Losing Weight

Losing Weight

Please read Healthy4Haylee, The Hypnotist, Becoming a non smoker, Conquering Alcohol and float first.

Although this is a work of fiction, Haylee Lynn does do hypnotherapy for various needs, including the need to lose weight. Further details are available here.

Although the hypnosis to stop smoking had been a complete success, I did find myself tasting and smelling food a lot better after giving up smoking. A consequence of this was that I started to gain weight. I discussed it with my Queen, Haylee Lynn.

“I do need my knights to be fit and healthy – and that includes being the right weight, you know.” She told me. I was overweight, almost to the extent of being obese.

After discussion, I readily agreed to another hypnosis session to help program my behaviour to help me lose weight. I really loved going under for her, it is so relaxing just to stop thinking for myself for a while and just hand control to her for a while. Unless you have experienced it for yourself, I doubt if you will know what I mean. I also found myself going deeper and deeper the more time she did it to me. I guess like most things, practice makes perfect. The more times she did it, the easier it became to give up all control to her and the quicker it took her to drop me into the hypnotic state.

But apart from that I had a deep need and desire to please her, and if this helped me to lose weight and please her, all the more reason for doing it.

weight Soon I was relaxing in bed again, listening to the sweet sound of her wonderful, almost magical, velvety voice.

“Take a deep breath in. Breathe in slowly……no hurry … and exhale. Deep slow, easy………………….. breaths Now imagine the muscles in the top of your head…… the muscles in your brow…….and the muscles along your eyes getting soft…releasing…..feeling your cheeks getting softer….sliding down……feeling the muscles in your lips relaxing, releasing…..Simply allowing any tension in the muscles of your face or in the top of your head……. to just release…….. let go. Relaxing your neck, allowing the tension to release relax your shoulders,…… let them drop,…. As your shoulders relax……… your arms drop Relax your upper arms, your lower arms, your hands. Relax each and every finger. Allow the muscles of your stomach to relax, and your lower back. Relax your hips, your buttocks. Relax your thighs, your calves, and shins. Relax your feet and your toes. Now scan your body to see if there is any tension left…..and if there is, just breathe into that tightness and let it go. From your head to your toes, you have allowed yourself to become completely and totally relaxed. As you count back from ten down to one you will relax more and more with each lower number. 10,9, drifting deeper and deeper… 8, 7, feeling a hundred times more relaxed… 6, 5, 4, feeling a thousand times more relaxed… 3, 2, and now completely relaxed 1….1….1
Now imagine yourself in a place where you feel safe and serene, at ease and at home. This might be someplace you’ve been to before, perhaps in nature or a place you imagine. Just let the image come to you through any of your senses and when you’re ready begin to explore your place. How does it feel, is it warm or cold, what kind of smells are there, what colors are there, what does it sound like? Immerse yourself here, this is a place where only your highest good can be attained. Take it all in, remember all the details. Now walk around your place and find the spot where you feel even more at peace, even more connected, this is your “power spot”, this is the place where you draw from the deep sense of peacefulness you feel there. Take pleasure in the feeling of healing and rest.
Now you look down the path and you see someone coming toward you. He looks so familiar, he looks healthy, fit, and confident. You continue to watch the person and in a flash you know he is you. This is what you will look and feel at your ideal, healthy body weight. You love how you look and feel. You see him standing there not that far from you, and you know he is you, wearing the size clothes you choose to wear. These clothes look good on you, and they feel good, and they fit well.
You feel wonderful at your ideal weight. Notice how much easier it is to move around. You feel light, carefree, and energetic. You move through your day with energy, grace and ease. You are healthy and strong without the excess weight. This feels like you now. So at home you make sure; There is always delicious, healthy, good food in your home You prefer to eat food that makes you look and feel better, healthier, slimmer. You make it a priority to pack a healthy, nutritious lunch every day. Sugary refined and processed foods are unappealing to you. You prefer the taste of water over all other beverages. It will now be easy for you to create the body you desire, with the correct weight, because you regularly enjoy exercise. Your body needs to move, and you will feel energized and renewed each time you work out.
And most of all you realise that you need a healthy body at the right weight to serve me. Serving me is the most important thing in your life. You love serving me. You love being my knight.
Now it’s time to leave your place, knowing that you will come back daily to energize and heal. You leave with a light heart knowing that you have changed your story. Taking as long as you need to come back, you, feeling refreshed, and confident… knowing that you have finally settled something important in your life. Counting from one to five, I will return to full conscious awakening. 1-coming back slowly, 2-getting in touch with your body and breathing, 3-beginning to move, 4-knowing your success is assured you will return now 5-becoming wide awake, alert, and clear. How are you my sweet?”
“Mmmm wonderful – as always – thank you so much my Queen.”
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  1. Ahhh Yes…..I am currently researching holistic health retreats myself to become a fitter and a healthier slave for my Queen. What a joyful pleasure it is to have Her as our inspiration for such things my brother!! 🙂

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