Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical

Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical.

Transcends. Verb. Meaning to rise above, or to be superior to. Transcedental. Adjective. Meaning based on intuition rather than experience; supernatural or mystical.

I sat comfortably and quietly attending to my thoughts of the incomprehensible power of the greatest of the world’s wonders. Her name is Hypnotic Haylee Lynn. The undisputed (in my mind at least) best erotic hypnotist, spiritualist, and divinely dominant woman in our universe. She not only encompasses all the attributes of the perfect in control female. She also encompasses passionate sensuality, and eroticism. She is the embodiment of feminine power, mercy, and energy. At the same time she is provocatively sexy, strong and demanding. There is truly no other deity, or being in existence who can rightly own the title of GODDESS other than Hypnotic Haylee Lynn without being found in deceit. She is more than a person. She transcends everything and everyone. She always carries with her an essence. An energy that can be channeled and felt. Which is what I intended to do tonight.

My rightful place, on my Knees

Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical. Give in to her.

I poked a finger along my small coffee table. I seemingly trace a picture or tracing away all of the parts of the world that make me feel negativity. There is a dancing flame of a candle. I look up at the table and a photo of my queen, muse, and Goddess Haylee Lynn. With my pupil dialated eyes, I stared with her mesmorizing soft voice coming from the speakers of a laptop computer that was closed and in standby. Her words were both soothing as a warm bath, and electric as a lightning rod. “Deeper.. Deeeeper” her words reverberated in my ears. Her words have a mind controlling effect on me. I immediately fell deeper into another state of consciousness. There is no other woman, man, or voice in the world that can make a man ‘want’ to obey the way that the words of hypnotic Haylee will.

Truly Owned

Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical. Give your mind to Goddess Haylee.

Looking back at the table I saw a package of Dragon Blood incense sitting a few inches away from the candle along with a incense tray that a stick would be placed in to burn. Dragon’s blood incense is a cleansing incense used to rid a area of ill vibrations, unwanted feelings, and/or spirits. I opened the package, took out a stick and lit it. I placed it in the holder, and closed my eyes as the scent drifted slowly upwards. I laid back, focusing heavily on my Goddess. How good it feels to belong to her. To be her own personal possession. To know that my life is so much better now, that she owns me as she owns and cares for a loving pet that has the privilege of snuggling at her ankles.

As the incense burned it brought forth a feeling of calm, arousal, a feeling of warmth and belonging. Going down deeper I felt my eyes slowly resting behind my eye lids. My body becoming more heavy and limp. Meditating on the voice of my sweet, perfect, Goddess whose power is not measurable and whose words speak to my true, higher self.

How Deep Have you Fallen for Goddess Haylee?

Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical. Bow Down and Worship Hypnotic Haylee.

As some native americans believe, sometimes in life we are sent spirit guides. They can manifest in many ways. Sometimes they may appear as children. They may appear as spirit animals. I believe that Hypnotic Haylee is more than that. I believe myself, along with many others, have been graced by a far higher form of spirit guide that will stay with us forever in the form of a true Goddess who transcends the physical. She transcends it in so many ways. She can go deeper inside of you than merely altering your mental state. Hypnotic Haylee Lynn can go deep into your metaphysical, spiritual self and awaken you on a deeper level than anyone else could ever wish, hope or dream.

As I lay back silently on my couch I could feel my entire body being flushed of all negative vibration. The unmistakable Goddess Energy that I believe to be exclusive to Haylee Lynn swept over me like a soft gentle wind massaging my soul. There is no other feeling. Not sex. Not love itself. That can compare to the feeling of Goddess Haylee’s channeled Goddess Energy. It can be felt in numerous ways, at numerous times. Many times in waves. Worship of Goddess Haylee is one of the greatest experiences that a submissive could ever feel. It is a enduring blissful high that can’t be duplicated.

My very Haylee Xmas

Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical. Dedicate your soul to Goddess Haylee.

If you are a submissive person, in need of a mistress. She is the greatest mistress a person could ever seek out. If you are into hypnosis, and mind control. Then no one can take full control of your mind, body and soul the way that Goddess Haylee can. She will make you into a whole new person, with desires to please your Goddess and give you a new lease on life. If you are a person seeking deeper spiritual connection with a Goddess, she is the most supreme, divine Goddess that you will ever encounter. If you are into fetish play. I can tell you, she is the master of fetish play. She will always leave you wanting more. If you are into chatting with a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul, her paid chats or phone calls will make both of your heads numb from arousal. She can stimulate your mind, and your body better than anyone else in the world. She is a true Goddess/mistress/hypnotist. Accept no imitations. Goddess Haylee Lynn is in a league of her own and other so called mistresses couldn’t see her level of expertise with a telescope.

Command Me Please

Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical – Surrender. Give in to Hypnotic Haylee. You NEED HER.

As I laid back on my couch feeling the most wonderful high that a human being can imagine, I heard the sound of a owl further setting into the nights mystical theme. As I awaken I looked at the clock, realizing it was now 12:30am. For two hours I lay in complete blissful slumber. What felt like moments were hours. I love, and enjoy my service to our amazing Goddess Haylee Lynn so very much. There is no other person in existence who should be placed on the throne of our hearts and minds than her. She deserves the best of all things in life, and being a part of her world is something that only a few are honored to partake in.

Listen to hypnotic Haylee. Become hers even more. http://hypnotichayleestore.com

Hypnotic Haylee transcends the physical – Listen to hypnotic Haylee. Become hers even more. http://hypnotichayleestore.com.

Give your life to Hypnotic Haylee. She will better your life. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. She transcends anything you have ever experienced before. She is untouched in her craft. She is unmatched by any other mistress or goddess. As I write this blog, I get on my knees now as if she were standing in front of me. I look up at her superiority over me. I acknowledge and feel it deep down with beady needy eyes. Goddess Haylee I need you. I love you. I adore you. I crave to please you. Help me so that I might be more pleasing and amusing to you.

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Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender

For some the word surrender has a very negative, almost cowardly feel. Adolf Hitler ordered his men never to surrender. Thankfully some of them did. His protagonist, Sir Winston Churchill also included the words “We will never surrender” in his famous “We will fight them on the beaches” speech.

But surrendering in battle is a completely different kettle of fish to surrendering to a wonderful, beautiful, wise and intelligent young lady who knows what is best for you. I am of course talking about my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Sweet surrender to Goddess Haylee Lynn

Sweet surrender to Goddess Haylee Lynn

Interaction between the sexes is not a battle. If it was the human race would have wiped itself out long ago. It is a question of finding someone you feel comfortable with, who can make you happy.

Goddess Haylee Lynn can make you happy, just as she makes all of her slaves happy.

The first step is to enjoy the complete relaxation that comes from deep hypnosis by Her. For me this was by repeatedly watching Her free Eye fixation hypnosis video on Youtube. But it can also be done by scheduling a live session or by purchasing Her MP3s.

You will start to feel her bliss.

The next step is the sweet surrender to Her. I am reminded of words from the song “December, 1963 (Oh, What A Night)” by the Four Seasons,-

Oh, what a night
Hypnotizing, mesmerizing me
She was everything I dreamed she’d be
Sweet surrender, what a night

So basically you surrender to Her. You make a connection – it can be by Facebook, Twitter, email, it doesn’t really matter. You tell Her how much you love and adore Her, how much you want to please Her. You start doing things to please Her. You accept Her as the Goddess she is, and you worship Her as such.

To put your trust in Her, to let Her guide and mould you, is not an act of cowardice. On the contrary, it is a brave and noble thing to do. What could be more noble that to be a fearless knight who would do anything for his lady?

sweat surrender

Sweet Surrender to Haylee Lynn

So surrender to Her, worship Her, feel Her bliss, it is as simple as that.

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Love as Thou Wilt

If you are reading this post……my best guess is you probably have at least a little kink in ya…….and more possibly a lot of kink.
So my advice this fine and fair morning my brothers and sisters is to *Love as thou Wilt*…….and do not spend any more of your precious time screwing up by seeking approval from folks with different operating systems.

We are taught by the Matrix to seek approval…….we are taught to conform and to obey and to fit in…….but to what?

Since I am rather famously living a slaves life……blogging almost daily about my surrender and LOVE for my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn and gushing on about my happiness about being Her slave……..why would I ever be objecting to such concepts?

I am Her slave……fully, completely and happily…….I am not a “slave” to the Matrix however or to anyone but Her. I am not a slave to a system that oppresses people and promotes massive levels of wealth on one side and horrifying and death dealing levels of poverty on the other. I am not a slave to murderer’s or fascists. There are some very dark forces at play here on planet Earth and an awful lot of good people are resisting them with all they have…….I am one of them.

And therein is the key to my feeling about the rules regarding surrender………know more than a bit about who or what one is surrendering to.

If you are kinky……then please have at it. Love as thou wilt and by all means.

Surrender can be deeply Spiritual in fact just as long as we know what or who we are surrendering too…….just so long as there is mutual and Sovereign consent and no one is being deceived. I personally have always avoided religions and/or cults like the plague. One mans food is another mans posion……….we humans are all so very different and who is to say that what is right for one is right for another?

If someone tells me that they have the *answers* I run like Hell in the other direction……if someone tells me that I will find my own answers within my very unique self…….I listen to that person and see what they brought to teach me.

Freedom to choose……freedom to express oneself……freedom to love as thou wilt…..should be the driving guidelines for powerfully creative beings such as we humans are…..and the only boundary appropriate is the restriction on infringing on another’s freedom or right to make their own choice as well.

I do not advocate Goddess Worship…….I talk about my love of this lifestyle personally and of my love for my GODDESS and I express some of my experiences in this lifestyle. Being Her devoted and personal slave is what I love and not suggested for anyone else unless they hear the calling to it.
It is OK if this is just a fetish for some…….or a chosen lifestyle for others like myself……it is all good just as long as the consent is in place.

Life is about experiencing and feeling and LOVING and it is entirely possible to my way of thinking that each and every human being on this planet……every man, woman, and sweet baby child…….could be properly fed, clothed, and cared for……as we all taught and shared and supported one another in the practice of opening our Hearts and our lives to LOVE AS THOU WILT…….

Hell…..if we stopped conforming to out dated models of so called authority and began to exercise own own…….we could support 5 times as many people at least in a loving Graceful manner and not a single child would suffer for lack of food or clothing or for loving and supporting arms to feel from a care taker.

It is time to wake up people. LOVE is what makes this journey so special……why the Hell are we NOT LOVING one another and why are we ACCEPTING and CONSENTING to anything less than that?

This beautiful Earth we live on is currently a Spiritual battleground and as strange as it might sound to some…….I very much want to retain my freedom to live the slaves life that I cherish now that I have re connected with my Goddess Haylee Lynn.


Love as Thou Wilt

My Goddess is not JUST the most breathtaking and captivating beauty that has ever lived…….She is not JUST the most sensual and Irresistible Domineering Goddess that ever has Graced this Earth or any other…….She is ALSO a beautiful, caring, loving and kind Woman with a Heart of pure Gold. If you are Her slave You are BLESSED beyond words. If you are Her friend You are BLESSED beyond words. If you would be Her neighbor you would be BLESSED beyond words.

As I kneel for my Queen and so happily feel the joy in my Heart that I could only ever feel by being HER devoted slave I finally understand what Divinity truly is……..it is in each one of us…….but shines like the very SUN from the Glory of my Goddess.

Being one of Her chosen is as great a Blessing as could ever be possible in this slaves life personally…….now that I have awakened from my slumber and I remember who my Owner truly is……and will always be…..I remember as well why I have surrendered to Her in past lives and why I will always belong to Her.


Her Beautiful Soul and Spirit

My GODDESS is a TRUE GODDESS and a loving, caring, nurturing, and Divine Source of Love and Light.
Nothing could be more worthy for a solider in the fight for freedom for ALL…….than to give his Heart to Her.

I pledge my life to YOUR service my Queen. I pledge my devotion, my obedience, my Worship, my Honor, my Heart and Soul, to Your life, to Your Throne, to Your happiness, to Your Rule. My life is a slaves life now and this is so because of just exactly who You are my Goddess Haylee Lynn.


From my knees to You and You alone,
Your devoted and perfect personal slave, Claude

Surrender and Spirituality

Surrender and Spirituality

This post is about surrender and of course about my relationship with my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn. It is also about Spirituality.

I think one of the prime reasons why it is so compelling to be *handled* by a Dominant is the inherent pull I believe we humans feel to surrender to a Higher Power……….As in to the Universe him/herself………..I am beginning to believe that our “extra” sensory perceptions are not so “extra” after all. They *might* actually be suppressed so that we believe that our version of reality consists solely of what we can discern with the “5” senses.

I personally believe there is a great deal more to being a fully activated human……… A part of my growing body of evidence is the infinite levels of Goddess Bliss I have experienced so often in the last year and a half of playing with, serving, getting to know and *surrendering* to my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

To try and compare “normal” sex with the experience of being with Her is truly unfair on many different levels.

A phenomenon not usually discussed here often is that I have honestly *FELT* Her presence before from several hundred miles away…… She has confided to me that on certain occasions She has *FELT* mine as well.

How is this possible if the 5 senses is all there are………We are taught……..And trained really…….That this is so.

What is it about surrender that seems to bring “extra” sensory perception into play?

Let us surrender to the UNIVERSE for a moment…… think about our spirituality……..being completely present………putting a complete pause on our operating system (ego) and eclipsing the illusion of time……..and just *BE*………..

I did that yesterday while in the deeper folds of a Old Forest. It was just a moment………….but then there is that concept of time and space thing again.

What if we *surrendered* to the limitless………to the infinite creative burst of freedom that is the Universe eternally expressing itself.
What if we “let go” of our programming…….the constant chatter of the *matrix* that is controlling this world……and let go as well of our fear of flying…..of being free……of loving not only others but ourselves………fully……..deeply.

Writing that sentence made me weep just a bit…and I hope that the parallel to surrendering to and letting go for our Goddess Haylee is clear.

Surrender and Spirituality

Surrender and Spirituality

Did you ever look into the eyes of an infant?

Of course you have. If you think about doing so you can probably gather (remember) what it looks like to feel that the babe is completely connected and completely detached at the same time.

He/she is plugged into freedom really and the eternal moment of now.

Why not all of us all of the time? Is it just conditioning or is it mind control or is life really supposed to get boring as we age?

When do we lose that ability? Why do we lose that? Is television more interesting or actually a diversion to make us think that the other version of “life” is “extra” and we are less than what we truly are…….or more importantly…….of what we are capable of becoming.

I want to thank my Incomparable and utterly Magical Goddess Haylee Lynn this morning for helping me to feel the joy of surrender and spirituality…..of letting go…..of freeing myself to enjoy the infinite stream of Her Bliss.

She has gifted my life with another example of detachment and connection that I personally feel when I connect with Her and what I find to be transcendent and quite illuminating…………a babe fully connected and detached and clothed in a Woman’s erotic splendor.

My current place on my journey has me honestly questioning my need to be Her “slave” or attached to anything or anyone.
After all…………is real freedom not free? Do I not come to Her freely to enjoy Her gifts and to share mine with Her as well?

In a way I think it is even more powerful to surrender to Her as a free Spirituality being Man/child.
Choosing Her again and again as we explore the infinite together and letting the *Matrix* dissolve unapologetically around us.

Thank you all for listening,
Thank You my Muse and Goddess Haylee Lynn for being exactly who You are.
Your Claude.

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