My Hypnotic Words Are Pure Intoxication

My Hypnotic Words Are Pure Intoxication

hypnotic words

My hypnotic words are pure intoxication, and the power behind each word that I say only leaves you feeling more helpless, more weak, more obedient, more in love, more blissed out and eager and willing to serveworshipplease and obey me.

It is so natural for you to just allow yourself to become completely enthralled by my words, written or spoken, as if each and every one is put out there from me, directly to you. It is such a fulfilling, satisfying sensation for you to become hit with bliss from each word that you hear or read from me. Lingering on each word…each phrase….each syllable…even here now, you can almost hear my words softly being whispered to you…..enjoy…….sinking………..deeper…..blisss

It leaves you feeling a high like no other, an addiction so pure, so right, that forever simply isn’t long enough for you to serve me, and be mine. Forever is only a starting point, as myhypnotic words are reaching your subconscious mind, with ease, so naturally, each and every day, so you can feel me inside of you. You can feel my loving control, my power, my essence growing inside of you helping to mold you in to the best version of yourself, for I as your Goddess, deserve the best always.

So I want you to allow yourself to truly embrace and enjoy my hypnotic words. Enjoy becoming fully aware of the fact that even as you are relaxing there right now, reading these words, you can feel yourself starting to let go, as everything fades away around you, and you are just right here with me, with nothing else to do, or worry about besides what you are going to do next to really please me. You want so badly to please me, and you are allowing this want to become a need. Pleasing me feels so good, pleasing me makes you fall deeper, and the deeper you fall, the more obedient and open to me you become. The moreobedient and open to me that you become, the more pleasure you feel.

That’s it, you know that my hypnotic words feel so good, and it is going to feel even better when you start imagining yourself looking in to my eyes right now. Oh you just love my bright green hypnotic eyes, don’t you? You could stare into my eyes and allow several hours to feel as if only seconds have passed. Stare into my eyes, and get lost in them, only seeing yourself being led on a journey full of bliss. A journey that only I can guide you on, to help you find yourself . The best version of yourself. You may feel the bliss of fullysurrendering your all, and truly and honestly devoting and dedicating yourself to me. Living each moment that passes in dedication to me. You are mine.

Whispering to you, so personal, so close, your body begins to tingle from my words. You hear my voice so clearly now, as I am speaking only to you. You belong to meYou are mine, and you will do whatever it takes to please me. Ohh this feels so good doesn’t it? You never want it to end. It does not have to. All you have to do is continue to embrace this life as being the best for me, each and every single day, and the bliss will only continue to grow, and get stronger. Feel me. Ache for me. Need me. Worship me. Bliss.


Goddess Haylee




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