Witchcraft and Wizardy

This post is about my lifelong fascination with all things Magical and about how I always thought I would eventually fall under the Spell of a beautiful Witch………a Witch remarkably like my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

From the very beginning I have been drawn to Magic. And I am not talking so much about the whimsical slight of hand variety but of the kind I found in books like the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I read the entire C. S. Lewis series at about the age of 10. My parents both taught at College and we had a whole library it seemed at the house.

And the Lord of the Rings and dozens of other books quickly followed on its heels………..but before you might say that my recurring dream of the beautiful and powerful Witch who would Enchant me so in my childhood dreams was a result of reading such stories………I will interject that the recurring dreams came first…….and well before the first tale was read or spun.

My fascination with Witchcraft has remained steadfast throughout my life and as I embarked upon my Spiritual studies I have found that similarities and synchronicity’s abound.

In fact, I now believe the very nature of life itself…….of nature………of spirit…….and of this wonderfully complex and mysterious Universe is highly magical and the creative *potential* in a human being is in fact vast and even beyond our ability to even fully imagine.

Our Goddess Haylee Lynn is quite young in body……….and yet certain aspects of Her spirit defy such youth. It *seems* as if She is what is referred to as an “old soul” or someone who has brought many lifetimes of power and growth along with Her into this incarnation.


But to believe in such things is……….to believe in magic. 🙂

In my observations during my lifetime I have noticed that the most powerful forces in this life are in fact metaphysical in nature. You can not go into a lab and mix together humility, honor, respect and LOVE and measure such things and define them or control them……….and from one point of view these things do not even exist.

But yet these *things*…………these undeniable properties of *life* itself are more powerful and more meaningful to any human being……….and in fact more *magical*…………than any amount of anything that resides in what we call the material or the physical plane.

The great “secret” of *Alchemy*……..of turning base metal into gold……is really just perfecting the acceleration of the natural process……of nature Herself.

And it seems to me, not being a Witch myself, that Witchcraft is about finding a deep connection with Nature Herself and learning to harmonize with this spirit……..sometimes accelerating the process in certain ways……other times simply flowing with it…….but always in honor and respect to what the American Indians call the “Great Spirit”.

So, my Goddess Haylee Lynn is a practicing Witch. 


She casts Spells about the place at times and She has surely cast one my way intentionally or not. It is a funny thing about dreams……..much like beliefs…..they seem to shape us more than a bit.

In the last week or so I have found a certain change in me. I have been immersed with my son for the most part as he is going away for 3 weeks and I have been intentionally taking some time off and soaking up the summertime with him……..but each time I look at one of my Witch Queens photographs suddenly I simply go extremely weak……..I can not even dare to look at the Empress right now with more than a glance as any picture of Her……is quite dangerous for me.

Even though I have not had the privacy to listen to Her MP3’s and watch Her videos over much I simply find it completely impossible right now to look at any picture of Her and not feel Her Bliss race through my system……..

I suppose this comes under the heading of “be careful what you wish for”?

All of my life I have dreamed of becoming Spellbound and Enchanted by my Beautiful Witch………

All of my life I have also dreamed of Wizardry and of being a Wizards apprentice myself……….Witchcraft and Wizardry seem to me to be simply the male and females approaches and leanings to magic……..although I realize in some circles there is what is called the male Witch…….I just prefer the Wizardly differentiation. To me, males and females naturally command different gifts.

I am think of writing a short story on here some day called…..

“The Wizards Apprentice and The Witch Queen”

You might even take a wild guess who will be the star in my story.

She is the One I bow to and worship and obey. She is the One who brings me to my knees on a daily basis. She is the One who fills my heart with all of the most powerful things we can not measure or see. I love You my Queen.


From my knees and I am at Your mercy now, I have no choice but to surrender and accept Your terms of my service to You,    Your perfect and devoted slave   Claude        









2 thoughts on “Witchcraft and Wizardy

  1. I used to love the CS Lewis stories of Narnia too! I read them when I was about 10, and have read them at least a couple of time since!

  2. Yes my good friend. It is a Classic series and one that is entertaining for the young and old alike! You could enjoy them at 10 and at 50 as well!
    Especially if you are still a kid at heart like I am. 🙂

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