The Hypnotized Robot

The Hypnotized Robot

The Hypnotized Robot is a light-hearted story for April 1st. It is a work of fiction.

Christopher woke bright and breezy. He was so glad he lived in the same time zone as his Goddess, Haylee Lynn. This meant that, unlike some of her other slaves, he rose about the same time as her and retired at a similar time. He ate breakfast while his old computer was warming up. He was not disappointed. She was on-line. He had the morning off. He messaged her. She messaged back. She was free that morning too. He paid for an on-line session with her.

“What do you want this morning my sweet?” she asked him.

“I want you to turn me into a hypnotized robot.” He answered.

“No problem, I can easily do that”, she replied.

The beautiful hypnotist got him to put his webcam on, so that she could see exactly how he was responding to her suggestions, and once again, she put him deeply under. She is a Master Hypnotist and he is a good subject, and it didn’t take her long to have him in a deep trance. She knew that she had almost complete control over him and she loved the feeling. On the webcam she could see a cardboard box. She had an idea. She knew that he had eaten and wouldn’t need to eat or drink for a while. She also knew that he lived in a city and didn’t know any of his neighbours, and they didn’t know him. She also knew that he was a bit of an exhibitionist. She asked him to make two holes for his eyes, and colour them with a marker pen. Then she asked him to put the box on his head. He was a hypnotized robot now.

Hypnotized robot.

Hypnotized robot.

She decided to have some fun with him, and at the same time, he may recruit new followers. She told him that he must leave his flat for at least an hour. He must speak to as many people as possible. If anyone asked about the box he must say “I have been deeply hypnotized by an on-line hypnotist, Haylee Lynn, that is H-A-Y-L-double E, L-Y-double N. Why don’t you search on-line for her yourself too?” Under no circumstances must he remove the box from his head. He must report back to her afterwards.

He went outside. Before he could do anything he thought, he needed money. He went to his bank. There was a long queue for the single cash dispenser, so he decided to go inside. He glanced at a notice which read “Please remove crash helmets before entering the bank.” What of it he thought? “I am not wearing a crash helmet, I am wearing a box, and I have to as I am a hypnotized robot of Haylee Lynn.

He walked into the bank. It was old, large and grand, with a huge circular space in the middle. He started crossing the floor to speak to one of the tellers to get money. All of a sudden there was an alarm and a security man ran at him and did a rugby tackle on him. Christopher hadn’t a clue what was happening. His main concern was that the box remained on his head, as it did. The security guard was the first to speak.

“What do you think you are doing buster?”

“I just need to get some money out.”

“And what is with the box on your head?”

“I have been deeply hypnotized by an on-line hypnotist, Haylee Lynn, that is H-A-Y-L-double E, L-Y-double N. Why don’t you search on-line for her yourself too?”

“I think I’ll do just that!”

The security guard led him into an office and did an internet search. Happy that there was an internet hypnotist by the name of Haylee Lynn, he escorted Christopher to the door and let him go. He ended up getting money from the cash dispenser after all. In the queue he had to explain to other customers why he was wearing the box. After that he took a bus ride, explaining to the driver and some passengers why he was wearing the box. He walked home. Finally he arrived back at his flat. He told Haylee what he had been doing. She asked him to write it up in a blog. I hope you like the report!

Your hypnotized robot,


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