All for Haylee

Flip side

This post is about my Goddess Haylee Lynn and why I now so honestly and happily live my life to please Her. It is about why I awake every single day of my life and I ache for Her…….dream of going to Her and attending to Her each and every whim…….and why I now *need* my Goddess and Her Divine and treasured acceptance very deeply. As much as it seems … Continue reading

My Life as Her Slave

Merry Christmas Divine Empire

This post is about my transformation into what I now so happily have become. The devoted and perfect personal slave of my Goddess Haylee Lynn. I am honestly more than a bit surprised at the extent and full measure of Her Power over me now. Her newest video……Her Pendent Enslavement Video felt like the straw that broke this camels back somehow………but I was truly completely enslaved even before that. I … Continue reading

Summoned by my Goddess

Goddess Worship Week Video Reviewed

This is a TRUE story and not a work of fiction. It was a remarkably beautiful morning as I attended to the gardens of my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn in the inner Sanctum of Her Goddess Temple. I stopped my work for a moment and felt the warming morning Sun on my face. I felt pleasure gently course through my body as I realized we would have a bumper crop … Continue reading

The Life of a Devotee

Merry Christmas Divine Empire

This post is about devotion. Now there are many ways to worship and serve our Divine and Martchless Goddess Haylee Lynn of course. Just yesterday our Goddess spoke of some who purchase Her products and enjoy them but do not ever write to or contact Her. Everyone has the option to pursue what is in their own heart be they just want to be a bit submissive now and then, … Continue reading

Her Each and Every Divine Whim

Low Profile

This post is about my newest level of surrender to my One, my True, my Only, my Goddess Haylee Lynn. One of the most beautiful things I have experienced during my last 15 months or so is how the connection I feel with my Goddess is always moving, shifting, re creating itself as my Perfect Master and I interact. My Goddess has a way of Gracefully and patiently training Her … Continue reading

To please my Master

This blog is a break as my Incomparable and Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn knows full well I am under a fair bit of work at the moment. Still and all… please my Master is an essential part of my life and my top priority. Plus I just got chills down my spine as I read Her latest blog on Her main website……. 🙂 I first heard my Goddess described as … Continue reading

If i can’t have Goddess Haylee It all Ends

If I can't have Goddess Haylee It all Ends

If i can’t have Goddess Haylee It all Ends First off. I was Inspired to write this blog from a post I read from wonderful brother Claude Truly Owned. I can relate to some of what brother Claude speaks of In that post. Being born naturally submissive, over the years I have searched long and hard for a true Goddess. My quest was never for a physical relationship though, but … Continue reading

Truly Owned.

Truly Owned.

Truly Owned. This post is about the realization of my lifelong dream…….it is about finding and surrendering to the training and commands of my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn! This has been a very special time in my life……lots of challenges and lots of personal growth has been experienced recently. And I suppose you could say that this is what life is all about. Challenges and growth. All of … Continue reading

Goddess Haylee’s Sacred Community

Goddess Haylee’s Sacred Community

Goddess Haylee’s Sacred Community This blog Is directed towards anyone who has an Interest In becoming a member of the House of Haylee. The House of Haylee Is a Sacred community created by Goddess Haylee for those who want to serve her on a higher level. I was accepted Into the House of Haylee about a month ago and I have enjoyed every minute of It. This Is a locked … Continue reading

As commanded I profess

As commanded I profess

As commanded I profess This post is about how I was commanded by my Owner, my Queen, my Absolute unquestioned Ruler in this life now, my Divine and Matchless Goddess Haylee Lynn. In Her newest masterpiece…..which you can purchase at Her store my Goddess commanded that I tell Her how helplessly enslaved I have now become…….how complete and unqualified my surrender now is and must be…….so I am professing this … Continue reading