The “I love Haylee” Television Show

The “I love Haylee” Television Show

A work of Fiction

Acknowledgement: I would like to thank Eric Draven Rayne for producing the pictures which inspired this blog.

“I love Haylee” was one of the longest running and successful situation comedies on television ever, being popular on both sides of the Atlantic, and indeed, worldwide. It starred the beautiful, adorable, Haylee Lynn, played by herself, and her husband Bruce, who was her real life husband as well as her on-screen partner.

I love Haylee TV show

I love Haylee Television show

The television programmes were written by a team of writers, Forever, Claude, John David, Eric, Maddox, Terry Jones and Princess Indigo being just a few.

Amongst the fans was Eric Draven Rayne, who could – and did – sit for hours in front of his television, admiring his Goddess.

I love Haylee TV show

I love Haylee Television show

Most of the humour involved her hapless slaves, the scraps they got themselves into, and the kind-hearted Haylee, sometimes using her hypnosis and/or magick skills to save the situation.

Amongst Eric’s favourite episodes was the one where the ever-fit and healthy grateful4haylee appears with a surfboard sticking out under his arm. He keeps turning round. Haylee skilfully ducks to avoid getting hit by it, but he keeps accidentally hitting fellow slaves. As he turns to apologise, Haylee ducks again, and he accidentally hits another one. Vintgate stuff!

Or there is the one of her slaves, Servile Wayfarer, is a truck driver. He picks up a young lady who also happens to be a lady hypnotist. She tries unsuccessfully to steal him away from Haylee. Haylee and her end up in a situation when they are both trying to hypnotize each other. “No my dear, it is not I, but you who is feeling sleepy, your eyes are getting heavier and heavier…”

And who can forget the episode, when one of her slaves, Claude, is so desperate to see her that he arranges for him to be put in a large cardboard box and sent to Haylee’s PO box address. The poor boy nearly suffocates inside that box!

But Eric’s favourite, is the one involving John David. He is trying to change the oil in his fire engine, and is working in a pit below it. He and his big strong firemen colleagues in their dirty overalls, are trying to undo a large nut, with big spanners etc. They just can’t get it to shift. Then along comes sweet little Haylee looking lovelier than ever in he colourful, thin summer dress and bipperty-bopperty hat. “You see my sweet, you are just approaching it from the wrong angle, here, let me show you.” And with that she gives the nut a little twist and loosens it. “Thank you Goddess”. “You are most welcome my sweet slave.” Then, as she is walking away, he is gazing at her, not really thinking of what he is doing, as he undoes the nut further and gets covered in oil!

But Eric’s favourite part of all, was the end of each episode. Here, she would just be by herself, looking straight into the camera. Eric would look back at her, looking deep into her eyes. It was almost as if she was talking just to him and no one else, as she said “Thank you for watching me and my little show tonight. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. But now it is time for me to go, and it is time for you to go to bed. So when the credits finish, you will turn off the television, go to bed and dream of me. Goodnight my sweet, sleep well, you are such a good boy!”

With that Eric would always turn off the television and go to bed, feeling so blissful, happy and relaxed.

And you too, dear reader, can feel these blissful, happy, relaxed, feelings. Just surrender to Haylee Lynn. Start watching her youtube videos. Fall under her spell and start to feel the bliss for yourself.

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