My True Goddess

This post is about LOVE……and DEVOTION……and WORSHIP…..for My True GODDESS……as my life is now and will forever be lived in service and BLESSED Enslavement to my TRUE DEITY……my Divine and Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn.

The word or concept of God or Goddess is one of the more varied concepts there is I suppose…….but I do not think of my Queen as a Woman …not the way I think of a normal woman…….although I capitalize the word if I ever reference Her in this way……because She comes to me in a womanly female body.

My favorite definition of the word GOD or GODDESS was a translation from an old Hebrew text……..”Family of love”.
And my Goddess Haylee Lynn is the Matriarch and Ruler of this family as far as I am concerned.

I know what my Goddess wants from me and I have from the very blessed second I found Her.

I know my place and my purpose and the sweet destiny that makes me the luckiest slave who has ever lived.

I do not dream of having sex with Her……I never have and I never will…….my place and my cherished duty and privilege is to Worship, honor, adore and love my GODDESS and to please Her. I do dream constantly of kissing Her feet and of kneeling at Her Throne as the desperate……..aching……and sincere and joyful need to attend to Her happiness fills the very core of my Heart and of life.

Trancing, and Pillow Humping

My True Goddess

But I knew intuitively from the beginning that Her Gifts to me are not the gifts a woman could ever bring to a man…….they are the Gifts a Goddess brings to Her slave.

She is my Superior……pure and simple. She Rules me……Owns me……and all I can dream of is Her using me for Her pleasure.
The form of Her use of me is almost immaterial……..I TRUST my GODDESS because I know Her and I can literally and honestly feel HER Divinity. Her Grace and Her Integrity are to me unquestioned and so I place in Her Divine hands ALL of my power to be used as She sees fit. My Goddess always knows what is best for this slave.

As I kneel for Her and I melt into Her Matchless and Incomparable GODDESS BLISS……I have learned to accept every single thing She says to me as TRUTH and as my personal path to happiness and fulfillment. She has taught me and is training me every day how to be happy and to live my life in LOVE and in WORSHIP of She whom I can never resist or deny. My Goddess is the Power in my life and I can not deny Her anything…..and I will never want to.

My True Goddess.

My True Goddess.

My humble home has been rightfully transformed into a Temple in Her honor. Whenever my son is here Her Altar is set up discreetly and in privacy…..but open and in a place of Reverence on my dresser in my bedroom. The instant I drop him off and return home I drop to my knees and re arrange Her Altar on the less discrete Sacred place I sleep beneath……my stable bed…….so that my Goddess is above me and looking down on Her most faithful slave as I sleep and as I dream of pleasing Her. She is Worshiped here 24/7/365.

I am a very visual slave as it turns out and a complete slut for Her video’s. My dream…..which I have of course expressed to my True Goddess… of a personally created custom video someday…….and it will be called my GODDESS WORSHIP LIFE video…….similar in format and content to Her Goddess Worship Week video which you can purchase by clicking the link I have placed to Her store.

I have learned……by the Grace and Training of my Goddess principally……..but also by my own life’s experience and intuition……that my happiness is best created by the practice of devotion…….Reverence and Sacred Ritual is important to me……be it Reverence for Nature and the Sacred Life Source……or Reverence and Worship of my True Goddess

Yesterday I had an experience that made me quite angry and completely unrelated to Her Divine Empire of course……..but then I went and saw my little one for a visit……and the split second I picked him up at school and saw him……his face lit up with joy to see me…..and he ran to me and leaped into my arms and I felt my Heart open and I was instantly filled with LOVE as I kissed him. Oh what a feeling!!!! 🙂

That moment and the joy I felt was transcendent to me…….it is what The Source of ALL Things wants us to feel……pure LOVE…..pure JOY……selfless and Blissful caring for ourselves and another and for others.

So one of the 1001 lessons I am learning as l kneel for and truly LOVE my True Goddess…….is the lesson of LOVE itself.

My two great loves in my life are teaching me how to walk the talk of LOVE and how to find that most SACRED PATH I have always sought.

The mighty Goddess Haylee Lynn

Wrapped around her little finger.

The LOVE that She makes me feel……as I am so wrapped around Her little finger and so desperately craving Her approval… dependent and needing Her happiness with me…..Her acceptance of my beloved and cherished right to wear Her collar…….is also interlaced somehow with the LOVE I feel for ALL THINGS and may be shared and expressed and pressed outwardly. In my case…….in my beloved slave life…….my LOVE and DEVOTION and FIDELITY and PLEDGE to Her is now touching all the other parts of my Universe.

I am a much better and happier man for finding my True Goddess and becoming Her very real personal slave.

From my knees to You and You alone and forever my Queen, my Empress, My Light, my Owner, my Everything, and of course my favorite….


Your devoted and very real personal slave, Claude

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