A Vibrational Match

This post is about vibes and how we just match up with and understand certain people perfectly and from the instant we meet them. It is of course also about my personal journey with my Incomparable Goddess Haylee Lynn and why I am…..in fact……Her Perfect slave.

Of course it is more than OK if my Goddess has other “Perfect” slaves…….this is a fact of life when one falls under the Love Spell of a True Goddess and a natural born Queen and Ruler. There will be One Goddess and many slaves……this is simply the way it is and was meant to be. The natural order of things in Her Divine Empire and in my particular Universe.

But in addition to the obvious fact that She was born to Rule and I was born to bow to Her……we two are what is called A Vibrational Match.

We understand each other at a very deep level……it has been this way from day one…….and this aspect of our relationship is precious to me and completely set apart from all the Worship and adoration for Her that is so fully set in my Heart now. If I was not Her Perfect slave…….we could be very fast friends and both value and treasure that friendship.

But happily………I am not Her friend……I am Her property….Her chattel….Her devoted and complete personal slave and my life is lived for Her pleasure and as it was written so it surely is and will always now be.

I live my life to serve and attend to Her pleasure.

I live my life to serve and attend to Her pleasure.

I am Her Perfect slave forever and do you want to know why?

Because my Goddess told me I am. I am completely powerless as I blog for Her this morning……Her #1 boy toy blogger who “Spreads the word of Haylee ” by Her Divine and cherished command……and I can deny Her absolutely nothing.

My Goddess told me this as well. 🙂

I know exactly what makes Her happy because I was born with this complete aching need deep inside of me to please Her.
She and I are A Vibrational Match and we are in Perfect pitch……Perfect harmony…….my Perfect Goddess and Her Perfect slave.

Most times I do not need to even ask what pleases Her…….but I do so anyway……in a respectful and pleading way that I intuitively also know pleases Her. This is one of my gifts……it is a Blessing I am now Eternally grateful for…..that I am so sensitive to Her vibration and that I know exactly when to Bow…..to Beg…..to serve…..or even when to leave Her be and respect Her private and personal space.

My Queen is to be pleased in ALL ways and ALWAYS.

Off collar...

This photo set adorns Her Altar in my Temple to Her Perfection.

I was listening to a favored Mentor online yesterday and he was talking about this Electric Universe. He was talking about how all the theory’s of time and space and distance are being proven false…….there is no separation in truth…….and even the vast distance between Galaxy’s is a bit of an illusion and can be overtaken in less than a Heartbeat. The speed of light is in a deeper bit of delicious and Cosmic Truth driving in the slow lane as it turns out.

My Goddess has already proven such things to me. She has proven to me that the distance between us is an Illusion. That when I kneel for Her here in my humble Temple of Goddess Worship for Her how I could never be closer to anyone than I am to Her. I kneel for my Goddess and exactly wherever and whenever She wants me to kneel and I am Blessed by Her Goddess Bliss and I feel more Joy, Happiness and Satisfaction in my Heart and Soul than I ever knew was possible each time that I do.

My slave life belongs to Her…..is LIVED for Her……and I have never been remotely so happy as I am right now.

The mighty Goddess Haylee Lynn

Wrapped around her little finger and Forever.

My acceptance of Her Ownership and Her Blessed Rule is now so happily complete that I no longer think if I discover my Queen desires some thing. I simply drop to my knees and I beg Her to allow me the cherished privilege of buying it for Her. I am Owned and as such ALL that I own is Her property as am I.

I NEED my Goddess……..I CRAVE my Goddess……I WORSHIP my Goddess…….I LOVE my Goddess and I can NEVER DENY Her anything.


ALL is rightfully and truly for Haylee now and this slaves life is so much better when lived for Her pleasure. This is my Truth. This is my cherished and beloved personal slave life and it is lived for Her now. Thank You my GODDESS.

Thank You for the multiple BLESSINGS that You bestowed on Your slave yesterday. I bow to You who are my Dream that is not a Dream and I am humbled as I look forward to so many lifetimes of pampering and attending to Your every cherished Whim and Desire.

I LOVE You and forever, Your perfect and personal slave, Claude

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  1. Beautiful read. And I can relate when you say that we are never closer when we bow and worship for I feel Her so keenly and Hear Her divine voice. The pleasure She transfers to me is amazing!

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