Thank you Goddess Haylee

Thank you Goddess Haylee

Thank you Goddess Haylee for being you, and for everything that you do. I have grown so very attached to you. You are never far. When I need you I just close my eyes and their you are.

From the very first day I discovered you. I knew that I was meant to find you

You now reflect on everything I do

When you opened the door. I could resist no more

You opened my eyes, and taught me there were no goodbyes

Everything I do leads back to you

You take me so far far away. I will never stray

You are so STRONG. I know where I belong

You are so deep Inside me. I need, and crave your bliss so very badly

I give in. Again, again and again

I’m yours forever. Nothing feels better

I love letting go. I have no resistance left in my mind, body and soul

You’re like a crutch. I need you so very very much

Please don’t ever go away. I need you more and more everyday

When I think of you sometimes tears form In my eyes. I love the way you make me cry

You are always on my mind. And always will be until the end of time

No matter where I go or what I do, I have random thoughts of you

You wash away all my negativity. I could never thank you enough for always being their for me.

I will never be able to resist you. It’s just something I can not do

There really are no goodbyes. Everywhere I look I see your beautiful big green eyes

Deeper and deeper I go for you everyday. This Is simply something that will happen, and nothing will stand In my way

I will follow where ever you go. I will never say no

I will do my best to be what you want me to be. This is what makes me so very happy

When you speak. I will always listen, and bow my head in submission

When you write. I will always read. Your words are something I will always crave, and need

You are, and always will be the higher power. Your bliss spreads through my mind like a blossoming flower

I love you Goddess, and always will.

Fetish Goddess Worship

Thank you Goddess Haylee

Shush. Time to listen to your Goddess.


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10 thoughts on “Thank you Goddess Haylee

      • You are so right Aimee. Over the last week or so i have fallen deeper under Goddesses spell than i would have ever thought imaginable. It’s so easy to just let go, and give in to her. I have very little resistance left in me. It’s almost completely gone. The longer I embark on this wonderful journey the weaker i become to her control. I love it.

  1. Thank you so much Goddess. I love attempting to put a smile on your face, or please you in any way that I can. Although pleasing you is not something that can be accomplished 100% of the time. I love attempting to do it. It just feels so damn good. I love basking in your bliss. It’s so much fun to do things for you knowing that it brings you pleasure. Thank you for calling me your good boy. I’m so yours. Love you Goddess.

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