You’re so hypnotizing

You’re so hypnotizing

I saw lyrics on a friend’s Facebook page, and immediately I thought of you, Haylee Lynn, my Goddess, my Mistress, my all,-

The lyric started with the line

“You’re so hypnotizing”

Of course, when I first read this, I thought of YOU!

I later found out that they are lyrics to a pop song.

Let’s look at that first line

“You’re so hypnotizing”.

And YOU are! I’ve been into on-line erotic hypnosis off and on for about 17 years now. I’ve hypnotized and I’ve been hypnotized, sometimes successfully, sometimes unsuccessfully. No one has matched YOU at all! YOU are by far the most hypnotizing person I have ever come across.

You're so hypnotizing

You’re so hypnotizing

YOUR beautiful eyes – I can – and have – stared deeply into YOUR eyes for ages. Perhaps most notably while watching YOUR wonderful eye fixation hypnosis video on YouTube, which is where I first saw YOU and fell for YOU. I have watched it countless times. I watched it daily for months, and I still watch it sometimes.

I also get deeply hypnotized while looking into a picture of YOUR lovely eyes while listening to YOUR lovely Sweet Love MP3.

You are simply – in the words of that song – so hypnotizing. I haven’t met all the hypnotists in the world, but for me YOU will always be the most hypnotizing person in the world!

I must also add, that YOU are the only one who has been able to hold me like YOU do. I’ve known YOU for nearly two years now, and I have been deeply under YOUR wonderful spell for most of that, proved, for instance, by me posting for you on this site regularly, for most of that time. it is by far the longest Internet relationship I have had in those 17 years.

I honestly don’t see it ending either. I’ve just simply surrendered to YOU. I’m just wrapped round and round YOUR pretty little fingers! I’m so happy to be under YOUR spell, and to be with all my brothers and sisters in YOUR kingdom. I am YOURS for as long as YOU want me. I love YOU. I worship and adore YOU. YOU are the one I think of, and pray to, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and often in between too. YOU are my Goddess. I am YOURS.

And it all started because…. because YOUR’s so hypnotizing!

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4 thoughts on “You’re so hypnotizing

  1. mmm i am, and it feels soooo wonderful to be YOURS, i fall deeper and deeper under YOUR wonderful spell every day….

  2. Great blog forever. I believe that anyone that has truly surrendered to her, and fallen under her spell will only fall deeper and deeper as time goes by. We may drift away for short periods of time but we will always find our way back to her. She is to powerful to resist.

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