Train – Give Myself to You


Train – Give Myself to You This post is unusual, because with similar posts, I have known the song beforehand. In this case, I had an idea, and searched for a song with that idea, and found the song. Until yesterday I had never heard of this band called “Train” nor any of their works! The idea I wanted to find was the concept of giving myself. I always want … Continue reading

Meeting Goddess Haylee on a train

Meeting Goddess Haylee on a train I stumbled aboard the train. Then I couldn’t believe my luck. There was an empty seat, in front of it a table, and in the seat facing it, the loveliest woman I had ever seen. She had long dark wavey hair, with two lovely earrings in each ear. Her dark black eyebrows framed her beautiful green eyes, spellbinding eyes, so easy to get lost … Continue reading