The University Professor

The University Professor

A work of fiction.

The university professor, Dr John Townsend looked round the packed auditorium of his lecture theatre. The new sophomore class looked eager to learn. He had taught psychology at Harvard University for 30 years now, but the thrill of a new class always made intrigued him. (Although they were second year undergraduates, he had not taught them in their first year). What were they going to be like? Will they do their assignments on time? Will they add to the good name of the best university in the world?

He cleared his throat.

“Welcome students. As you know, this semester, we are studying hypnosis. Now I don’t think you can understand hypnosis properly unless you have been hypnotized yourself. Now there are many videos on youtube which will hypnotize you to a greater or lesser degree. The one I am going to show you is by far the best in my humble opinion. It is by a young lady called Haylee Lynn. So I am going to dim the lights, and then we will discuss it once you have seen it.”

So the lights were dimmed, and the professor showed his students Haylee Lynn’s eye fixation video. The students sat in silence as they gradually fell under her spell, and then were gently woken. He played it in full, including the final words “press replay”.

The professor addressed his students again.

“Now I’m not going to press replay, but I want you to tell me what features make that video so hypnotic. Hands up please? Yes the boy at the front.”

“Her big green eyes sir.”

The university professor

“Her big green eyes, sir”

“Yes, that is right, she is blessed with the most incredible eyes. What else? Yes, you, the girl at the back”

“Her soft velvety voice Professor.”

“Yes that is right. Now I want you to tell me how she uses her eyes and her voice. Let’s start with her eyes. Yes, you there.”

“Well she looks straight into the camera, so you get the feeling she is looking straight into you eyes. She gets really close to the camera so her eyes seem bigger than ever. You sort of get completely lost in her eyes.”

“Yes that’s right. And what about her voice.”

“She sorts of lures you in with phrases like “that sounds rather nice doesn’t it.” She then gets you completely relaxed. Then once she has got you under, she becomes more authoritative. She starts programming you. Then at the end she suggests you play it again. Repeated viewing will make her suggestions sink in deeper.”

“Yes exactly. Gosh you are a wonderful class, or at least those students who have answered questions so far. I think we are going to get on great.”

Have you watched Haylee Lynn’s eye fixation video yet? It is available free on youtube.

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  1. a great story. looking into Haylee’s eyes is so hypnotic. It is always a treat to experience the bliss of her eyes and voice.

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