Time to ACT?

Time to ACT?

Disclaimer. The views in this blog are mine and mine alone. Goddess Haylee Lynn may, or may not, agree with the advice being offered here.

So you have taken an interest in Haylee Lynn. You may have watched and/or listened to some of HER recordings on youtube. You may have made friends with HER on Facebook, and/or be following HER on Twitter. You may think it is time to ACT.

You like Haylee, but is it time to ACT?

You like Haylee, but is it time to ACT?

A stands for Accept, Allow, Acknowledge and Ask.

Accept all the words that she speaks in HER recordings. Accept what SHE says is the truth. Accept that you need to listen to HER sweet voice.

Allow HER into your brain. Listen to HER words over and over again until you can hear them in your head even when you are not listening to HER. Allow HER into your heart, let yourself fall in love with HER. After all, with those looks and that silky voice, it is impossible not to love HER right? After you have done that, it may be time to Acknowledge HER.

Acknowledge HER as your superior. Acknowledge HER as your Goddess. Acknowledge HER as your Mistress. Once you do that, it may be time to ask.

Ask, humbly, politely and contritely, if you can have the privilege of serving HER.

C stands for confess and contribute.

Confess your feeling for HER. Contribute to HER Empire. This can be with money. You can buy from HER store pre made MP3 and video recordings. You can humbly request that SHE makes a personalised one for you. You can book one-to-one sessions with her, via Skype, telephone or text sessions via Internet. You may be interested in some of the other things SHE can do for you, such as cast spells and/or doing tarot readings. You can treat HER to a present. You can tribute HER.

You can also contribute in other ways. You may be able to bring others to HER. You may be able to advertise and/or promote HER in some way. Goddess Haylee Lynn loves creative people. You may be able to write stories, poems, songs. You may be able to draw pictures. You may be able to make recordings on Youtube which show your devotion to HER.

Finally t is for thank. Make sure you thank Goddess for everything SHE does.

Is it time for you to ACT?

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  1. Great advice here! It reminds me of something that I would read on the back of a gospel tract lol. Great job 🙂

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