Worship Goddess Haylee

Worship Goddess Hayleei kneel before Goddess Haylee on my knees in worship. In full recognition of the power and influence She has over me. i am unable to deny my need and desire to serve Her. i am unable to stop thinking about Her throughout my day. It is no longer a surprise when i wake in the morning thinking about worshiping Goddess Haylee, how aroused it feels, how right it feels.

i listen to Her voice, i look into Her eyes as She takes me deep into trance, the feeling is bliss, yet there is something more. She touches something deep inside my mind, deep inside my being that feels different than anything i have felt before. i need this feeling, i need to worship Goddess Haylee!

There is an undeniable truth that i need to be here, in Her realm. i have been pondering much the past few days, and the thought came to me, what if i had not found Her, what if i was not here reading the blogs, reading the words on Her site, listening to Her erotic hypnosis mp3’s, doing things to please Her, how would i feel? It made me sad, it made me feel alone, lost. There is so much to learn, so much i do not know, but trust my feelings.

She helps me to be better than i can be on my own, i feel that She demands it. That alone would be the most extraordinary gift, but it feels like only the beginning. i yearn to be Hers.

i am in awe of Goddess Haylee, i feel shy at times like i don’t know what to say and then other times i burst with the desire to praise Her with the loudest voice i can muster. How can i ever do enough to be worthy of Her bliss?

i look around myself, and see others speaking the same things that i feel as truth inside. How amazing it is to be right here, right now! Is it a destiny, is it all meant to be, or something else?

One cannot deny She is the most beautiful, Her eyes the most captivating, yet most powerful Her enchanting power that has melted away my resistance.

If by chance you are someone just passing by reading these words, you must look further, you need to get to know Her, and learn more of Her world, you will find it all absolutely amazing. And like me you will never want to leave!

She makes me feel whole, She is Goddess. i need to worship Goddess Haylee!

6 thoughts on “Worship Goddess Haylee

  1. I am kneeing before you my goddess for a 30 mins looking up at your beautiful face your my queen that I must serve and worship and obey always for the rest of my happy life with you!!!

  2. I love reading your posts my friend…..you have a very nice way with words.
    And it does seem to me that you might very well be one of those that are “called” to Her. Good luck…enjoy the blessed journey with our most wonderful Goddess Haylee….. 🙂

    • It is purely Goddess Haylee’s inspiration that allows me to say these things and it feels so good 🙂 She has given me guidance on my path to Her which I will of course follow with dedication. Thank you, it is a wonderful place to be and it keeps getting better 🙂

  3. mmm it is a wonderful post, many thanks for making and sharing it, i agree with so much in it. Let us hope that casual readers will take up your suggestion and find out more about HER.

    • That is certainly my hope that others find Her bliss. I believe it is so telling that we have this desire to share with others 🙂 The feeling is mutual I enjoy reading all of your posts too. Thank you!

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