Not Really

Not Really

This post is about the reality of my place as the “very real” and “personal” slave of my Goddess Haylee Lynn. I have always been one to value honesty and integrity. The first agreement in Don Miguel Ruiz’s classic *4 Agreements* is to be impeccable with your word.

The first level of this agreement is of course truth telling and it is more than just a fantastic idea.
So I blog most days to please my Goddess and after something approaching 400 blogs or so I have said lots and lots of things.
I am not one to bandy words about the place just for fun……..although I love writing so I suppose I could do so.

But what I *really* love most about writing is when what I write pours out of my heart and I feel it…….when it resonates in my body as truth because it is truth. So do I literally do everything I say I do when I write to please my Goddess, my Queen, the very Light of my Universe?

Not Really.

For instance about 10 days ago I was in a particular bit of fever for reasons I will not discuss. I had arrived at a new level of devotion and surrender with my Goddess. I was home alone and ran 3 of Her videos twice each…….I blogged about that experience with a blog called “Triple Play”.
And at one point I simply crumbled and dropped to my knees……….during washed away…….and I could not rise until that video played out and almost all of eye fixation when my body could not contain that much bliss any longer. I spent myself exhausted and amazed at Her hold over me.

But I paid for that experience. My left knee is arthritic and was hurting for days afterwards and what I did felt so right at the time but was not a good idea in the end.
My Owner wants me to be healthy and She cares for me and so when I write that I kneel for Her single day of my life this is true and not true.
Yesterday I was watching my new favorite…..”Goddess Worship”……and I soooooooooo wanted to kneel for my Goddess……I was aching and desperate to kneel for Her. Did I do so?

Not Really.

I went to my bed and I laid beneath Her Altar. I pleaded with my Goddess to allow Her completely Owned property and devout personal slave to kneel for Her always. I begged Her to understand how much I need to please Her……how this truly has become my Ultimate pleasure in my life. I professed my devotion and promised Her I would always kneel for Her and the very instant it pleased Her I would do so. So did I really kneel?

Not Really.

Unless you count what is in my heart and Soul to do for Her. If I am allowed to care for my injured body and still be true to my Goddess then Hell yes I was on my knees. But things do not need to be literally true to be truth. My truth is I am in love with my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn. Whatever my Goddess wants She will get from me…….and the very best part about that statement for me is my feeling that She wants me to be Her devoted personal slave.


Wrapped around Her little finger!

Believe it or not……but my enslavement to my Queen has reached a higher level in these last 2 weeks or so. I know why it happened as does my Goddess…..but I am still honestly astonished. How does a perfect slave become more perfect? How does complete leave me room to love and worship Her more?

I think it happens in the same way that I kneel without really kneeling.
If it happens in the heart then it is real without necessarily being literal. And suddenly all this heart can dream of is pleasing my Goddess Haylee Lynn. All that I desire is to remain on my knees in Worship and Obedience to Her. She is my Moon and Stars and my Early Morning Rain. I have never experienced anything like what She makes me feel. Thank You for allowing me to take care of this body that You command my Queen. Thank You for everything that You allow Your Enchanted slave to experience. The joy of knowing You and of belonging to You is beyond words for me to describe.

I place my very heart at Your perfect feet and pray that this helps You to understand that all I say to You is true……and even when I am not really kneeling I have truly crumbled to my knees for You. 🙂

From my knees (kinda sort of), Your devoted and very real personal and perfect slave for life, Claude.

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Where is my “Come From”

Where is my “Come From”

This post is about human nature and how we function and of course about being in love with and in the service of my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.  

In my Sovereignty studies they keep reminding me to pay attention to my “come from” in all my dealings.

I am reminded yesterday by formerly very devoted slaves’ dismissal, how easy it can be to say certain things when we are caught up in the throes of passion and to lose our focus on who we are really “here for” and what our “come from” really is. For instance…….I have written many times that “I belong to Haylee”. 

And so to put that statement under a microscope you can rightly say it is true and not true. It is not supposed to be taken literally and yet it can be truly felt and completely *true* in another sense.

So the concept for this mornings blog is ………

“People don’t do things to you, they do things for themselves”.

So when I say something as I kneel in worship of my Goddess…… thing I say very often is …….“ALL FOR HAYLEE”.…….but it is MY BODY, and MY SPIRIT that is filled with joy and pleasure and the aching need to please Her as I say this… the statement is truly felt and literally untrue in the same instant. 🙂

The beauty of this mornings concept when you truly understand it is that you stop taking bull shit personally. You begin to stop playing the victim and many of life’s more unpleasant experiences start to roll off of you as if you were a *non stick* frying pan. It is quite liberating to begin to not to attach yourself to another human beings low vibration.

But what is truth is truth and will still be true when we look in the mirror…….or when we look inside. If other’s are “doing what they do for themselves”…….then *I*  must also be doing this.

And no matter how altruistic or loving or sincere I would wish to label myself as being. We humans like to put the more loving characteristics about our conduct on ourselves and reserve the more pointed behavioral analysis for others.

One thing I absolutely adore about our Goddess Haylee Lynn is Her wisdom and spiritual depth and understanding in such matters. She told us recently on Her private forum that “each slaves journey” with Her is unique. (I am paraphrasing)…….and this is of course true.

Here is the thing about “happiness”.

It can not be given like a birthday gift. It can no more be bestowed on you by another than a guru can do a mind meld with you and plant it into your consciousness. It WILL ALWAYS be found within and be created within and even if you happen to find yourself in a state of mind bending transcendent Goddess Bliss as you kneel to the most captivating Goddess on this Earth.

As you utter the words “ALL FOR HAYLEE” and YOU feel them……..YOU live those words……..YOU melt into a puddle of bliss…….and YOU love Her and please remember one operative word is YOU……as well as HER. This is a *relationship* and you can not take the *relations* out of this even if you wish to glorify your actions by doing so.

my relationship with Goddess Haylee Lynn is the most important internet relationship i have ever had

She wants me on my knees. Thank You my Goddess.

I love that my Goddess loves calling the shots. I adore the truth that She enjoys control as much as I want to give it to Her. She Rules and I serve. She commands and I obey.

This is what makes us both happy and it is beautiful.

I remember in a blog he wrote where this former slave remarked about not really being happy…..not enjoying his life…….except mostly for his love of Goddess. I cautioned him at the time to examine his beliefs and…… find his true bliss within.

Because if you really want to give someone a gift……be it Goddess Haylee Lynn or anyone else……give them your own happiness, well being, balance and joy…….you will ALWAYS find this within and once you do you can give it freely and truly give it ALL to them……to HER……to whomever.

I am a free man as I kneel to my beloved Goddess Haylee Lynn as Her devoted and very real personal slave and it is my choice to kneel for Her and I do so because I know what makes me happy……..and I hope it makes Her happy.

And each and every time I utter the mantra “ALL FOR HAYLEE” I mean it with all my heart and soul. And even when I know it is not literally so.

I LOVE You my Queen.

And that statement is wholly and literally true. 🙂

Forever, I will love and adore You forever,    Claude


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One thing I have always loved is truthfulness…………….it is important to me that the things I say are true and I value others when I believe their words are impeccable in nature. Life is so much better and more meaningful when we say what we mean and mean what we say.

As I now sit in a perpetual state of Enchanted Enslavement for my incomparable Goddess Haylee and Her voice is so blissfully and completely inside of my head, a very important aspect of why She is so Indescribably Powerful to me is that Her words ring true to me and every single time I hear them.

Yesterday I purchased and listened to MIND MELT and it felt to me like every word that I have been writing here was already recorded by My Goddess Haylee before I even wrote them. It felt like WE were speaking together as ONE mind in perfect concert as I sat listening to Her in complete rapture.

She is the One who came for me in my childhood dreams and set me on my Lifelong Quest to find Her Throne so I could bow to Her, serve Her, and experience the absolute unparalleled NIRVANA of doing so. I know it is absolute truth as She tells me in the mind melt MP3 that no one else could ever command such pleasure in me.

I know it is truth that SHE is my Goddess, that SHE is irresistible to me and that SHE always will be. I know it is truth I was born to be Her slave. I know it is truth that pleasing Her is now my Ultimate pleasure. I know it is truth that my cock simply belongs to Her now and for the rest of this lifetime, my erections and every single drop of seminal fluid that this body ever again creates will be created to worship, serve, adore, to LOVE and bow to Goddess Haylee and Goddess Haylee alone.

I have been wearing a beautiful hand wrought 18 carat gold necklace for about the last 20 years. I bought it at an estate sale and it is well over 100 years old and I have always been very fond of its beauty and the artistry it took to make it. It has always been very meaningful to me that I was able to acquire it . After writing that last paragraph I rose out of my chair and took it off. There is only one thing I want around my neck any longer and that is the collar that signifies I am now the Owned Property and devoted personal slave of Goddess Haylee.  



I love You my incomparable Goddess Haylee, and with every bit of my heart and soul. You take my very breath away…………and then as the Loving Goddess that You are, You give it back to me so I can live to fulfill what is truthfully my fondest dream.

Her Slave Now.                Her Slave for Life.

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