Her domination continues with spanking and collaring!

Her domination continues with spanking and collaring!

“Her domination continues with spanking and collaring!” is a work of fiction.

Please read “Darker Side of Goddess Haylee Lynn” first.

So we went shopping. We got everything that she wanted. Naturally I paid for everything – well it is only fair, I earn so much more than she. I did buy her an early Christmas Present – well two or three things from her wishlist! I thought about how only a few hours earlier she had me chained up spread-eagled, with her bum in my face! I wondered if anyone would be able to tell that we were not your everyday couple, or would they just think we were like any other couple?

When we arrived home she invited me in. She asked me to sit on a sofa. She lit some more of her wonderful scented candles and she kneeled on the sofa beside me, so I was looking up at her again.

“So, did you enjoy today?” She said.

“Oh yes, very much so.”

“What did you enjoy the most?”

I smiled.

“Oh everything really, but especially this morning.”

“You liked that did you? That’s our little secret by the way – don’t tell anyone else, whatever you do – I hope you now have visions of my ass firmly embedded in your brain now!”

“Oh yes, I love your backside! I can just close my eyes and in my mind’s eye I can still see that wonderful bottom moving back and forth.”

“Good! I quite like bottom too, you know.”

“Oh, would you like me to do to you, what you did to me this morning?”

She smiled.

“No silly, you will never have me in chains. I didn’t do that just to make you admire my ass you know. I did it because…. well for one thing I enjoyed doing it, for another doing such things keeps me fit, but also to get you used to looking up at me. I want you to accept me as your dominant. It must be very hard for you, you are the successful multi-millionaire businessman. You are so used to being in charge. But little by little I want you to submit to me, allow me to take control of your life. I want you to invite me to guide you, to lead you. Trust me, I know what is best for you. Little acts of submission, like letting me sit on your head now and then, will help you get it into your head that I am the boss, I am the one that wears the pants. How does that sound? It sounds rather nice doesn’t it? You are normally having to make soooo many decisions. Isn’t it nice for you to let me do your thinking for you for a while? Then you can go back to your responsibilities with renewed vigour.”

“Yes it is actually. So presumably that is why you are kneeling like that, so I have look up to you?”


“So you don’t want me to stick my ass in your face.”

“No, but there is something I’d love to do to your ass.”

“Yes, what’s that?”

She smiled.

“Sometime, I’d love to give it a damn good spanking! I love the way your ass is so firm and tight. I love the way that you can spank an ass as hard as you can for ages, and you are very unlikely to do any permanent damage to the other person. I think it is a very intimate, personal thing to so with another.”

“Well you can be spanking mine if you want.”

Did I just say that? I’d never been into such things in all my life, but somehow it just came out. I guess I was so wrapped up in her, I’d do virtually anything for her.

“Really? Mmm let’s get down to business then.”

She sat down, got me to pull down my pants and bend over her knee. She then proceeded to spank my bottom as hard as she possibly could. She was really enjoying it, I could tell. Seeing her so happy, I was really happy myself, giving her pleasure is my ultimate happiness. I didn’t feel any pain, only a massive thrill, exhilaration that I had never felt before. Eventually she finished, got me to pull my pants up and kneel before her.

“You are such a good boy for me,” She said, gently stroking my hair and my face.

“Look into my eyes again. Relax for me again. Go deep. Very deep. Like you have so many times. Sleep for me. That’s right, such a good boy. Go all the way down again.”

I had been hypnotized by her so many times by now, I went out like a light. My eyes closed and my body went limp.

“You are my little doggy. Here’s a stick, go and fetch.”

She threw a stick and I scampered after it on all fours. I picked it up in my mouth and trotted back to her, dropping it proudly at her feet. She patted me on the head, called me her good boy and threw it out again. She did this for a while, until she tired of this game. She then got a collar.

“Look at this collar. If you put it on, it will show that I own you, body and mind, heart and soul. Are you ready to give yourself unequivocally to me?”

“Yes I am.”

“Then you had better ask me to put it on you.”

“Please, please, Haylee Lynn, please let me wear your collar.”

“You will have to do better than that. Beg me boy!”

“Please, please, I beg you, I love you, I give myself to you unreservedly. I am yours. Please take me. Accept me with all my faults. I will serve you to the end of my days.”

“Good boy.”

With that she put the collar on me. It felt so good to have it round my neck. She connected a short lease to it. She then took me for a walk, around the house, out onto the balcony. I was her pet, her loyal, faithful hound to the end.

She walked around, with me on a short lease.

Her domination continues with spanking and collaring – She walked around, with me on a short lease.

And I am still a loyal and faithful slave to her now. Soon after this I bought her an island. She renamed it Haylia¬†which became an independent country – but you know all this, that story has been told once….

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