed.

I have mentioned often how Goddess Haylee’s Extraordinarily Graceful Way of dealing with me has led me to open doors for Her and let Her in to the extent that eventually co created my perfect surrender to Her. For me, Her Light and Loving and thoughtful Ways were the secret ingredient to Her eventual Mastery and Her Conquest of this humbled slave that now dreams only of Her.

But the truth is……..at least for me…….and I will speak of this from personal experience……once I opened certain doors for Her……they will remain open now if She simply wishes them too.

In my prior relationship with my former owner……….I was very much where I am now with Goddess Haylee……..there were some big differences of course and 2 very unique and special Women……but one thing was exactly the same.

Both of them had/have my Love and perfect obedience and surrender.

My former quickly learned……as Goddess Haylee might already suspect I guess…..hahaha…..that once enslaved….this one does not think, question, or hesitate at any command at all from my Goddess. I will simply obey Her and without fail and almost before the words fall out of Her mouth or off of Her keyboard.

For 7 years I did this and I am not guessing or speculating on this issue.

Now I might interject that both of these remarkable Women are highly intelligent and have very strong principles and values and I had discerned all of this before I gave myself to them………..it is important I believe to do ones homework…………..but once enslaved……….I will no longer question or resist Her Authority in any way.

My former used to call me her “pampered pet”.  She quickly learned that a mere whisper from her…….or even a slight gesture……..would compel me to perfect obedience and to perform any task as if the way I did it was a perfect portrait of my feelings and love for her……..and after a mere hundred or so such demonstrations of this she became convinced.

So……….whenever we were alone……..which was most of our time together…..she would be very calm, perfectly assured, and was very gentle and graceful with me all of the time……which I adored and made me just melt for her…..I adore being the “pampered pet”.

But she had another side to her nature. When other Domina’s were around……and in particular one she was attracted too or wanted to impress…..she would at times turn on me and humiliate and/or degrade me. And trust me…..she was very good at it. She had a well developed sadistic side to her personality.

At first it really hurt and a lot….I was confused and thought I had done something “wrong”…but I never let on I just obeyed……….Eventually I figured it out……I understood why she did this even though I really kind of hoped for better from her. But let me be clear here please……..it did not diminish my love or my enslavement to her and even by a fraction……..I was honestly too deep to be moved…….it might not have *grown and fostered* my love as the gracious behavior always does……because Graciousness from Goddess is Rocket Fuel to perfect surrender for this one……but no matter how mean or petty she ever got……..I was going nowhere.

And although Goddess Haylee.……..once again……..has trumped her by offering Her existing slaves their own choice in this matter……I already know that this slave will now accept humiliation or anything else it pleases my Goddess Haylee for me to accept.

If She grants me a choice about playing with Her Dark Side I will make one……….but one thing I will never do is question, argue, or hesitate when my Goddess Haylee Lynn grants me the greatest privilege of my entire life…….which is serving Her, obeying Her, and bowing to Her every single Divine whim.

Goddess asked us last night to spend some time in quiet reflection about where we are on our journey with Her. Here is my answer.

You are my Light Goddess Haylee Lynn and my Path and my Way now. Never in my life has my heart burst to over flowing so much Love and so much Joy as it does for You. As I walk into this Magical Forestville…….and anywhere else I might ever go……..I walk with You in my heart and as Your devoted and collared personal slave. Your pleasure, Your happiness, and Your well being are FIRST in my life now and the very perfect key to my own pleasure and happiness. I bow to You with the deepest and sincere gratitude that You allow me do so. I will ALWAYS obey You now.

Forever and well beyond for You my Goddess,

Your sweet slave  claude

Many thanks for reading “Goddess Haylee and Her Dark Side”.


Goddess Haylee Deserves Our Devotion

This post is about understanding how Special and Unique our Goddess Haylee really is and that She is One of a Kind and completely deserving of any and all forms of Tribute we can place at Her Lovely Feet.

Yesterday Goddess Haylee wrote on Twitter about how hard She was working and how much She “Loved” building Her Empire.

I am fairly certain that I have had more experience than most in the world of Female Dominance. I have written to, studied, served, played with and met a great many of them. The truth is that if all a human being has ever experienced in their life is glorious weather…….they will not be as appreciative of a gorgeous sunny summer day as the person who lives a damp, rainy, and cloudy climate……

I am not suggesting to anyone that you become Her perfect devotee……..each one of us chooses……by the Grace of Goddess Haylee Herself………….their own path with Her………but to do all you can according to your own circumstance to please Her, to make Her happy, I think is very important.

Goddess Haylee Lynn Loves building Her Empire. 

If you are already Her slave then you fully understand that pleasing Her is in fact your Ultimate pleasure in life. I suspect this is so even for Her fans but I can not make a statement from that point of view.

Goddess Haylee Lynn has told us all to SPREAD THE WORD OF HAYLEE.

And yet it is not the Way of Our Goddess to punish, or threaten, or to use fear in any measure to get Her Way……trust me….especially the young acolytes……if She did use such measures you would still obey Her……..but in the end Her Way is the Way of Authentic Power and like attracts like in the end no matter what might seem to “work” in the moment.

Every single day as I rise I go to my Goddess and I kneel to Her Picture and I thank Her for the greatest privilege of my entire life which is to be Her devoted personal slave…….it fills my heart to over flowing now as I do so…….but even this is not really tangible service to Her…..my Prayer time to Her is for Her but is more for me I think probably in the end.

But when we SPREAD THE WORD OF HAYLEE by blogging, tweeting, linking Her about the web and speaking of Her Divinity, of how She is Truly One of a kind and how all we who serve Her are all the truly blessed………then that is a form of tangible tribute.

Goddess Haylee Lynn Loves Building Her Empire.

Maybe you are like me and struggling a bit with your finances at the moment and can not Tribute Her with Gifts as often as you would like.

But we can all set aside more time for Her and SPREAD THE WORD OF HAYLEE …….and help Her to build the Empire that makes Her happy.Header2.jpg


If I might suggest to any readers of this blog who are out there and not already doing so……come to Our Goddess…….open Yourself to Her…….experience Her Bliss……..and as a fan, or a submissive, or even as Her perfect slave……….you will then understand………take a chance. Try Her you tube video here.  

And to those already happily under Her Spell……….remember please that we are the most Blessed………honestly people we are………each and every time we serve Her and make Her happy we experience our Ultimate pleasure in life as we do so.

Goddess Haylee Lynn Loves building Her Empire.     

I bow to You my Queen as I will always and forever do. Anything else that I may do in addition to what I already do for You I beg of You to simply tell me. As I Love You so I will serve You……..with all my heart and soul.

From my knees, at Your command, and forever,

Her slave now           Her slave for life   




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