Becoming a nonsmoker

Becoming a nonsmoker

Note: Although this is a work of fiction, Haylee Lynn can help you become a non smoker, with hypnotherapy, counselling etc.

Please read Healthy4Haylee and The Hypnotist first.

After finding out that she was a hypnotist, I decided that I would find out everything I could about hypnosis. Although I had cut down greatly on the number of cigarettes I smoked, I still smoked some. I knew that even just one a day was one too much. I asked her if maybe she could use hypnotherapy to stop me from smoking. She replied that she could, but it would take longer than our usual 15 minute sessions each night. As I have explained before, I am not badly off, and paying for a longer session was not any sort of problem. We set a date on which I would give up smoking and booked a time. We discussed all the various reasons for giving up smoking, and she said she could include them all in the script. All was set. Soon I was relaxing in bed, listening to that most wonderful voice, the voice I adored, the voice I craved.

“You have decided to quit smoking … And the way that you are going to quit smoking tonight, is simply to relax … That’s right you’re going to slow down, relax. Just let everything go … And take this time … That you’ve chosen for yourself … To feel comfortable, relaxed, and totally at ease … You have no place else to be right now … And nothing else to do … You have selected this time to be here … So just let everything go … Leave all bothersome thoughts behind … And take this time that you’ve chosen to be here … To be completely relaxed … The more you allow yourself to relax … The closer you are to becoming a nonsmoker …

You are here right now because you have a strong desire to stop smoking … No one else has forced you to be here … You have come here because you have decided that today is the day … Today is the day that you have decided to be a nonsmoker once and for all. No little piece of white paper wrapped around tobacco is going to control you any more. Because you are now in control and you have taken the first step. Here … now … and today … To become a nonsmoker. By the time you have finished listening to me, … in just a few moments … your goal will be reached. You will be a nonsmoker. You will have stopped smoking once and for all. That nasty habit of the past will be gone. You’ll begin your new life as a nonsmoker. You’ll never smoke again.

So as time passes by … right now … think of yourself in the following way. I am a nonsmoker. I have stopped smoking. I will never smoked again. As a nonsmoker I have the ability to be around other people who smoke. I have the ability to enjoy life as a nonsmoker. Everything I do from this moment on is better as a nonsmoker. I t doesn’t matter whether I’m at home, at work, alone or with others. I am in control. Anywhere I go and no matter what I am doing, whether I am having dinner … relaxing … driving … working … or having a break. Everything is so much more enjoyable. Everything is so much better as a nonsmoker.

You feel so much better … As a nonsmoker … so much healthier … so much happier … you’ll find that each and every day you’ll be able to breathe easier … enjoy life more …

Just feel that confidence begin to move through you. Allow a wonderful feeling of confidence to move through you right now. At this very moment. You are realizing that you are a nonsmoker. Feel the confidence that you now have. You have overcome that negative habit. You have reached your goal and become a nonsmoker. You can feel that confidence moving through you. Just filling you up.

It is important to realize that to accomplish anything worthwhile in your life. You must give it 100% effort. To remain a nonsmoker is no different. You must give it 100% effort. 100% to win. By giving it 100% you have made a commitment to win. You have made this commitment to yourself. That you will always move forward. You have stopped smoking. You are a nonsmoker. You will never smoke again. From this moment on your desire, your commitment to your health, is stronger than ever before.

In addition to being a nonsmoker … You are also beginning a new positive habit … One that will help you in every part of your life … You’ll find that from this moment forward … That water will taste better to you than ever before … That wonderful crisp, refreshing water will quench your thirst like it never has … That life in giving water will help you in every step of the way to become healthier … You have overcome a negative habit and are replacing it with this new positive habit, of drinking water … That wonderful refreshing water … In fact you might even be noticing right now … That by just thinking about water … Your mouth is beginning to become dry and parched. This is your bodies natural reaction to thirst … You have more of a desire than ever before to drink that wonderful crisp refreshing water…

You know, now that you have stopped smoking you’ll find that you have more energy, energy that will be needed to be put to good use. You’ll find yourself being able to move easier. Feeling better about yourself. There are many things you can do that will help you to be healthier. Maybe going for a short walk in the morning. Maybe parking your car little further away at work or at the grocery store to get in a little more exercise. You may even find yourself eating a little healthier. All of these things are a natural by-product of becoming healthier as you have just done.

But most of all, by stopping smoking you will save money from not buying cigarettes. You will have more money to spend on me. You will please me by not smoking. You want to please me more than anything. This is going to bring us closer together. You want to be close to me. You want to please me.

Now I want you to go to sleep, thinking of all the things I have said to you. Thinking of how we will be closer, how you will spend more time with me, and how you will be fitter, healthier and happier by not smoking.”

And so it was, I drifted to sleep, now as a nonsmoker, thinking of her, her eyes, her voice, her beauty.


I drifted to sleep, just thinking of her