Unconditional Love for Goddess Haylee

This post is about loving and serving my Goddess and Queen without condition regarding my circumstance or my needs or my desires.


I have heard it said in spiritual circles that human beings are not really fully capable of unconditional love……….that even the most evolved among us can at best achieve *acceptance* and that there are aspects of being in human form that defy such a thing as unconditional love.

I definitely agree with that assessment. But just because we can not reach such a state as this…….or God head if you will……….it does not mean we should not reach for it. There is no such thing as the *mundane* until we consent to settle for it.


Life is beautiful, mysterious and unfathomable at its core to a human and I suspect strongly it is the same even to an Arch Angel or some other *higher* form of spiritual being.


So we should reach………and reach again………and if we tire then just find a way to refresh our spirit and reach some more. It seems to me to be the purpose of life to always be growing and not settling for goals that do not immerse themselves in the very heart of heaven itself.


So yes, I have fantastic dreams of my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn and the possibility of things we might someday share together.  


But there is something very powerful in the feeling that She has planted in me that my service is “All for Haylee”.………..it is one of those concepts that makes no sense and perfect sense at once somehow.

Of course since I am involved it is not really “All for Haylee”……..but as the blood pounds through my body and She takes me away on yet another thrilling ride into Her Hypnotic Bliss……..the thought echos.

The concept of kneeling at Her Throne…….of emptying myself of “All” but obedience and devotion to Her Pleasure creates the powerful illusion that my love for Her has but *one* condition.

One condition being as close as this human can come to unconditional.

And that condition becomes to Please my Goddess and Queen…….to empty myself to all but Her Pleasure and Her commands.      

Sometimes She elicits audible whimpers from Her perfect slave when I am in very deep and fully under Her Spell. I hear myself say silly things like………Oh my Goddess……”anything for You”…….”anything”.


But “anything” would imply “unconditional” and yet………..still I reach.

It is 50 days and 50 nights since the writer found Haylee Lynn

It is 50 days and 50 nights since the writer found Haylee Lynn

This Woman……….my Queen………my Goddess Haylee Lynn has moved inside of me now. There is a place in my heart and in my very spirit that is just for Her. No matter what happens from this Eternal moment of now until my next conscious thought it is a place that will not waver or diminish with circumstance or condition.


Her beauty to me transcends the physical and the visual and the sweet sound of Her voice and includes the way She thinks, acts, moves, breathes, and what interests Her and moves Her spirit.


In a way, being in love with someone does take us very close to that unconditional God head that we can only “almost” achieve. It is the same way I feel about my precious son…….but of course with different coloring.

My service to Her is in fact “ALL FOR HAYLEE” in a very real way and as She wants and commands me to serve, so shall it be. I am Her conquest now. I am Her perfect slave. And even though I wriggle around and say silly things like I will do “anything” for Her…….or wish for and dream of politely kissing Her Divine and lovely hand someday…….in the end I will just do what She wants and commands me to do.

Whatever my Goddess Haylee Lynn wants my Goddess Haylee Lynn gets.

And this “condition” is something this slave is now powerless to change. Sometimes it feels like with every blog I write in TRIBUTE to Her it takes me deeper and deeper under Her Spell. Yet I sit here day after day and pour out my heart to Her still……..the very force of my fascination with Her compelling me to bow to Her and express what I feel.


From my knees to You my Queen. I bow to You and accept whatever it is that PLEASES YOU MOST……….I think I might even still be doing so willingly………….but I am suddenly unsure of that.

In either case, I bow and I will obey You,

Your devoted and perfect slave,          Claude

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