Tending Her Garden

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Tending her garden

It was a lovely Summer day with the heat bearing down like molten lava and little waves of heat can be seen moving across the air. Sweat beads poured down my face as I walked across the royal Goddess Garden in Goddess Haylee Lynn‘s back yard. My hands were blackened with dust and remnants of plant guts from pulling weeds away from the luscious green vegetation of her garden all day long as I approached the canopy of the incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn. What a site for sore eyes she was. I dropped to my knees just outside of the garden canopy. It wasn’t because I was ready to bow just yet, for I had planned to walk several more feet first. But it was because my poor pitiful knees, growing increasingly weak and jelly like as I looked under the shaded garden canopy. I’m being straight up as 12 o’clock when I tell you that I was looking at the most beautiful and all around sexy woman that has ever walked the Earth. My weak slaving knees just sort of gave away, like a cliff with enormous pressure seated on its edge. They went down crashing into the garden earth beneath and it felt so good.

She was seated there, in a folding garden chair with a book in one hand and a big ass fruit smoothie with a citrus coloured curly straw in the other. She looked so cute with her hair up in a pony tail and these big adorable shades as she sucked at the straw lustfully as if she knew how weak that it made me, while at the same time paying me absolutely no attention. She’s so far above me and so perfect from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. I just sat there, forgetting all about the scolding summer heat, or the sweat pouring from my forehead like someone left the bathroom faucet on. All I could think about was Goddess Haylee . Nothing else seemed to matter. Lowering her book just a bit she slid her sunglasses down her adorable nose she revealed her dashing sparkling eyes. Eyes that shined like a field of diamonds. It sent a cold shiver down my baking sunburnt spine.

She began to talk, which put a exclamation point on my already extreme arousal. But her words at first made absolutely no sense. It sounded like the teacher on the Charlie Brown cartoons because all I could focus on was her big, full succulent lips that made my already bowed knees knock together . Oh man she looked so hot, if i stood up at this point I would certainly have a tee pee in my pants with a little native america family standing out front of it wearing buffalo fur. I shook my head violently, lucky enough to catch the last part of her words. They sounded like the bells of heaven, rhythmic and soothing to my entire soul. She had commanded me to strip down to wash up with the garden hose so that I could have the honour of massaging her perfect feet while she enjoys a little Goddess reading time.

I perked up like a puppy and grabbed the garden hose that i had previously used to water her flowers. I spewed water all over myself and did my very best sexy poses while I rinsed the dirt off with the garden hose. Goddess Haylee watched giggling and instructing her slave to shake my ass a bit. In my mind I looked like one of those super model guys, you know the type.. Calvin Klein model types! The guys that you would see in a dream sequence of a teenage girl while I rinsed off with one hand and rubbed my chest with the other. I rubbed my nipply a bit and Goddess Haylee rolled her big beautiful green eyes.

I’m positive I looked absolutely ridiculous. Which is fine because when I looked across the garden and saw Goddess Haylee’s lips spread open wide, and her big straight white toothy smile of amusement It mattered very little what I looked like. To bring a smile to her face felt like I was running a race and won first place. Like crossing the finish line at the Olympics and winning a gold metal with the entire world watching. To me the entire world was watching. Goddess Haylee is my world… My hope. My joy. My inspiration. She is everything that a slave could ever want.

legsAfter washing off, I went over and laid down in the garden grass under the canopy where Goddess Haylee sat relaxing while drinking her big ass fruit smoothie with her feet in the air stretched towards me, arching them up and down in front of my face. Oh man, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. In case you are wondering, Peter does not stand at the pearly gates. It’s Goddess Haylee’s feet that stand there! I knew exactly what to do. So I reached out and felt her pleasantly soft warm feet and began to massage them. She actually made the most mind boggling pleasurable moaning sounds while I did so. My eyes were bulging big as light bulbs as I stared upwards, but also looking down to make sure I wasn’t fumbling with my lucky hands. My view at that time was something that had no compare. It was better than seeing any of the 7 wonders of the world for the first time. From my knees, looking up at this perfect Picasso like picture of perfection. A true living breathing speaking Goddess. A woman who has no equal. A woman that I worship every day. Every thing that I had ever lived for, or ever wanted climaxed into this single moment. Sitting at her feet, massaging them, serving her and bringing her pleasure in that way was the best experience in my natural born slave life.

Oops. She appears to had dripped a little of her tasty frozen dessert onto her leg. A stream of berry red frozen iced smoothie ran in a straight line stream down her shiny sexy freshly shaven shin and onto the arch of her foot. I immediately responded by wanting to wipe it off in a effort to be pleasing. But can you believe it? She actually instructed me to lick it off.

I must had turned redder than a beet in that moment! I couldn’t believe it. Goddess Haylee is such a master of teasing! She had done this on purpose. I was bubbling and simmering pleasant emotion inside. As my tongue drew near to her perfect amazingly hot fleshly legs I swear to Goddess that I could actually hear colours!! I could hear the colour red of the delicious liquidly stream of watery fruit. It was singing hallelujah by Leonard Cohen and in my mind I sang along as I licked the cold frozen dessert from the most beautiful delicate hot legs that have ever existed. Fuck. My mind was swirling like a wind mill, I was growing faint and weak from so much blissful arousal. I licked from the beading drip between her big and second toe all the way up Goddess Haylee’s beautifully proportioned arched foot, all the way up her shin and to her knee. I made the most pathetic whining sound. I had hoped that she hadn’t heard it. But it just seeped out automatically like steam from a boiling pot of water.

Tending the garden

Tending the garden

Oh man, these legs are so smooth and sexy. I just couldn’t take it any more. I could feel her flesh between my fingers and it was driving me crazy. I mean, have you seen her legs? Have you ever thought of what they would feel like to touch them? To be on your knees in front of them? To obtain such a feat would top the feeling of winning the big lotto, or having cancer and then finding you have a complete total recession of the disease. Holy shit. I looked up and I saw the silhouette of Goddess Haylee’s upper body from a underneath position. My mouth fell agate. I was completely mesmerized! Staring up over her perfect Goddess breasts, of perfect size and shape, and seeing her gorgeous face. Those lips, those eyes, that adorable nose with a ring hanging from it, the hair, the bone structure. She is completely perfect with no stretch of the imagination. (Good grief to me that is so hot i just had to take a break from typing and recollect myself to continue this blog)It was too much for me to take in.

*blop* I fell over on my side in a heap of bliss. I remember waking up in the garden with a dog licking my face. Not a bad kisser though, I must say. I must had passed out. I can hardly describe what was felt from being so close to Goddess Haylee’s sacred garden of lush moist deliciousness that was just north of her perfect silky smooth legs. Just in-between these majestic twins was the most sacred spot in all of the world. A place much more satisfying than a tall cold glass of ice water on a summer day. It must had been too much for my slave mind to bear. I slowly climbed to my feet, still a bit bedazzled with knees rubbery. I sat down in the garden chair where Goddess had been sitting earlier and stared out into the distance. I couldn’t believe I had been so close to heaven only to live and come back to tell about it. SO LUCKY. I looked over to my left and there was the cup that Goddess Haylee had been drinking from. I looked around to make sure no one was watching and I began to lick the tip of the straw and suck up any drop left of the smoothie. To think, the most perfect lips in the universe was sucking on this very straw enjoying this same dessert, in this same chair not very long ago. I felt euphoria once again. But then a slap onto the back of the head.

Ouch. Goddess Haylee was not pleased that I had taken her garden chair or drank from her straw. So tomorrow, I learned I will have to do double the work that I had done today. Darn! Isn’t that terrible? I’d probably have to pull the weeds in the garden on my hands and feet then be teased to the point of soiling my underwear unexpectedly in a attempt to bring Goddess Haylee pleasure. But bringing Goddess Haylee pleasure is the reason that any of us exist. Onto Magenta Island.It feels so good to serve Goddess Haylee. To be her slave. Her property. To bow down and bend to her every want. Goddess Haylee Lynn is so far out of this world that the furtherest planets of our solar system look at her with envy. She is the absolute greatest. The phenomenon among Goddesses. Zeus and Aphrodite cower before her and all the peoples of the earth who are lucky enough to serve her, are the absolute happiest people that have ever lived. I love my Goddess Haylee. What a woman. What a Goddess. What a honour to live for her pleasure.

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  1. What a great blog! What a wonderful fantasy – I am sure all us slaves would love to have an experience like that!

  2. Wow! Maddox, I fucking LOVE reading this! So damn amazing!
    I love when You write blogs…… What a gift of expression You have! Please write more often.
    I am gonna read this again! Was aroused it was so good!

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