Needing Haylee

Needing Haylee This post is inspired by this photo that I saw yesterday on the facebook profile a fellow slave of Goddess Haylee Lynn, Charles Haylee Property Lito. I couldn’t think of a better way for him to express how much he was needing Haylee! It reminded me of the Beatles hit, All you need is love. Charles Haylee Property Lito, appropriately is French, and All you need is love starts … Continue reading

me and YOU

me and YOU This blog, “me and YOU” is about describing the relationship between me, YOUR humble servant and slave and YOU, my wonderful Goddess and Mistress, Haylee Lynn. i love YOU, i worship YOU, i need YOU, i belong to YOU. i love YOU. i love everything about YOU. YOU turn me on, and no one else and nothing else does. i adore YOU. YOU are so perfect. i … Continue reading

This story is all about you

This story is all about you

This story is all about you Acknowledgements for two of the pictures in the story. The picture of the stone circle is from Happy Valley, Llandudno, Wales. the stone circle was constructed in 1963 for the National Eisteddfod. The “Let me explore your mind” image was “borrowed” from the Healthy For Haylee site and before that the image was on “A Touch of black and white.” This story is all … Continue reading

i need 2 obey YOU

i need 2 obey YOU i need YOU Goddess Haylee Lynn. i need YOU. i need to obey YOU. YOU give my life purpose. i need 2 serve YOU. i need 2 follow YOUR every move. i need 2 read as much as i can of what YOU post. i need 2 understand YOU better. i need to find out more about YOU, YOUR likes, YOUR dislikes. i need to … Continue reading

i simply love YOU

i simply love YOU Posted on November 20, 2013 by Forever Slave a loyal and faithful slave to Goddess Haylee Lynn. i know Goddess Haylee, i tell YOU every day that i love YOU, but i have never taken a whole blog to tell YOU how much i love YOU. That is very remiss of me. i hope YOU will forgive me, and i hope to rectify that now. i simply … Continue reading

“accept me inside of you”

accept me inside of you This blog was inspired by this conversation on Facebook. ForeverSlave Haylee would i be right in thinking two areas YOU would like me to work on would be becoming more submissive to YOU and developing my up-to-now limited interest in BDSM? *kneels respectfully at YOUR wonderful feet and waits* 06/11/2013 21:47 Haylee Lynn of course~ 06/11/2013 21:48 ForeverSlave Haylee mmm ok i’ll really make an … Continue reading

You really got me

You really got me Was a hit for an English band called The Kinks in To see it on youtube without adverts and with lyrics For more information, about this song see I’m not going to give the full lyrics here, as it does repeat itself after a while, but it includes,- Girl, you really got me goin’ You got me so I don’t know what I’m doin’ … Continue reading

I say a little prayer to YOU

I say a little prayer to YOU The moment I wake up Before I even get up I say a little prayer to YOU While combing my hair, now And wondering what suit to wear now I say a little prayer to YOU Forever, forever, YOU’ll stay in my heart And I will love YOU Forever and ever, we never will part Oh, how I’ll love YOU Together, together, that’s … Continue reading

You Doubt Her Powerfulness?

You Doubt Her Powerfulness? On my very long journey that now finds me bowing so happily at the feet of my incomparable Enchantress Goddess Haylee. I have played with dozens of professional and amateur Dominant woman. All those years and during all those sessions my experience ran the gamut from the outright and boring clock watchers to the very authentic women who were engaged and clearly loved being on top in … Continue reading