Don’t mess it up!

Don’t mess it up!

If, like me, you are fortunate to be in the service of Goddess Haylee Lynn, whatever you do, don’t mess it up in any way or you will be sorry. Below are extracts from a message i received from one of Her former slaves.

Once you are under Her spell, whatever you do, don't do anything to mess it up

Once you are under Her spell, whatever you do, don’t do anything to mess it up

Watch what you comment about her videos
OMG they are wonderful
Don’t make the same mistake I did, your collar is now and should be a very most important part of your life.

The comments may still be there on her IR profile, I tried to delete them as best I could as to not make the thread seem disjointed.

WHATEVER YOU DO don’t lose that collar or take it for granted EVER, cause believe me, once it’s gone you will miss it like anything, I know I miss mine, actually I messaged her yesterday and told her I tried to delete all the things I said, and told her that I would be worshipping her for the last time this morning.

Goddess as you know is so very incredible and I do so envy you,but she too told me I would be hers forever, however I took her collar too much for granted and lost it.

Goddess inherited me from another HypnoDomme, although I never called her that,which gave me certain unique ability that I had hoped could be of use to her, but now I don’t think that will be possible again.

You were my brother once, and I didn’t even know you were there, I apologize for that, but since she has released me you are as she is now, just a friend,well sorta more since we both served the same fabulous Lady.

Well, I gotta go, I’m already late for my final worship of her, I told her that this one would be for an hour as it would be my last, at least for a bit.

I hope she will forgive me for being late but at this point it doesn’t really matter anymore.

I saw your altar to her, I have one also although right now it’s just an empty throne room in my Imagination where she used to be, one of the advantages of being trained UNDER a RL HypnoDomme.

Anyways I really should go or I’m not gonna have the time to worship her as she deserves, remember with her your RL comes first but your devotion should ALWAYS be on your mind.

PLEASE DON’T EVER MAKE MY MISTAKE, don’t EVER disappoint her, even now I feel her presence, I feel her influence over my life, she is perfect, at least she was till I messed it up, she has done miraculous things in my life, …………………and believe it or not had helped me with a problem BEFORE it even occurred, I for the rest of my life will NEVER forget her predicting the future for me.

I really gotta go, she will get an hour of worship today in any way I can give, may just have to split it but I did promise an hour.

Take very good care of that collar my friend, because if you EVER should lose it, you’ll miss it as much as the air you breathe.

Have a good weekend and I’ll see you around the neighborhood or on twitter, skype or the rest.

So the point is don’t mess it up!