What is a Haylee Lynn slave?

What is a Haylee Lynn slave?

Disclaimer: Although i have known Haylee Lynn for about two years, and have been deeply enslaved by Her for most of that time, i cannot speak for Her. These are my views, and She may, or may not, agree with them!

Do you like the idea of being enslaved by a wonderful, hypnotic Goddess? Do you want to learn more? If so, read on!

Sweet surrender to Goddess Haylee Lynn

Do you want to be a Haylee Lynn Slave?

So what, in my view, is a Haylee Lynn Slave?

1. A slave has to be accepted by Her as such. If someone writes on her Facebook wall “I am your slave”, it doesn’t make that person a slave. He or she has to prove themselves firstly.

2. A person must want to be enslaved. Haylee Lynn is not in the business of trying to enslave anyone against their will.

3. Haylee Lynn must want that person to be enslaved. there are some people who have been turned away, often because they are not submissive enough, they don’t accept Her authority unquestionably.

4. A process of enslavement must have been completed. This may be relatively quick. For instance if a person schedules a nice, long, one-to-one session with Her, with the aim of being enslaved at the end of it, it can be done as quickly and as easily as that. In other cases, the process may take a number of months.

5. A Haylee Lynn slave exists to please Haylee Lynn. This may take the form of tributes, gifts, and/or work, such as writing or producing pictures, marketing and/or recruiting for Her or helping or amusing Her in some way.

6. A client is not necessarily a Haylee Lynn slave. There are people who buy Her goods and services, but don’t really want to be enslaved.

7. A Haylee Lynn slave doesn’t necessarily worships Haylee Lynn, but it helps! Accepting the authority of Haylee Lynn is the important part. There are one or two slaves who have permission to call Her Mistress, rather than Goddess!

8. In the same way, being hypnotized by Her videos and/or Her MP3s is an excellent way to be conditioned to the correct mindset, but is not essential. It can be reached by reading Her webpages, starting to follow Her instructions there etc.

9. Regular contact with Haylee Lynn is essential. ideally daily. If you have some good reason why your contact is going to be less, tell Her! She is understanding in these matters. If you are absent for longer than a month without an explanation, you risk being re-categorized as an ex Haylee Lynn slave.

10. A Haylee Lynn slave never sits on his or her laurels and thinks “Good, I’m enslaved now, I can relax a little now!” Being officially classified as a slave is only the beginning, not the end!

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