Unbelievable Luck

Unbelievable Luck

Unbelievable Luck Traveling for work I arrived early in the day. Checked into the hotel and thought I would go check out the town. Didn’t know anyone, there was nothing at the local movie theater I wanted to see, so figured I would grab light dinner and go back to my hotel where I could spend the evening listening to Goddess Haylee’s MP3s. No one would disturb me so I could spend my evening in … Continue reading

The House On Gordon Square Part Four

The House On Gordon Square Part Four Wishing you a very special Samhain this year Goddess Haylee. Hope you have a wonderful night. Love the pumpkin outfit btw! lots of Halloween kisses from England <3 x Goodnight Moon starring Hypnotic Haylee The House of Gordon Square Part Four by princess indigo The bodies of Peter Smoke and princess indigo had been borne from the van with great rapidity. The driver … Continue reading

Man with no prayer pt2

Man with no prayer pt2

Man with no prayer pt2. “Man with no prayer pt2” is pt2 of “Man with no prayer” It had been two weeks since the incident which led to the untimely death of a young man named Maddox. The fire fighter stood in the middle of a cemetery staring at the strange note that he had found on the scene. Inside of his mind gears were turning. For he had not … Continue reading

Man with no prayer Pt1

no prayer

Man with no prayer Pt1. Pondering his life, a man named Maddox had grown curious about his future as many people sometimes do. So one day Maddox decided to visit a psychic. It was a small run down building with eerie large trees out front. The branches all appeared dried, broken, and dead. From the looks of this place the tenant must spend a lot of their time dealing with … Continue reading

Knots around my heart: Horror story

Knots around my heart: Horror story. “Please take the rope Goddess Haylee! Use it to tie knots around my heart.” I say in a pitiful pathetic tone. The immaculate perfect Goddess Haylee Lynn looks down at my submissive needing frame while I’m on my knees. She smirks, she smiles and she snatches the rope from my hands. How lucky I am to feel her long gloved hand pull me up by … Continue reading

In my twilight

In my twilight

In my twilight The year is 2055, in my twilight years, much has changed since my younger days. I have long since traded in my mask worn during worship BDSM rituals to Empress Vox Siren for a cane that I use to get around with. I grasp one arm onto the table of the corner booth and plump my ass down hard onto the padded couch. *Ouch*.. Fuck. I bumped … Continue reading

Continuing Story of the H-Men

The Middle Ground

Continuing Story of the H-Men This story started with Haylee’s H-Men on May 31, 2015. It was continuing with Road Runner is tested on June 1, 2015. The next episode was continuing with the Battle near Haylee’s House on June 2, 2015. The fourth part was continuing with Search for Haylee Lynn on June 3. Onto Magenta Island is the continuing fifth part. This is the sixth part. I would advise you to … Continue reading

My very Haylee Xmas

Under the willow

My very Haylee Xmas This is a combination of a diary post and unedited thoughts which outlined some parts of my day. I was feeling particularly excited and I had felt that those kinds of feelings should not be bottled up or kept to myself. It is wordy and long but Goddess Haylee inspires me. It may not be poetry, or a well planned blog. But for those who care … Continue reading

Terry’s story of his admiration for Hypnotic Haylee Lynn

Hypnotic Haylee Lynn

Terry’s story of his admiration for Hypnotic Haylee Lynn My journey started about 6 months ago, I found Hypnotic Haylee Lynn’s youtube videos on google, and started watching them right away, I watched them all over and over what must have been about 10 hours I just couldn’t get enough. Stupid me, I got busy at home and slipped away from her videos. About 4 months later I woke up … Continue reading

The Path – Meditation Bliss – Part 2

Sacred words of Goddess Haylee.

The Path – Meditation Bliss – Part 2 This is part two of a fictional story dedicated to Goddess Haylee Lynn. If you haven’t already, please read part 1 first. As commanded he rose to his feet and followed Goddess Haylee up the stone steps, instinctively remaining several steps behind Her. He did not need to think about walking, he only obeyed, floating in his pace, following his Goddess. He … Continue reading