I Cannot Resist My Goddess Haylee

I Cannot Resist My Goddess Haylee I began to obey Goddess Haylee Lynn when I first watched her YouTube video. When it came to the end she said hit replay – I hit replay. Then it came to the end again and she said hit replay – I hit replay. Then it came to the end again and she said… you get the picture. I still get caught up in … Continue reading

Fear Turned to Joy by Accepting Goddess Haylee Lynn.


Fear Turned to Joy by Accepting Goddess Haylee Lynn. I first experienced trace when I was in college. I learned a technique to relax and do self-hypnosis. I found I could go limp and trance. It was really handy when I went to the dentist – I could visualize myself ANYWHERE else. But as I have gotten older I guess I have too much stress in my life and I … Continue reading

It’s Swim Day!

Haylee's Hobbies 1 - swimming.

It’s Swim Day! It is now morning. I gain consciousness, and before I could wipe the sleepy out of my eyes, my lips became upturned and I had one thing on my mind. SWIMMING! That’s right. Swimming is such a great way to unwind, and you will always seem to feel better afterwards. I sat up in my bed, the springs made a weird sound that I only occasionally hear … Continue reading

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee – part 4

  Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee – part 4. In part 4 of my journey into the realm of GODDESS Haylee I will tell how my mind was more and more melted. I became more and more addicted – addicted consciously. Above all I will tell you how I enjoyed being able to enjoy GODDESS Haylee. I had developed a personal routine of listening to her MP3 s at … Continue reading

Aching Love Reviewed

aching love reviewed

Aching Love Reviewed Please note that “Aching Love reviewed” is a repost of a review. I originally wrote it for the Femdom Hypnosis site, inraptured.net, Aching Love Review. We have all grown accustomed to the phrase ‘mind massage’. This describes the effects a skilled hypnotist can have on the sensations of our mind. When I use the term massage here it is much different, much more intense than what I … Continue reading

Hypnosis Technology

Yesterday I was reading a thread at the Femdom hypnosis site, Inraptured. The subject was about a new technology device that could be worn to enhance the effects of hypnosis by sending electrical impulses to specific areas of the subject’s brain. There were only a couple of replies and not much else noteworthy beyond the original idea. Although that didn’t stop me from daydream about what Goddess Haylee might be … Continue reading

Daydream of Haylee

I started to write one thing and actually got a couple paragraphs in before I decided that I should write about something completely different. As I sat down to write, I lit my wonderful vanilla candle. This candle is very important to me because Goddess Haylee suggested I get it, and it produces such a delicious vanilla scent. I have been burning it every night since I got it. There … Continue reading

Deeply Hypnotized by Goddess Haylee

The Final Fantasy

I was deeply hypnotized by Goddess Haylee for the first time four weeks ago tonight. At the time I didn’t even fully realize how deeply She had affected me. It was on that night when I came across Her “Thoughts Washed Away” video on Youtube. I found the title irresistible and I just had to watch for a few minutes. It all seemed much shorter than I realized and so … Continue reading

Meditations of Haylee

Love of the Human Kind

Meditations of Haylee By blissdesires Dedicated to and presented with love to my Goddess Haylee flame weaves a dance exotic harmony with whispers rhythmic curves and edges of lives past spent soft and smooth upon Her influence eyes peek from the outside in not a blink in their stare drawing closer ever closer fading to vivid dream devine heart flutters ever changing answering the call so pure emotion is devotion … Continue reading

Comments on Narnia – The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

    Comments on Narnia – The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe I enjoyed your post Foreverslave. I started to write a comment but realized I was becoming a bit long winded and going off on a tangent, so decided best to make a regular post. I thought it was an interesting comparison. I have never read any of the Narnia books nor experienced any of the media. However … Continue reading