The Princess and The Werewolf Part 2 The plan

The Princess and The Werewolf Part 2 The Plan

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As the Prince gave the dagger to the assassin to kill Princess Haylee, the dagger flopped in his hand. It became useless. Astonished they decided the assassin would shoot her with his cross bow. That too seemed to suddenly be old and full of woodworm, when they picked it up. “How could this be?” they wondered.

The answer is simple. Goddess Haylee is a very shrewd judge of character. She could tell that the Prince’s lust for her had turned to hate. She had therefore cast a spell, so that any weapon he tried to use against her would become useless.

They therefore concocted a devilish new plan to kill her. They knew that she was going to hold one of her great banquets. She was hiring extra staff who would aid her slaves in preparing the banquet. The plan was that the assassin would pretend to be one of the extra members of staff. He would then get a chance to be near her food and to poison her.

This was a very dangerous plan. The spell of the Goddess only worked against obvious weapons of war such as bows and arrows, swords etc.

So the day came, and the assassin successfully sneaked his way into her castle. The castle was full. It was time for the great entrance of the Princess Haylee. She was carried into the great hall, in front of all her guests on a Sedan Chair.



The slave in front was her trusted slave “ForeverSlave of Haylee“. The one at the back was a young man. Although he was called “ApprenticeSlave” he had already serve the Princess for a considerable time. They were deeply under her wonderful hypnotic spell and would do virtually anything for her.

Over to you! What happens next??

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