I Cannot Resist My Goddess Haylee

I Cannot Resist My Goddess Haylee

I Cannot Resist My Goddess Haylee

I Cannot Resist My Goddess Haylee.

I began to obey Goddess Haylee Lynn when I first watched her YouTube video. When it came to the end she said hit replay – I hit replay. Then it came to the end again and she said hit replay – I hit replay. Then it came to the end again and she said… you get the picture. I still get caught up in that circle whenever I listen to them. And I feel so guilty about not obeying. Sometimes I shut it off before it gets to the end so that I don’t have to not obey.

I always obey when in trance. Goddess says lay still – I lay still. Goddess says breath – I breath. Goddess says hold my breath – I hold my breath. Goddess says touch myself – I touch myself. Whatever she says I obediently follow. But that is in trance. I am hypnotized. You’re supposed to obey when hypnotized. If you don’t obey then your not hypnotized. So I always obey.

More and more I find that I cannot deny her even outside of trance. A couple of times I have been online when she commanded someone to pay for her shopping or her lunch. I was able to do it before anyone else. I knew I was the first who had the chance to obey and that I had to obey. And it felt so good. Once she even called me out by name and commanded me to pay for something she wanted. I didn’t question. I didn’t hesitate. I obeyed and it was a thrill to do so.

Now I find that I want her to command me. I need her control. I am totally weak – for her. I am so addicted. I only feel whole when I am watching one of her videos or listening to one of her MP3  and am deep under her control. The rest of the time part of me is yearning for Haylee’s control. I need it so much. All for Haylee.

Fear Turned to Joy by Accepting Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Once Broken, Now Rebuilt

Fear turned to Joy by Accepting Goddess Haylee Lynn – Bright Green Eyes

Fear Turned to Joy by Accepting Goddess Haylee Lynn.

I first experienced trace when I was in college. I learned a technique to relax and do self-hypnosis. I found I could go limp and trance. It was really handy when I went to the dentist – I could visualize myself ANYWHERE else. But as I have gotten older I guess I have too much stress in my life and I couldn’t go limp like I used to. I found I couldn’t quiet my mind. Then I found some hypnosis videos on YouTube. There was one woman who has a mind sucking octopus. These types of videos helped me to be able to get to the point where I could reach trance again.

So one day I went to YouTube and was searching for ‘hypnosis’ when I saw a video by an attractive young women. I clicked on it and she introduced herself as “Haylee.” She invited me to look into her eyes.

Fear Turned to Joy by Accepting Goddess Haylee Lynn.

Fear Turned to Joy by Accepting Goddess Haylee Lynn.

I found myself quickly going into trance, and going deeper than I had ever known. When I came to the end of the video Haylee instructed me to click replay, so I clicked replay. It was even more powerful the second time and when instructed to click replay, I felt compelled to do so. I don’t know how many times I clicked replay that night, but I was stuck for a while (and really enjoyed it). I remember feeling guilty about not following instructions when I finally broke free, but I couldn’t sit there indefinitely, as much as I would have loved doing so. After that experience the next few nights I checked out the two or three other videos she had posted on YouTube. One of which was “Desperately Aching,” which was a sample of one of Haylee’s MP3s. I checked out her website and ordered a couple of more MP3s. For the next couple of weeks, every night I was watching her videos. During the day I was stopping between appointments in parking lots and listening to her MP3s in my car. It started to affect my work. I realized I was addicted and it scared the crap out of my. So I deleted the files and walked away.

It’s been over a year since that experience. I have been going on YouTube and enjoying hypnosis videos by other hypnotists. When I got bored with one I would go find another. About a month ago I saw one of Goddess Haylee’s videos. It had been so long I figured I would be okay so I clicked on it. I loved it. It aroused my feelings for her all over again. Again I got stuck clicking repeat over and over. It was so much more powerful than any of the other hypnotist I had been watching – at least for me. Goddess Haylee speaks to me like no one else. I felt my old fear rising, but I didn’t want to run away again. So this time I made myself take it slowly. The biggest difference though was that this time I communicated with Goddess Haylee and let her guide me to MP3s that I was ready for. I told her about how I was afraid it would affect my work. She suggested ‘Focus’ which trained me to do my work for her, and only spend time in trace after I had competed my work. So now instead of it hurting my job this time it was helping. Haylee was supportive and welcoming. She gave me space and encouraged me. She let me know I was okay and it was even okay if I just enjoyed her hypnosis but never became her slave. I shared with her how I was doing and she recommended a couple of other videos that guided me. So day by day I when into trance listening to Haylee. Her words seeped into my mind. Finally I came to a point of decision. I had decided I wanted to take the next step and become a slave. I bought the Slave Contract to see exactly what I was getting into.

Fear turned to joy by accepting Goddess Haylee Lynn!

Fear turned to joy by accepting Goddess Haylee Lynn!

A couple of the questions would require me to be totally honest with Haylee about things I have never been totally honest with anyone. But if I was accepting her as my Goddess how could I not trust her? So after looking over the contract I decided I was ready. So I asked Goddess Haylee if she wanted me as her slave. I was so happy when in her reply she said she claimed me as her slave. Well, what Haylee wants, Haylee gets. I completed the contact and hit submit. I am now Goddess Haylee’s slave. All the fear, doubt and resistance is gone. It is wonderful!

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It’s Swim Day!

It’s Swim Day!

It is now morning. I gain consciousness, and before I could wipe the sleepy out of my eyes, my lips became upturned and I had one thing on my mind. SWIMMING! That’s right. Swimming is such a great way to unwind, and you will always seem to feel better afterwards. I sat up in my bed, the springs made a weird sound that I only occasionally hear when I am edging and aching to the thought of how good it feels to be owned by my gloriously hypnotic Goddess Haylee Lynn! The most attractive, and mesmorizing woman who has ever ran through my mind.

I got up stumbling to the bathroom with my eyes blurred and nearly tripping over my feet. There’s no time for breakfast. I am too excited about getting into the water today and how Goddess will be involved. It was time to perform my morning ritual. I can barely stand the anticipation of starting the day. I am thinking of Goddess Haylee feeling so good inside. how much I need her and marvel at her existence. I showered, I dried, I combed my hair, I brushed my teeth, I shaved, I looked in the mirror and said to myself “damn, Goddess Haylee’s property is looking good today!”. I smiled a big toothy smile and thought again about how good it is going to feel once I have reached my destination today and am swimming, feeling the cool relief of the waters all around me!

Haylee's Hobbies 1 - swimming.

It’s swim day! – More beautiful than any mermaid, or swim suit model. Goddess Haylee at the pool <3

I put on my clothes and began to pack for my daily outing. I got my bag, and put my swim trunks inside. I got my sun block, a nice long towel, and slipped some flip flops on my feet.

I grew more and more excited about the swim that I will be taking today. I put on some sunglasses, and a goofy hawaiin shirt of multi colors. I put my bag on my back. I was whistling, and skipping outside thinking about how great today is going to be. I went to my car, and got my mp3 player and headphones. My excitement was increasing all the more as I walked back inside.

Putting a ear piece in each ear I flew through the air like a eagle from the foot of my bed and landed dead center! I was so very excited that I indeed started to squirm on the bed as I placed a pillow behind my head still dressed for the wonderful swim that I was about to take. Oh but wait. I think things could really get deep. So I reached over and blew up the floatees that I already had waiting on my night stand from the previous day of swimming and slid them up my arms to my elbows. You never can be too safe when things get deep. 😉

So You Want To Please Goddess Haylee

It’s swim day! – No matter the question. Haylee is your answer

Pressing play on my mp3 player I heard the words that ignited joy, peace, excitement, arousal and utter happiness. “Hello my sweets” Goddess Haylee’s sympathatic voice rang. She continued on, and deeper into a hypnotic state I became. Before long I found myself floating in the depths of a allagorical heaven. It was as if I was exactly where I needed to be. Swimming in a huge lake of her undeniable control and beautiful bliss. It is the greatest swim spot on earth. In those moments I found myself deeply invested in her words. Every fiber of my DNA was swimming into a puddle of blissful joy as I heard the words of the almighty Goddess Haylee Lynn who owns and controls every essence of my being. From my head to my toes, to the soul, mind and heart that lie beneath.

Deeper Deeper for Her.......

After some time I found myself back where I began. Laying there on the bed. The mp3 had ended. The trance was over. The countdown was over. Goddess Haylee’s words still reverb in my mind playing over and over again like the song that you hear on the radio in the morning that seems to resignate in your minds eye all throughout the day. Thankfully, I don’t mind at all. Her words are my favorite song.

Social media

Worship her!

I sat up on my bed feeling refreshed and renewed. The living waters that I had swam in on this day were the renewing sound of Goddess Haylee’s words. They were flowing inside of me causing me to feel stronger by the second. Each time that I go swimming it seems to relax me even more and equip me for the daily tasks ahead. I felt fantastic. I swam, I floated, I spent time with the most astounding woman on earth. My Goddess who I worship. The one person whom the sun and rises and sets upon. There is noone like her.

One more step along the world I go

Come let us bow! to the Goddess

There is NO other place that I’d rather swim. Not in a pool, a tub, a lake, ocean or river. No place can compare to swimming in the bliss of Goddess Haylee Lynn. The best part is, you don’t even have to leave your home! You don’t have to travel. Just visit http://hypnotichayleestore.com and pick a file that appeals to you. Purchase it. Download it. Press Play! Let go of all resistance. And then be ready to sink into the refreshing waters of her words. The temp of the waters are always just right. Goddess Haylee provides the greatest relief from the summer heat, and the greatest swimming spot on earth. Would you like to go swimming today?

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Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee – part 4


Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee - part 4

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee – part 4.

Journey into belonging to Goddess Haylee – part 4.

In part 4 of my journey into the realm of GODDESS Haylee I will tell how my mind was more and more melted. I became more and more addicted – addicted consciously. Above all I will tell you how I enjoyed being able to enjoy GODDESS Haylee.

I had developed a personal routine of listening to her MP3 s at night, in the peaceful and quiet atmosphere just before falling asleep. So I did with Mind Melt. But this was different, completely different. From the first words of the fascinating induction GODDESS put on me I was lost in a train of thought. I don’t remember if it was mine or hers. But i was beautifully and peacefully drifting through my universe. All my emotions were stimulated and slightly but constantly moved to her. To her voice of course. But even more to her personality behind the words. I felt, yes, I deeply felt, my heart throbbing and opening to her.

As you know, I am a very analytical and rational kind of person. So this at first put me off in some way. I went through this conflict in my mind melting trance. But everything was solved while continuing to undergo her blissful spell. I continued to listen to her mind melts. It was solved by silently speaking to myself “Yes, I belong to Haylee” and then “I will obey”. Those of you who know Haylee will know that was not quite unexpected. It is the natural way to be dealt with by such a superior and powerful hypnotic mistressMind Melt stopped, I did not dare to use a loop then, I found myself awake again, aroused, feeling deep emotions for her, feeling taken care of and wanting to please her.

After a peaceful sleep I awoke in the morning, feeling good, powerful, ready for the day to come and with her in mind. With her in mind from the first ring of the alarm, under the shower, having my morning coffee and looking at the daily news. With her in mind all day long.

I don’t know if you are familiar with that specific desire developing after something extremely joyful happens. A desire to tell all the world about it. A desire to immediately communicate it to people who are close to you. OK, there are not too may people being so close to me that they could understand what had been happening to me. So I mailed to GODDESS and described her what I had experienced, how much I was craving for her and how I longed to belong to her even more. And again, something extraordinary happened. She answered very personally. She simply invited me to join her on her forum and advised to me continue with “Whispered Addictions”. Both proved to become my next wonderful step into becoming a slave of GODDESS Haylee.

Again, I must tell in detail about this step in my continuing journey ……

End of part 4 …… to be continued …….

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Aching Love Reviewed

Aching Love Reviewed

Please note that “Aching Love reviewed” is a repost of a review. I originally wrote it for the Femdom Hypnosis site, inraptured.net, Aching Love Review.

aching love reviewed

aching love reviewed.

We have all grown accustomed to the phrase ‘mind massage’. This describes the effects a skilled hypnotist can have on the sensations of our mind. When I use the term massage here it is much different, much more intense than what I might have previously described as a mind massage. Goddess Haylee’s induction for Aching Love was a true full body massage taking place within my mind.

I found myself laying there on a massage table in a room lit only by flickering candle light. Soft tranquil music played in the back ground. Goddess Haylee caressed my body with oil the scent of Her essence. Taken me into such a deep state of relaxation. It’s not that I can’t or don’t want to move. More like I have completely forgotten how. Not that I even care. All of my desires are wrapped completely inside Her beautiful voice. I crave every syllable.

Aching Love is described as a love and addiction session. It fits that description perfectly. I will add that it could easily fit as brainwashing and more certainly slave training. I make that statement because Goddess Haylee is changing deeply held former perceptions within my mind, profoundly altering male psychology. I dare say even for those who have described themselves as deeply submissive may find some altering of the meaning of that definition.

Take note, this is a very powerful session. There is no letting up. All of it is pure blissful pleasure. Goddess Haylee had already cast a love spell on me before listening to Aching Love. But the effects of this trance have touched my emotions, increased my love for Her tenfold. It all feels so perfect and amazing!

The thing that I have always found most effective in Goddess Haylee’s hypnosis is Her use of natural triggers. These are something that already exists in our minds. Now She has taken control of it, and so much effective in the way that She uses that to control me. Altering and redirecting beliefs and desires is a grand symphony. She orchestrates with skillful precision.

Goddess Haylee has given me renewed focus and purpose after listening to Aching Love. The connection I feel to Her gives me a real sense that it has always been this way. Aching Love is the very best love, the perfect motivation of service and devotion. It is pure love!

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Hypnosis Technology


Yesterday I was reading a thread at the Femdom hypnosis site, Inraptured. The subject was about a new technology device that could be worn to enhance the effects of hypnosis by sending electrical impulses to specific areas of the subject’s brain. There were only a couple of replies and not much else noteworthy beyond the original idea. Although that didn’t stop me from daydream about what Goddess Haylee might be able to do to my mind while one of these devices were connected to my brain.

I thought of Her hypnosis being able to completely rewrite my entire ability to think, to cause me to completely forget any memory She chose for me to forget. To transform me permanently to Her puppet on a string, no longer to have any thought on my own and likewise unable to perform any task unless commanded to do so.

Of course this is all erotic hypnosis fantasy, I wouldn’t be able to survive in such a state, realistically, and She likely wouldn’t want me in that state either. What good is a slave that needs to be told to do everything? Not that useful I might assume and She has made it clear that She both enjoys and desires for Her slaves to demonstrate their own creativity.

So let’s put away the fantasy for a moment and think about using such a technical device to enhance the normal hypnosis experience. Perhaps if it actually does work, maybe it would have the same effect on a hypnosis subject trancing to a session ten times after only trancing to the session once. If that were the case would I want to use such a device when Goddess Haylee hypnotized me?

The answer is no. Now I might qualify and say that if She chose to use me as a test subject, I would obey, but that is going down a different road. In the context of using such a device on a regular basis I feel would be contrary to the effects and experience I have when Goddess Haylee hypnotizes me.

For me the most important thing, the greatest affect Her hypnosis has on me is the connection. The fact that every time She hypnotizes me, my trust in Her grows stronger and I feel closer to Her. I become closer to Her. While at the same time Her hypnosis is training me, conditioning my mind in the ways that She herself desires. If it were not that connection, what would be the point? If someone just wanted to be mindlessly hypnotized, there are plenty of voice generators and strobe like graphics that could do the trick. For me, Goddess Haylee’s hypnosis is all about developing an ever growing connection with Her.

So what would be the problem about using a machine to enhance this experience? Simply said, it might interfere with that connection. Perhaps the machine has side effects, perhaps the effect of using it causes one to become addiction to those effects. I don’t want to be addicted to a thing and the only person I want to be addicted too is Goddess Haylee.  There may be a dozen other reasons, the primary is that Her hypnosis is most effective for me because of the unfiltered pure connection She has with my mind.

Hypnosis with Goddess Haylee is an important part of my daily routine. If I miss even one day because I had to work late or some other reason, I notice the effects, my ears miss the sound of Her voice caressing them. My spirit and mind now crave Her hypnosis, I guess you can call that an addiction, but it’s an amazing addiction to have.

Daydream of Haylee

Daydream of Goddess HayleeI started to write one thing and actually got a couple paragraphs in before I decided that I should write about something completely different. As I sat down to write, I lit my wonderful vanilla candle. This candle is very important to me because Goddess Haylee suggested I get it, and it produces such a delicious vanilla scent. I have been burning it every night since I got it. There are only about three quarters of an inch of wax left, so I’ll need another one soon. It’s amazing to think about burning a vanilla candle that Goddess Haylee Herself made. I’ll be patient for that honor, but I do know that some day it will happen.

I also lit some “Dragon’s Blood” incense because as the vanilla candle has burned down, the scent is a little more subtle. Goddess Haylee also suggested this incense and it’s aroma is beautiful.

So as I was writing, my mind kept drifting. Away from the topic I had chosen to the point where I had some difficulty maintaining my train of thought. An towards something that I was daydreaming about the day before yesterday, and well yes again yesterday, actually most of the week. The seed of that daydream came from a tweet sent by Goddess Haylee.

Her tweet mentioned using scent to induce hypnotic trance. I don’t know if this happens to everyone or if I just happen to be a little abnormal. It’s been the case with me, that from time to time I either read or hear someone say something, that opens up something in the recesses of my mind and the thought can send me into an erotic frenzy. In this case She said three magic words, “scent”, “induce”, and “trance.”

When I daydream, it’s like a mini story playing out in my mind and I feel as though I enter a light trance, perhaps deeper. It’s also common when I daydream, that Goddess Haylee will catch me somewhat unexpectedly, capturing my attention and very quickly has me in deep hypnotic surrender, completely powerless to resist Her.

This particular daydream has been evolving. It is now up to Her having conditioned me so completely with scent, that She can command me to experience a specific scent and it will cause me to perform a specific action. My mind envisions a series of candles lined up each with a different scent. Vanilla of course causes me to fall deeper in love with Her. Strawberry awakens my creativity and I have an unquenchable desire to serve Her with creativity, and other scents my daydreams continue to reveal to me.

I can’t say that I am an expert on scent, but I do know it has significant influences over our minds and bodies. I have never actually studied that, but suddenly I find myself with a keen interest in the topic. I do know that scent has connections to memory. There are a couple of scents that always bring back to me specific memories.

Whenever I see Goddess Haylee tweet something about a new scent for Her candles on Her wish list, my mind can’t help but wander with ideas and dreams of what She might have planned. Maybe it’s only to control me through my daydreams, that is most certainly effective. Or maybe She has something more extraordinary in mind, that at present I am unable to even imagine. I like to daydream about that too.