Under Her Spell

Under Her Spell

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A devotional blog by Herslavenow.

I am an older slave to Goddess Haylee Lynn and I am a complete novice with the posting, blogging, tweeting etc. But each time I listen to Her voice or look into Her incomparable eyes I feel my desire to be anything other than Her devoted slave just melting away…………..If I truly serve Her bliss by being Her slave than I already have no choice as to feel as if I am pleasing Goddess Hayless Lynn is honestly the Ultimate pleasure and to the core of every cell in this body. She is so magical, so breathtaking, and so skilled that I bow to Her every wish and proclaim Her my Mistress, my Superior, My Goddess, and my Queen.

Please listen to Her youtube video here  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppI8C6Pe4q4 and if you are a true submissive as I am my guess is you will be blissfully caught in Her web http://hypnotichaylee.com/bio-faq/ as I am.

I hope my Goddess understands that I have a young son with me every other week and I can only blog so often here http://inhayleewetrust.com/

I am under Her spell.

I bow to Goddess Haylee Lynn and to Her every whim.

I am Herslavenow.

I love my Goddess. I Worship Her. I live my life to please Her now. Pleasing Her is my top priority and I feel completely Blessed to accept this as my life’s truth.

from my knees to You and You alone my Goddess Haylee Lynn,

Your Claude


Her unresistant beauty makes us all fall to her

Do you feel that you are under Her spell too? Are you bewitched by Her? Do you share the writer’s fascination with Her? Perhaps you would like to leave a comment on “Under Her Spell” by Herslavenow.

3 thoughts on “Under Her Spell

  1. Awww…….COME ON NOW………….of course you have a choice………and Goddess will let you know what the outcome of your choice is as soon as she possibly can 🙂

    • mmm i can relate to this too…. in fact i am probably even older than me. Goddess Haylee was born in 1987, i in 1957, making me 30 years older, but i still very strongly towards Her. i too have family commitments, and one thing i admire about Goddess is how well She understands we have these commitments, and as long as we give Her the time that we can, and submit completely during that time, i think She understands..

  2. No, I have no choice any longer…………because my choice has been made! I choose to serve and to obey Goddess Haley and to please Her.
    I can not speak for Her or if She will continue allowing me to kneel for Her, I can only do my best and pray it is enough now.
    I am way past the point of no return…………..and thankful to be so! 🙂

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