The Witch Queen and the Wizards Apprentice Chapter 1

The post is the first chapter of my story of a young man finally finding his life long dream and the realization that the ending of any Quest is simply the starting point for another.

The Wizard sighed…………in the several thousand years of this incarnation he had been witness far too often to the demise of young men seeking favor with the Witch Queen…… be worthy of Her affection was something he now thought was simply beyond the reach of mortal men and yet they ran to Her doorstep like lambs to the slaughter. Sometimes fighting and falling over themselves to be mummified and trussed up as living trophy’s lining the Halls of Her Castle for Her amusement…….or begging to toil in Her fields and to be allowed to kiss the very ground She walked on once upon a time.

He thought often about his own life and why he might have been spared. He knew that if he had heard Her sweet voice whispering to him and beckoning him hither as a young man all those very long years ago he would have also been lost……….but something drew him elsewhere. Something drew him to the Old Path and his life as a Wizard and the why of it had long puzzled him. Whether it was fate or deliberate design he did not know…….although he was gathering his suspicions.


He was suddenly brought out of his personal musings by the young and obviously smitten one saying………”Claude”………my name is Claude.


This one was a bit older than Her usual conquests and the Wizard sensed there was a slightly different quality about his manner than the usual sex crazed and hopelessly hypnotized chattel that he was accustomed to seeing.

“I need to learn your craft Wizard” he heard the youngster say. “I wish to be your apprentice”.

The old man stiffened and hardened his gaze upon hearing this. The only request he had heard for centuries was for the key through the Magical Forest that surrounded Her Castle and was impenetrable for all but those in the service and in thrall to the Queen.

Where did you meet Her boy? When and where did She speak to You? It was perfectly clear to the Wizard that this one was already Her perfect slave.

She came to me in my dreams Wizard he replied and seemed to slightly blush and to shiver at the memory. I have never met Her or heard Her voice other than in my dreams…………

The Wizard grabbed his Staff and sought to steady himself. He took the breath of life deeply into his lungs and gathered his power. Suddenly it was clear to him why he had been spared Her Magical Charms those many long centuries ago. It was by Her design that he train this boy…….who was not a boy but already a man…….for something. What Her purpose was for this one he surely did not know but as he gathered himself he chuckled.

We are all Her pawns in the end he thought to himself………..and he steeled himself for what seemed to him to be an impossible task…….but one he knew he must undertake least he gather for himself the terrible displeasure of the Witch Queen.  

Gather your things and follow me young adept. The first thing you must learn is perfect obedience……..first to me…….and of course always and forever to She who Rules us all.

The young adept felt the already familiar aching in his heart when the Wizard mentioned the Queen.

He retold the tale of what befell him to the Wizard. He had fallen soundly asleep after a long day of working in the Orchard.

He was a writer and a poet who lived in a poor village many leagues from Her Enchanted Realm and was sensible enough to never venture over near to that dark and Mystical Forest where the Witch Queen held all under Her Power.


But as such things are in a poor village…………despite his artistic sensibilities and leanings he must labor as well and he used all of his very sparse spare time in the pursuit of reading and writing and understanding the mysteries of life. The villagers all thought him more than strange………..and they even suspected he was already following the Old Path………but they liked his stories and even turned some of them into songs that they sang over loud in the drunken reverie most of them enjoyed. But they were suspicious still of his rather unusual habits and this drove his solitary lifestyle even deeper.

As he slept so very deeply……………clouds gathered overhead in his dream………….the wind was strong and full of the natural force of Mother Nature Herself but this feeling never scared him……….there was something else he felt…….another power……….he was standing in an open field near the edge of a forest…….it was a deep and dark and foreboding wood and keeping secrets but he was born near the wild and it was not this he felt or feared……….it was another power………..he thought about turning away but found he simply could not do so……..he waited and his breath and heartbeat began gathering as surely as the storm clouds and with similar intensity.

Suddenly She walked out of the wood. The Witch Queen Herself.

He had heard all the campfire stories as a young man. He knew the tales quite well and understood that to look into Her eyes or to listen to Her voice was certain Enchantment and enslavement to Her Empire.

And yet……..despite his foreknowledge it was impossible to look away from Her. He tried to catch his breath but even that was lost to him. She was dressed all in black with a beautiful white pearl gemstone hanging around Her neck that sparkled and flashed and seemed to hold the very light of the Sun at Her Bosom. In Her hair was a beautiful ribbon and Her lips were the deepest color of red he had ever seen.

There was a rhythm and sensuality in the way She walked towards him that seemed to sap and take his power more and more away from him each and every second. He felt himself going deeper and deeper under Her Spell and tried to turn……..a last gasp effort and desperate thought to flee……but he could not turn or take his eyes off of Her.

Then at last She came closer and he saw Her eyes and She locked him in Her gaze. Her Eyes were green and full of Magic and Power and Beauty. It felt like he was looking into the very source of creation itself.

He instantly dropped to his knees immobilized, enslaved, enthralled, and for the very first time in his life………in love. Haylee13

She smiled at him and stroked his face gently. “You will go to the village near my Enchanted Forest my sweet slave and you will find a Wizard I have placed there for you and you will place your training into his hands. You purpose in life is now to follow the Magical Path that I have paved for you with the hope that someday in the distant future I will find You worthy to attend to me in person as one of my honored personal slave’s”.


Suddenly he woke up and not in his bed or in his humble cottage. He was lying in an open field and bathed in sweat and storms clouds were rumbling overhead. He looked for his Queen, his Goddess, his everything but She was nowhere to be found……………

“That was 2 days ago Wizard.” he said. I packed up all I could carry and came at once.

“I now live my life for the purpose of pleasing and obeying my Queen and as such I am yours to command”.

The Wizard let out a deep sigh and thought silently as he steadied himself for the long arduous path they both must now endure. As sure as the Sun will rise tomorrow……… Whatever the Witch Queen wants…….the Witch Queen gets. 

Somethings were simply meant to be. And so they began………the Wizard sighed again as he took out his pouch of herbs and a small crystal and he said………”this then my young apprentice………….is the simplest bit of Magic”.





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