Terry Jones

Terry Jones

A work of fiction.

Please read Intruder first.

Haylee Lynn met an intruder in the middle of the night. She hypnotized him and turned him over to the police. Now read on!

It was in the middle of the afternoon, on the next day, and Haylee Lynn was just rising after the excitements of the previous night. Then she heard her phone go off. “Who could this be?” she asked herself as she answered with a friendly “Hello, Haylee Lynn her.”

“Hello Miss Lynn, this is Terry Jones from the Pennsylvania Police Department. I need to come and see you about the incident last night. Ideally I should come as soon as possible so that there is a little change as possible to the crime scene. Is now convenient Miss Lynn?”

“Why sure” replied the beautiful hypnotist.

“I’m on my way. See you soon.”

Soon Terry Jones was there, armed with notebook, and camera. Terry Jones was young and handsome. Haylee admired his uniform and equipment, especially his handcuffs. Mmmm a set of real police handcuffs would be such a good addition to her toys!

Terry Jones asked about the incident the previous night in great detail. He wanted to know exactly where the intruder was when she first saw him. He took copious notes and took photographs. Haylee Lynn really wondered if this level of detail was really necessary, but she decided to co-operate fully.

Eventually it got to the part where Haylee Lynn was standing on her chair. “Then I got my pendant out and hypnotized him with it.” She said. He replied “I’m sorry Miss Lynn I need more detail. I need to know exactly what you said and did.”

“OK, I got the pendant out and showed it to him like this. I said “See that? It’s pretty isn’t it?” Then i started swinging it back and forth like this, while I said “Look at this. This diamond has fascinating colours in it, if you swing it back and forth. Watch the diamond swing. If you watch really closely you will see all the colours in it. But you have to focus all your attention on it to see its full beauty. Listen to me, watch the pretty diamond swing back and forth and soon you will be able to see all the pretty colours. That is what makes this diamond special. That is what makes it valuable. Can you see the colours yet?”

Terry Jones

Haylee started swinging the crystal diamond pendant in front of Terry Jones

Terry Jones was standing exactly where the the intruder had been standing. As she demonstrated, he had stopped taking pictures or making notes. His eyes had been been watching the swinging the pendant and he had been listening intently to what she had been saying. He spoke again, but this time was voice was more monotone and slower. “I see, then what did you say?”

“Yes it can take time before you start to notice them. You have to just relax and open your mind if you want to see the colours. Don’t think about anything else, just listen very carefully to the sound of my voice and watch the pendant very closely. Look deep inside the pendant as it swings back and forth. Look at how shiny and beautiful my necklace is.  Just look at the necklace and feel your body becoming very relaxed and very heavy. Soon you will be relaxed enough to start to see the colours. Can you see the colours yet?”

“Yes, pretty colours” replied the young policeman, his voice even more monotone now..

Of course Goddess Haylee Lynn released that the officer was also falling into trance. Having him under her spell somehow appealed to her. Having her own personal policeman whenever she needed him could be so useful! Besides, she may be able to get her lovely hands on his handcuffs! So she continued to recount the induction of the previous evening, knowing that every word she spoke led Terry Jones deeper into trance.

“You see a small light inside my necklace and it is becoming brighter and brighter causing you to feel warm, comfortable and very sleepy. Your body is becoming more and more relaxed and you becoming sleepier and sleepier. It is the middle of the night, you really should be sleeping. You are so tired and heavy, I can see it in your eyes. Why don’t you sit in this chair and relax for a while?”

She got down for the chair and eased her subject into it, exactly as she had done the previous evening.

“That is better. You’ve now got the weight off your feet. Keep focusing on the pretty colours of my pendant as it swings back and forth, back and forth.”

She continued talking in her sweet, velvety voice, taking him all the way down.

She said “The colours are becoming bigger and bigger and you are falling deeper and deeper. Your eyes just cannot seem to stay open any longer and as the warmth from my necklace covers your body you feel your eyes closing, closing; so heavy now. When I count to three your eyes will shut tight, and you will be fast asleep.”

She counted to three and his eyes shut completely. She continued to weave her magic, softly telling him to sleep deeper and deeper as she gently stroked his hair and the sides of his face. She did the same progressive relaxation on him as the previous night. starting with his toes, she told him to curl up and then relax his toes. Then she moved onto his feet and gradually worked her way right up his body to his shoulders, and then down his arms to his hands. This time though, she continued up his body to his neck and his head, until he was completely under. She kept on and on until she was confident he was completely under and ready for programming.

“Right Terry Jones you are now completely under my hypnotic spell. You love being deeply hypnotized by me. Only I can make you feel this relaxed and this comfortable. You will find yourself visiting my website and buying my products. You will find yourself wanting to find out more about me. You will befriend me on Facebook. Do you understand Terry Jones?”

The hypnotized police officer grunted his assent. He was so deeply hypnotized to he struggled to get the word “yeh” out.

“Good. You are such a good boy. You are going to please me so much. Pleasing me will be your greatest pleasure. When you awake, you will not remember any of what I have been saying to you. You will offer to give me something, and what ever I ask for you will give me, do you understand?”

The man consented again.

“And any time I click my fingers and say the word “sleep” you will instantly fall back into this deep trance. Do you understand Terry Jones?”

Yet again he agreed.

“Good. OK. I’m going to wake you now on the count of three. You will realise that you have all the information you require. You will thank me and leave. 1 starting to come back a little. 2 open your eyes and stretch move yourself a little. 3 wide awake now!”

Terry Jones woke and looked around himself, slightly disorientated. He rose.

“Thank you Miss Lynn. I think I have got everything I need. You have been most helpful. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Those handcuffs look interesting.”

“Would you like them?”

“I’d love them!”

“Well you have them then. There are plenty more down at the station. You had better have the key for them too. Here you are. Well thank you again Miss Lynn, and if there is anything I can do for you, just contact me. I’d love to help you out. Here is my card.”

Haylee accepted the gifts and smiled sweetly at him, while thinking to herself “Another one under my spell!”

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