We’ve Come a Long Way by Bob The Mob

We’ve Come a Long Way by Bob The Mob

Seeing all these posts about Haylee and others’ love for her, I felt I should make one too.

I had started off a curious observer of her Eye Fixation video, having always enjoyed hypnosis.

We've come a long way

Bob was first interested in Haylee because of Her hypnosis videos

Haylee later posted her Relaxation vid and I asked her if she’d ever heard of ASMR, since I’d experienced it from that vid. That was when a connection formed between us.

That connection grew when she announced Healthy4Haylee both because eroticism is something I don’t believe in outside of wedlock and because I too want to be fit and healthy.

The connection evolved into a friendship when she had a get-fit contest for a custom MP3, and has only grown from there:

I was invited to this site by Haylee herself when she knew full well I don’t have the same beliefs as her; I’ve made good friends here–people I consider to be like family–because of this site. I’ve learned how to use various herbs for medicinal and relaxing purposes from her. I’ve learned of Reiki healing and auras from her. And most recently, I’ve learned about ancient traditions.

And then just recently was something that looked as if it might destroy our friendship: the Phil Robertson quote. I had spoken out in defense of Freedoms of Speech and Religion and at one point it seemed to me as if Haylee was offended.

But thankfully she wasn’t; simply curious as to if circumstances were different. We had discussed such, and our friendship became stronger than ever: it became a love of each other.

Haylee, please know that no matter what differences we have in opinions, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. You mean the world to me, since you are such a good and kind and accepting person. And I swear that in the name of All That is Holy.

Thank you for being my friend.

This post has been slightly edited by ForeverSlave of Haylee

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